Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 587: : Eight Demon Kings-Amethyst Flame Lion·Qin Zhen
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 587: : Eight Demon Kings-Amethyst Flame Lion·Qin Zhen

"End the battle, encircle!"
After all, it is the army, with extremely high combat literacy.
Under Qin Zhen\'s order, the soldiers who had been dizzy by Qin Luosheng finally found the backbone, obeyed the order and began to encircle, preparing to hang Qin Luosheng in the encirclement.
"Really cooperate!"
Seeing this, Qin Luosheng was not surprised but rejoiced.
What he wants is such an effect.
Even though many magic soldiers were distributed in battle formations, the two battle formations were far apart, which was not conducive to his performance.
Before, I just planned to disrupt the situation so that these guys can fight more intensively and be able to destroy the enemy as much as possible.
Never imagined.
Qin Zhen\'s servant directly issued an order, like a traitor, to help him gather all the people.
This can be--
Thank you so much!
[Eight Demon Kings-Amethyst Flame LionQin Zhen (Enhanced Golden BOSS)]
Level: 38
Health value: 1500000
Magic value: 580000
Physical attack: 3000
Magic attack: 18000
Physical defense: 5000
Magic defense: 10000
Speed: 3000
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: The Eight Demon Kings-Amethyst Flame LionQinzhen, originally the second legion of the Taring Kingdom guarding Mufeng City. The legion commander Lin Xiao was the captain of the magic unit, because the undead lich swept through the seventeen cities. Coming, fleeing in despair, in order to conceal the deserters deeds and eliminate the escape route traces, they slaughtered countless villages and cities, and finally escaped into the dark abyss domain, swallowed the power of the amethyst flame lion, gained the magic power of its amethyst flame, and guarded the devil. Palace flame area, one of the five major areas guarding the magic palace!
As he approached and entered the detectable area, Qin Luosheng finally found out the attributes of Qin Zhen.
So strong.
Worthy of being the boss guarding the central passage, this attribute is already much better than Xu Lin and Sun Qing.
Not enough to see.
Now he, after the equipment is strengthened, even the short-board magic defense, with the accumulation of equipment attributes of strengthening +10, has reached more than 17,000, and he has no fear of Qin Zhen.
Keep moving!
Less than half a minute.
This narrow valley, under the command of Qin Zhen, surrounded by many soldiers, the place where Qin Luosheng can move has shrunk sharply, and at this moment, it has become a turtle in the urn.
"Have you reached the limit? Then, it\'s time for me to perform!"
Looking at the dense monsters around him, Qin Luosheng sneered, and decisively shaken his aura cloak, flying into the sky.
"Abandoned the mount, do you want to escape by yourself?"
Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s actions, Qin Zhen couldn\'t help laughing.
Under the magic army led by him, still want to escape? And it\'s the stupidest flying away!
This is too despising.
The Magic Legion has various attributes, and it is bombarded, and no one is exception.
If you escape from the ground, with the super speed, there may be a chance.
In the air?
Really ZZ!
Don\'t you know that the air dominance of the magician is the most terrifying?
"It\'s so brilliant!"
With the flying effect of the aura cloak, Qin Luosheng floated in the air, watching the countless soldiers holding their staffs high and chanting spells. The magic of all colors floated up like the most beautiful fireworks, making people dazzled.
"Oh, what a pity!"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help sighing.
It was originally the famous magic army of the human race, guarding one side and defending the country.
In the end, it was brought into the pit by the cheating Lin Xiao, like a lonely soul and a wild ghost, living in this blind place, where you can\'t go back if you have a family, and you can\'t recite if you have a relative.
"Since you are not as good as dead, and your hands are **** and your sins are unforgivable, let me save you. Remember to go to **** to pay for your sins and be good people in your next life!"
Qin Luosheng ignored the hundreds of densely packed elements of magic, and held high [Panlong Lishui], a mythical soldier, flashing in time, two dragon souls, one ice and one fire, wandering out of the sword\'s edge, turning into two A stream of pure energy, dancing in the air.
"Forbidden CurseIce and Fire Double Dragon Dance!"
The violent energy was released, forming a terrifying energy circle, and all the magic that was committed in the future would be shattered.
"This, this energy-Forbidden Curse?!!!"
Qin Zhen was horrified.
As magicians, they deal with the elements all day, and of course they know the ways.
Especially Qin Zhen, his own magical attainments are extremely high, if with the help of the entire army, everyone concentrates their magic power, forms elemental resonance, and can even activate the forbidden curse. He once destroyed a small city with this, and he is familiar.
But never expected.
This sudden intruder was able to release the forbidden curse alone.
Could it be--
This young man who looks less than twenty is actually a great magister?
Everyone knows the power of forbidden curse.
Under the extreme coercion of the Twin Dragon Soul, the originally calm soldiers exploded in an instant, like headless flies, scurrying around.
They want to run.
Too late.
Qin Luosheng\'s temptation just now was just for this moment.
The battle is assembled, among the dense crowd, do you want to break through and leave?
"Die, a bunch of scum!"
Floating in the air, Qin Luosheng surrounded the twin dragon souls, holding high the shining [Panlong Lishui], just like a **** who judges sin, and accompanied by his cold words, the ice and fire dragon soul instantly burst and turned into thousands of stars. A little bit of light, scattered from the air, facing the 50*50 covered wide area, began to explode and bombard the most.
Boom boom boom...
Boom boom boom...
Boom boom boom...
The earth-shattering bursting sound is endless.
Qin Luosheng looked down indifferently, watching the numerous soldiers screaming constantly in the endless energy bombardment, his heart was as firm as he was indifferent.
800% basic damage, with 10,000 points of flame burn and 10,000 points of frostbite per second!
This terrible injury, not even the soldiers who are not BOSS, even the so-called Demon King Qin Zhen, can\'t handle it.
after all.
This forbidden curse is a continuous range forbidden curse!
The 30-second bombing, even if it is an epic boss, will hate it on the spot when it can\'t be avoided or interrupted?
After 21 seconds!
"Ding, congratulations on your successful killing of the Eight Demon KingsAmethyst Flame Lion Qinzhen, gaining 800W+ experience points and 1,200 reputation points!"
The prompt sound of the system came, causing Qin Luosheng to stop the output of Forbidden Curse.
"Huh... it\'s a forbidden curse, this power is really terrifying!"
Looking at the messy battlefield, Qin Luosheng, the initiator, couldn\'t help feeling a little surprised.
This is not the first time [Forbidden CurseIce and Fire Double Dragon Dance] has been used. However, the last time I used it in the Moon Temple, I killed the puppets summoned by the Undead Lich, which didn\'t feel great.
But now?
This scene of corpses piled up like a mountain and blood flowed across is too strong!
Even though these guys are traitors who have abandoned the human race, they are still flesh and blood, and biologically speaking, they are still humans. It would be impossible for Qin Luosheng to have no psychological burden at all.