Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 586: : Flame zone of valley terrain
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 586: : Flame zone of valley terrain

This is the center of the five fork roads.
The guards of the four fork roads nearby, the three demon king Sun Qing, the four devil king Lin Ying, the five devil king Gongsunzhuang, and the six devil king Xu Lin, have fallen into Qin Luosheng\'s hands.
Having obtained the keys from the four demon kings, Qin Luosheng was finally qualified to walk the road leading to the demon king\'s palace.
The previous four demon kings guarded an area, just like the four legions guarding Gyeonggi, guarding the road in the middle.
The remaining four demon kings are all on this road.
The first thing I encountered, if it was correct, should be the Eight Demon King Qin Zhen.
The Great Demon King Lin Xiao, who lives in the Demon King Palace, is undoubtedly in the deepest part.
The second demon king Yi Ping is Lin Xiao\'s concubine. Even if he guards an area, it is certainly not far from her wild man. Otherwise, how can you get a try?
The Seven Demon Kings fight fiercely. According to the information, they are a solo army, the first warrior, the first swordsman, and a solitary person. The identity is somewhat similar to Lin Xiaos bodyguard. It is naturally located in the "harem" of Lin Xiao The nearest location.
And the Eight Demon King Qin Zhen.
It is no different from the other four demon kings who have died tragically.
This is a pure magician, commanding the magic force of the original Second Legion.
Well known.
Magicians are the most crispy existence, but magicians are also extremely destructive existences, especially when many magicians gather to form an army, if they launch magic together, seduce elemental energy riots, it is simply a battlefield harvester. A devastating existence.
This kind of force.
Needless to say, it must be protected by the best, hiding behind a large army, and will never be easily exposed.
So it seems.
Protected by the cannon fodder of the first four demon kings, they will not be able to contact the magic unit until they are all destroyed, which makes sense.
[Fire Magician [Dark] (Strengthen Samsung Elite)]
Level: 36
Health value: 520,000
Magic value: 380000
Physical attack: 600
Magic attack: 5500
Physical defense: 800
Magic defense: 2000
Speed: 1800
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: Originally a member of the magic force of the Second Legion of the Taring Kingdom, after following the judgment of the legion commander Lin Xiao, he entered the dark abyss domain and was corroded by the power of darkness. Although it still retains its original strength, the power of the elements has been It is not pure, mixed with a little dark element power, and its strength drops!
Seeing the monster\'s attributes, Qin Luosheng suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, "Even though this product is already very strong at this level, it is still a bit inferior compared to other monsters in the magic palace."
of course.
That\'s not how the accounts are calculated.
The magician\'s attribute panel, compared with the warrior\'s attribute panel, certainly looks a bit different.
These guys, ice pythons, magic spiders and the like, did not threaten Qin Luosheng, that was also true.
"Originally for the magic army, the mountains whistle and tsunami, and release magic together, comparable to the curse, how powerful, but now?"
Qin Luosheng looked at a few magicians not far away, lazy and unconscious, and couldn\'t help but sneered: "Maybe it\'s been too long in ease, or maybe it\'s not that he is a soldier anymore, he used to be the trump card. The army, the battlefield fort, is completely abolished!"
"Reaper\'s gaze!"
"Long Wei!"
The two weakening techniques are used directly.
To deal with this kind of thing, it is the fastest and most effective way to directly kill it in the simplest and rude way.
Sweep in one pass.
There is no enemy at all.
If its a meat shield like an ice python, Qin Luosheng will have to work hard, but a crispy chicken like a magician is really too weak. In addition, at this moment, Qin Luoshengs whole body is changed and his attributes are exploded. Like chicken, smooth and silky.
Less than an hour.
Qin Luosheng rode Bingbing and brought Xiao Xiao into the hinterland of this flame zone.
"Oh? It finally looks like the old magic army!"
The hinterland area is finally not as scattered as the outer area just now, because after [The Obsidian Eye] is strengthened, Qin Luoshengs field of vision has also expanded to a hundred meters away, and he can easily see the large number of monsters gathered together in front. .
"That fellow should be Qin Zhen, right?"
A group of groups are located in the battle formation team, there is a huge monster, surrounded by flames, its skin is amethyst, and its appearance is somewhat similar to a lion. Even if it is a hundred meters away, Qin Luosheng can feel his emission. The power of terror.
"This is exactly a hornet\'s nest!"
Qin Luosheng glanced at the distribution of monsters, very embarrassed.
"Such dense, once attacked, or even once appeared, it will definitely cause a chain reaction and provoke all monsters."
After observing the terrain, Qin Luosheng\'s brows frowned, "This valley is small and closed, and there is not much room to move, and each of these guys is a magician. Together, the magic is overwhelming, completely like a covering attack. , Unavoidable."
For other players, BOSS is definitely the most terrifying.
As far as Qin Luosheng is concerned, singled out, like Qin Zhen, a BOSS who only strengthens the level of gold, it is completely a rookie, and he can let him knead it.
These humble ordinary monsters, under special circumstances, became his threat.
"Ordinary methods don\'t work, so let\'s do some hard work!"
Qin Luosheng moved [Panlong Lishui] and pulled a sword flower, "Use violence to control violence!"
Gently patted Bingbing\'s head, Bingbing knows, throwing away her feet and rushing towards the inside.
"Enemy attack! Enemy attack!"
The magician\'s spiritual power is so powerful, at the moment Qin Luosheng didn\'t cover up his breath, he immediately felt that there was an invader from outside, and he screamed.
In the middle of the army formation, the half-man and half-lion Qin Zhen was also awakened. Seeing Qin Luosheng, who was riding on Bingbing, rushing forward, his eyes widened and he said in disbelief: "How come? When will the devil\'s palace be invaded? Here I am? Bastard! What the **** are the four wastes doing? Can\'t even a warning be issued?"
"Snake pace!"
After continuously blessing two speed-increasing skills, Bingbing instantly became faster, like a blue ghost, constantly shuttled through piles of monster groups.
"Reaper\'s gaze!"
"Long Wei!"
The two weakening techniques were spread out as much as possible, and immediately, the damage numbers of the blockbusters appeared on the monster\'s head.
A 40% reduction is a pain in the bones.
The power and frequency of the various magic that attacked Qin Luosheng has greatly decreased.
"Stop him for me, a bunch of trash, so many people can\'t even kill one person!"
Seeing as if entering an uninhabited state, using his proud troops as public toilets, coming and going freely, Qin Zhen\'s eyes were splitting, and he roared: "End the battle, encircle!"

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