Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 585: : Mythology, Panlong will evolve without water (final)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 585: : Mythology, Panlong will evolve without water (final)

"Good good!"
Looking at the numerous equipment that shone in light, Qin Luosheng was not satisfied with it. He nodded and put away all of them, and then respectfully pushed out the Dragon Tower.
"This is a lot of money!"
Qin Luosheng laughed from ear to ear as he listened to the system prompts constantly coming from ears, all of which were inquiries about the equipment ranking.
"Look at the enhanced attributes first!"
Qin Luosheng rubbed his hands, and first took out the most anticipated [Panlong Lishui].
The properties have not been seen yet.
But the word "myth" has already made his eyes puffed up and dazzled!
Panlong Lishui!
Evolved into a mythical grade?
Qin Luosheng.
Burst instantly!
"Ding, your mythical equipment [Panlong Lishui], ranked first in the equipment list, does it reveal its ID?"
Its not that I am blinded, [Panlong Lishui] has really become a mythical equipment!
As early as before, [Panlong Lishui] was on the top of the equipment rankings.
This has been exposed, it doesn\'t matter.
Qin Luosheng would only hide special things like ghost face, not to mention revealing the ID, and not even letting it on the equipment rankings.
"Mythical level, my first ceiling equipment!"
Qin Luosheng flushed with excitement, like a baboon, almost jumping up and down to release his excitement.
Open the properties panel.
Panlong Lishui (+10)
Type: One-handed sword
Grade: Myth
Requirements: Warrior
Lasting: 100/100
Effect: Attack +28000 (+16000), Strength +1800
Strengthening rewards: +100% physical attack (this condition is limited to increasing the attack of the weapon), +10 to reach the ultimate increase: when attacking, there is a 50% chance that the attack damage will double!
Special effect: [Dragon Soul] A living dragon soul inhabits in the Panlong out of the water. When attacking, there is a certain chance to trigger the remaining dragon power in the dragon soul, shock the enemy, causing a stiff effect for at least 5 seconds, and double the snake effect , Immune to real dragons and above! (The same target can only take effect once)
Special effects: [Lishui] The power of leaving the water in Panlongs water. The physical attack can be transformed into a water system attack (can be turned off). At the same time, when attacking, there is a certain chance to inflict water damage on the attacking target, reducing a certain amount Water resistance, and cause the target to be eaten away from the water, the body becomes heavier, and the recovery effect is weakened (continuous increase)!
Special effects: [Dragon Fire] The dragon\'s water contains the fire of real dragons. The physical attack can be converted into a fire attack (can be turned off). At the same time, when attacking, there is a certain chance to apply dragon fire burning to the attacking target, reducing a certain amount The fire resistance, and forcibly burns 8000 health points!
Incidental skills: [Dragon Soul Impact] Expends 5000 mana, activates the Dragon Soul in the Panlong out of the water, impacts energy in a straight line 30 meters in front of you, causing 1000% intensity damage, and has a certain chance of being disabled, shocked, and fearful , Cooling time: 2 hours!
Incidental skills: [Forbidden CurseIce and Fire Double Dragon Dance] Expends 10000 mana, activates the water and fire dragon soul in the water of the Panlong, casts a forbidden curse of water and fire, and bombs the area within 50*50, causing 800% of the base damage , At the same time with 10,000 points of flame burning per second, 10,000 points of frostbite, duration: 30 seconds, cooling time: seven days!
Incidental skills: Forbidden CurseThree Dragons Play PearlExpends 100,000 mana to activate the gold, water, and fire three dragon souls in the water of the Panlong, to realize the dragon soul, and use the power of three talents to lock a target and treat it as "Beads" carry out energy release bombardment, causing 3000% damage! Cooling time: seven days! (Note: Because this skill consumes a lot of energy, energy cannot be used for three days after use)
Empowerment: KangsuSlashing DragonThrough the special ability formed by the power of the Kangsu stars, it damages dragons +500%, damages snakes +1000%, weakens 20% of the abilities of the world\'s scales, and adds slash Dragon effect, 30% chance to kill in one hit!
Introduction: The origin is unknown. It is said to be the weapon of the gods. It uses Lishui, one of the top ten strange waters, as the main energy source. The soul of the true dragon is sealed inside, hence the name Panlong Lishui.
Qin Luosheng swallowed fiercely.
It\'s totally indescribable.
too strong.
Is this mythical equipment?
Just like epics and gold, myths and legends are not on the same channel and the same dimension.
Attack and strength are directly multiplied tenfold.
The special effects of the dragon soul remain the same.
Lishui and Dragon Fire are strengthening.
Because Lishui focuses on control, nothing can be seen on the introduction panel, but the dragon fire is very intuitive, the burning damage has been changed from 3000 to 8000, and it exploded.
Empowerment remains unchanged.
But the additional skill [Dragon Soul Impact] [Forbidden CurseIce Fire Double Dragon Dance], the power is greatly increased!
In addition.
Because the dragon spirit of the five-clawed golden dragon joined the Dragon King, even though there is no special effects like [Lishui] and [Dragon Fire], it has also awakened a forbidden spell skill-[Forbidden CurseThree Dragons Play Pearl]!
[Forbidden CurseIce and Fire Double Dragon Dance] is a group forbidden curse!
[Forbidden CurseThree Dragons Play Pearl] That is a single Forbidden Curse!
Damage 3000%?
That\'s it!
The violence is beyond the limit!
This time.
One more hole card against Longyuan.
The mythical soldiers are naturally of sufficient grade and extremely sharp, absolutely capable of breaking through the thick dragon scale defense of Longyuan!
Jianfeng is like this.
This is especially true for additional skills.
Two forbidden curses, just ask if you are afraid?
The three dragon souls coexist.
Not to mention the voltage stabilizer Longyuan, at least, there is nothing wrong with sitting on an equal footing, right?
"Keep going!"
Qin Luosheng, who was so excited by [Panlong Lishui], started to check with excitement. (Not detailed here, and a separate chapter will be displayed later)
"Too awesome my attribute!"
Putting on the enhanced equipment one by one, Qin Luosheng flushed with excitement and said: "It\'s worthy of being a grandmaster, it\'s worthy of me to pay so many good materials, this craft is nothing to say, really strong!"
"Go! Go!"
I am going to go to the Spirit Medicine Pavilion to replenish a wave of potions. Even though it has the ability to **** blood, it can be called a perpetual motion machine, but the consumption of mana is a bit tight, and blood sucking can\'t **** mana.
"I\'m going, now I need a der\'s potion?"
Qin Luosheng slapped himself directly.
I have drunk the Dragon Tea before, and have increased the health value and mana recovery by 10%. With the current attribute base, this is a total of 17% mana recovery speed per second. Unless the forbidden spell is used continuously, it consumes 10W+ mana. The Forbidden CurseThree Dragons Play Pearl, otherwise, the consumption of other skills will not keep up with the recovery speed.
"Space jump!"
With a flicker, Qin Luosheng returned to the magic palace again.
"It was a delay of more than a day. Today, I will try to clear the Demon Palace. At least, I have to kill it in the Demon Palace and face the final boss, the Great Demon King Lin Xiao!"
Time is tight, and there are only less than four days before the final battle.
Originally planned to stay for three days to prepare for the challenge.
Never thought.
It was delayed because of the strengthening of equipment.
It is precisely because of this.
Qin Luosheng\'s goal was also better achieved.
after all.
According to the original plan.
He just wants to raise his level to level 40, so that he can take the Liangyi Taoist sword and put on the glazed robe, complete the second rank task, successfully promoted to the second rank, obtain the blessing attributes, and obtain the evolution of the shadow warrior, plus Use the last resort to strengthen all the equipment that can be forged by +10!
That\'s it!
right now.
After paying a drop of Dragon Gods blood and a piece of Dragon Gods scales, in exchange for the enhancement of the whole body equipment, it was a profit.
Grandmaster Long Forging seemed unkind, but in fact he was still a good person.
Not only did he evolve his equipment, but he was also a human being and sent the Buddha to the west. He raised all the equipment that could be strengthened by +10, which made him the ultimate, fulfilling his promise perfectly.
Qin Luosheng regretted hitting the wall. At that time, he put the two good goods, the Liangyi Dao Sword and the Liuli Dao Robe, which could not be equipped for the time being, and kept them at home. 10, and there is no need to pay for materials, which is equivalent to prostitution.
It\'s too late.
At that time, my brain was struggling, but I didn\'t expect this. Now people have been studying blueprints in retreat, preparing to attack the great master, it is impossible to go out to strengthen this kind of trivial matter.
"It seems that after completing the mission of the magic palace, a wave of strengthening is necessary!"
Qin Luosheng said helplessly, "Strengthening +10, this is not an easy task. The material is easy to say, the key is the success rate, which is really cheating. Fear and be afraid, unfortunately, it will loop infinitely, and the battle will not start. Exploded."

PS: The introduction is a bit too much, nearly 700 words as a gift. Wait for me to sort out the attributes and equipment, and open a separate chapter!