Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 584: : Mythology, Panlong will evolve without water
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 584: : Mythology, Panlong will evolve without water

"Don\'t worry, don\'t look at my dick, I\'m rich!"
Qin Luosheng smiled and said, "Hey, don\'t look at me like that. I\'m not the rich second generation. I earned all the money from "Dimension of Destiny." I made a wild copy and made a fortune!"
"Field copy? I know this!"
As an old game fan, Su Mei is no stranger to the update a few days ago, "You are really lucky, you even found a wild copy!"
Su Juran: Envy .Jpg!
Qin Luosheng: proud. Jpg!
"Are you free now?"
Sister Su snorted coldly and said, "I have known you for so long, and have been **** away, Mr. Mystery, can you tell me your ID now?"
Qin Luosheng:...
"Hmph, I really hate it, I don\'t know what you are hiding!"
Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s silence, Su Yuran didn\'t press on every step of the way, just snorted coldly and stopped asking.
"Okay, okay, don\'t be angry, I have to focus on that field copy these days, there is really no time."
Qin Luosheng smiled bitterly and promised: "One week, just one week! At that time, I will tell you the ID, and I will pretend to take you to fly!"
"Ha ha!"
Sister Su smiled disdainfully, "Stop talking big words, it doesn\'t necessarily matter who is leading whom!"
Qin Luosheng smiled without saying a word.
Laozi weeping soul, the first person in the world at present, will you take me?
Did you wake up from the dream?

Satiate and drink.
The three of Qin Luosheng took a taxi home.
It is worthy of being a famous star-rated hotel, and it is really expensive for a reason.
After a meal, Qin Luo lost more than 700,000 yuan.
of course.
Even with Qin Luosheng and Nun\'s appetite, the food cost only less than 200,000, and the rest of the money is the atmosphere, and he opened a good bottle of red wine.
"I had a great time today, thank you!"
Sending sister Su to the door of the house, she bounced around, not at all like an elite in the workplace, but showed the nature of a girl, very charming and lovely.
"Go home early!"
Opening the door, Su Meizi\'s face was reddened, she stuck her head out, and lightly pecked Qin Luosheng\'s face. Without waiting for his response, she retracted like a frightened rabbit, and at the same time she closed the door, leaving only a sentence with endless Murmured shyly, "Good night!"
"good night!"
Qin Luosheng was a little surprised. He touched his slightly moist cheeks and looked at the closed door. He was super-powerful and could naturally feel that the girl who had not left behind the door even looked at him in the eyes of a cat.
He smiled slightly, said softly, then turned and left.

Magic capital.
A manor.
"Miss, what you ordered has been done."
A tall woman in a casual suit took a portfolio and walked in gently, looking at the girl sitting by the bed, like a fairy in the dust, breathing slowly.
The girl nodded and took the portfolio.
The beauty of the workplace left, and the girl opened the portfolio.
It\'s a bunch of photos, and a few A4 sheets full of prints.
"Qin Luosheng, Miss Su Family, and a little girl who didn\'t know where it came from!"
The girl looked at the person in the photo, her deep and cold eyes shone with unknown colors.
"Miss Su Family can skip it, this Qin Luosheng, eight achievements are undoubtedly the crying soul!"
The girl picked up a photo. In the photo, it was a girl who was extremely beautiful and could not be described in words. She said she was unparalleled in appearance, but in front of this girl, she gave birth to a sense of shame. Who is this girl who didn\'t know where it came from and can\'t find the slightest information at all? With such a stunning face, it is impossible to be silent and obscure! Someone who even Du Qiangwei can\'t find out, is she... "
Du Qiangwei, or Scarlet Rose, looked extremely solemn.
Her Du family, straddling the three realms of military, politics, and business, has a pivotal position in China. There are very few people who can make him Du family find no clues, and these are undoubtedly existences that their Du family can\'t afford.
She is a little scared!
"Could it be that Soul Crying is not as simple as what I found? Or, someone has already got on before me and contacted him first?"
Du Qiangwei couldn\'t help thinking: "Who is it? Those hidden families, or-the country?"
"Never mind! There is still a little bit of trivial matters to deal with for now!"
Unable to guess, Du Qiangwei was not prepared to bother with that brain, and took a deep look at the photo of Qin Luosheng who was buying a cone. "Whether you are crying or not, you can start from the short time the "Dimension of Destiny" is open. You are not a mortal by making hundreds of millions of dollars from nothing. I, Du Qiangwei, must get you!"
The vibration of the mobile phone suddenly remembered, interrupting Du Qiangwei\'s thoughts.
Looking around, she saw the caller ID on the phone screen: Lin Mingzhou, she couldn\'t help frowning, and she hadn\'t eaten fireworks, as if there was nothing cold to her attention. She broke the defense instantly, revealing a trace of unconcealable disgust.

The next day.
Qin Luo got up before six o\'clock in the morning.
All day last night, I was as strong as him, but also slightly tired. I went home and took a bath before going to sleep.
Go out for an hour in the morning.
Then I bought breakfast and came back.
Knocked on the door.
did not respond.
This time Qin Luosheng didn\'t drag her up from the bed forcibly. Instead, he left her breakfast and went back to the room on his own.
Put the nutrient solution and lie down in the game compartment.
enter the game.
With a flash of white light, Qin Luosheng appeared on the second floor of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion Main Store in Xingyao City.
Now that the industry has master-level management Qi Luo to take care of him, and Mengmeng is in charge of his family, he can completely be a hand-off shopkeeper and really put everything down.
Using a starlight miracle to sublimate the potions and equipment piled up in the warehouse, it took a little physical strength, and then told Qi Luo that she would handle the rest.
Send the potion and equipment to eight other branches, distribute the ingredients to nine Shiweixian, manage the equipment currently patrolling the exhibition,...
Master management.
Everything is easy.
Much better than him, a half-hearted layman.
Crushed the scroll of returning to the city.
Qin Luosheng came to Dragon City again with excitement.
"Your kid is here, really calm down!"
Seeing Qin Luosheng, Grandmaster Long Forging gave him an angry look, waved his hand, and all the equipment that had already been strengthened fell in front of Qin Luosheng, "Hurry up, take it, dont disturb me specializing in blueprints. Please dont look for it in the future. I, I will fix this stuff, and I will let you know."