Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 583: : Myth, Panlong Leaving Water and Re-evolving (Part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 583: : Myth, Panlong Leaving Water and Re-evolving (Part 2)

Qin Luosheng hesitated.
He wanted to ask if he could get this stuff out.
If you ask like this, it looks like you are questioning others, but it is really difficult to speak.
"I did this thing!"
Long Duan suddenly said: "I have forged countless treasures in my life, but since I reached the Grandmaster level, there are few things that can arouse my interest. This thing is very special. If it can be successfully forged, said Maybe I can make every success and go further!"
"Thank you senior!"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help himself because the grandmaster was willing to take action, but he was a little hesitant when he was excited, "It\'s just that this material, I am afraid it will be difficult for the juniors to gather."
"Don\'t worry, this is the work of my assaulting master, so I definitely can\'t be sloppy!"
Long Duan smiled indifferently, and said, "You guys can\'t get the materials you need. I have collected a lot of good products for so many years, and it\'s time to use them. If it\'s almost anything, then Just pick it up from the Dragon Emperors treasury. Anyway, this is your kid, and he also promised you to give you convenience, not for nothing."
Qin Luosheng was ecstatic, wishing to hold this bad old man and give him a kiss.
One piece of equipment that is at least legendary, with a high probability of being a myth, is about to be born, and it is his.
Not only that.
He doesn\'t care about anything except paying for a drawing.
This kind of good thing can hardly be found with a lantern!
"Thank you senior Gao Yi!"
Qin Luosheng bowed respectfully.
"No need to!"
Long Duan waved his hand and said, "I\'m not doing it for you, just for me to attack the Grand Master, there is no need to thank me!"
Is it so shameless?
Qin Luosheng was embarrassed.
What about embarrassment?
Of course forgive him!
Facing such a grotesque master, I can\'t afford to offend him!
"By the way, I don\'t know if this dragon soul is integrated, do I need to pay attention to it?"
Seeing Long Duan\'s look impatient, Qin Luosheng was so witty that he was about to turn around and leave. However, just turning his head and remembering something, he quickly took out [Panlong Lishui] and the Dragon Emperors Spirit and handed them to Long. Forged look.
[Panlong Lishui] had evolved before, and Qin Luosheng had some experience.
There is a big boss in front, and this time it is an evolution above the legendary level, it is better to be careful, and ask seniors more, it does not hurt.
"You kid..."
[Panlong Lishui] Let Long Duan\'s eyes shine, but the spirit of the Dragon Emperor makes Long Duan\'s look a little complicated.
The Dragon Sovereign even took out the true dragon spirit he cultivated, which shows that he is not generally optimistic about this kid in front of him.
Think about it.
If you are not really optimistic, how can you introduce him to yourself?
He dragon forged, only one step away from the great master, even the Dragon King is not qualified to let him take action, even the Dragon King himself owes favors to be able to move.
"give it to me!"
Long Duan shook his head, picked up [Panlong Lishui] and the Dragon Emperor\'s Spirit, and then waved his hand to rush to the people and said, "It\'s okay, get out, come back in a day!"
Qin Luosheng:...
How to do?
Of course you are leaving!
Is it possible to rely on here to make people feel uncomfortable?
If you take a step earlier, Long Duan can start work sooner. Isn\'t it fragrant?
Time waits for no one!
In addition to the imminent final battle, there are still tasks on the side of the magic palace that have not been completed.
Fortunately, I was violent before, and I was online 24 hours a day. Krypton wiped out the front area of ??the magic palace like Krypton. I entered the magic palace more than one or two days earlier, saving time.
Now that there is one more day to wait for the equipment to be strengthened, it is really too late.

real world.
amusement park.
"Hurry up, it\'s all out, why are you angry!"
Qin Luosheng looked at the big and the young, the two beauties who were all over the country were slowly walking towards him, especially when he felt the eyes of countless anger and jealousy around him, he was even more proud of it. Of course, if there were no daughters and daughters. It\'s even better to be angry with your mouth.
The entire body of equipment in the Destiny World was handed over to Grandmaster Dragon Forge for strengthening. Without equipment, it is equivalent to a tiger without minions. It is easy to change a set with the hidden goods of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion.
The second-class equipment of the highest and low-level epic, leveling is safe, even if it is to continue the Anal Demon Palace, with the blessing of many skills, as long as it does not meet the Great Demon King Lin Xiao, other demon kings who only strengthen the golden strength are not very afraid.
But Qin Luosheng gave up.
These days, since some time when the ban was lifted and no restrictions were imposed, he has basically been in the game world.
Nuns are missing.
Miss Su, who has been teasing, also talked less.
Take this opportunity.
Forcibly dragging the nanny out of the room, and making an appointment with Su Yuran, to go to the amusement park together, which was regarded as a plea.
"I don\'t know what you think, don\'t girls like to play?"
Passing the cones in his hands to the two girls, Qin Luosheng watched while licking the cones happily, but there were still some unhappy daughters, and said silently, "Is the amusement park not happy?"
"Well, let\'s go play the roller coaster, shall we?"
Su Meizi grabbed Nuann\'s hand, her face showed a different gentle and dignified look, which was slightly crazy.
Qin Luosheng smiled, he didn\'t expect that Sister Su\'s playfulness was very big, and she was playing crazy.
roller coaster.
That is a "dangerous project" that many boys dare not take part in! (PS: I am, I have been sitting once, and I feel sick.)
All day long.
Qin Luosheng accompanied the two girls and played all the items in the amusement park.
have to say.
Qin Luosheng looked at him with admiration.
He is a big man, and his current physical fitness is super strong, he is completely superman, there is no problem with these pediatrics.
But the quiet sister Su, the tender daughter.
It was actually able to follow the whole process.
What kind of monster is this?
Is this still a girl?
Amazing old girl!
In the evening.
The amusement park is closed.
The trio who had fun after a day of playing followed the crowd and left together.
"Go, let\'s have a big meal, I have already booked a place!"
Qin Luosheng took his cell phone and greeted a taxi.
"Well, why don\'t we buy vegetables and go home to cook?"
Sister Su hesitated.
A lot of money has been spent on the amusement park today. In addition to the tickets for fun activities, there are also clothing rental costs, food and beverage purchases, etc. In the amusement park, everyone knows that it must be a lot more expensive.
Now it\'s a big meal again.
After this trip, five digits couldn\'t help.
"In the future, there will be opportunities for beautiful Su Damei to show off her talents. Forget it today, she\'s all very tired. A rare opportunity. Eat a good meal and enjoy!"
Qin Luosheng second understood Sister Su\'s concerns, shook his head, and rejected her.
Are you kidding me?
Now he, even the money lying in his bank card has already passed nine figures, and a table of tens of thousands of dollars is nothing but a drop in the bucket.