Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 582: : Myth, Panlong Leaving Water and Re-evolving (Part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 582: : Myth, Panlong Leaving Water and Re-evolving (Part 1)

"Oh, that\'s interesting."
Qin Luosheng\'s words made Long Duan a little surprised.
Looking at Qin Luosheng, a young man with a fledgling and adorable appearance, it is expected that the so-called good materials are probably not particularly good.
At first, he couldn\'t help anymore. Long Duan was still not going to discourage the enthusiasm of young people, and immediately said, "Then you can show me and see if it is appropriate!"
Qin Luosheng nodded, then looked at Qiluo, and said, "My materials are at home. Would you like to go back with me first?"
"Don\'t panic!"
Before Qiluo could respond, Long Duan spoke first, "The Qiluo girl can\'t go yet, I have to ask her to help extract the materials. The Dragon Emperor Treasury is not accessible to all cats and dogs, even if there is a warrant from the Dragon Emperor. ."
Qin Luosheng had no choice but to leave first.
"Master, you are back!"
He rushed back to Xingyao City, and then returned to Luoshenju. Just stepping into the gate, Mengmeng\'s soft voice came into his ears.
"Little Mengmeng, Master, I\'m back!"
Seeing Luoshen\'s fascinating Mengmeng, Qin Luosheng walked over in stride, and stretched out his hand to embrace the tender willow waist like a weak willow. With a slight force, Mengmeng cried her closer to his arms. .
Mengmeng blushed and Mengmeng became shy.
Even if the favorability level does not reach 95, I can\'t eat this Nizi, but if it exceeds 90, some intimate actions are possible, and Mengmeng will not resist.
"Mengmeng, how many materials do we have?"
The slightly burly Qin Luosheng, and the unusually thin Mengmeng, look like a reduced version of the beast beauty, walking on the path full of sunshine and flowers, wherever he passes, he is cleaning, or pruning, or watering flowers. The beautiful and charming maids saluted one after another.
"All are still there!"
Mengmeng\'s cheek was flushed against Qin Luosheng\'s chest, and she whispered softly: "These days, Mengmeng has been studying the formula for Absolute Corpse Poison given by the young master, and has never been a tailor!"
"Oh, all right!"
Hearing this, Qin Luosheng breathed a sigh of relief.
"How is the research on Juetian Corpse Poison?"
Qin Luosheng asked again.
"There are some eyebrows!"
Speaking of this, Mengmeng suddenly became excited, and said with a slight excitement: "Several stages of experiments have been carried out, and only the last level has not been overcome. At most one week, Mengmeng will be able to deploy the supernatural corpse poison. La!"
"Well, Mengmeng is amazing!"
Looking at the elated dream, Qin Luosheng knew that she really likes research, otherwise there would not be such a series of terrifying titles, and immediately rubbed her little head a little bit fondly, and said: "Research belongs to research. Don\'t tire yourself, otherwise, I will be punished by the family!"
"Master is good or bad!"
Mengmeng blushed, and she raised her palm in a smirk, giving Qin Luosheng a smirk.
Since the last study of disregarding rest and being punished by the so-called family, even after so long, now that she thinks about it, she still has a flushing face and her heartbeat has increased.
Too shameful.
"Well, Master has important things to go to Dragon City, and I will introduce you to a sister later!"
After removing all the materials from the secret room, Qin Luosheng and Mengmeng stayed warm for a while, then got up and left, looking at Mengmeng who was very sad, but softly arranged his clothes for him, Qin Luosheng felt soft and said: "In a few days, Master will take you outing!"
Mengmeng said in surprise: "Master, don\'t lie to Mengmeng!"
"Well, don\'t lie to you!"
Qin Luosheng scraped Mengmeng\'s nose amusedly, and gently kissed her white forehead, only then, under her obsessive gaze, crushed the scroll of Dragon City\'s return to the city.

Dragon Tower.
Qin Luo rushed back hurriedly.
First, he greeted Qiluo and Longdan, and then he poured out all the materials in the backpack without falling.
Blood Moon Corpse Fang, Blood Moon Corpse Poison, Ghost Mothers resentment, Evil Infants ghost pupil, Xiaoyue Langfang, Xiaoyue Wolf Skin, Mystic Iron Chain, Heart of the Corpse King. Various magic cores, blast wolf skin, dark bear skin, centipede\'s feet, black water monster skin, thunder tiger skin and teeth, special virus samples, blood spirit crystals, thousand-year resentment, water dragon scales, water moss The pill energy, the broken soul fire, the magic core of the earth magic ape,...
Not all are high-end goods, but high-end goods definitely occupy most of them. Others are also special good materials, not bad!
"It\'s really hard to look at you!"
As a master, treating materials is like a player treats good equipment, with an unusual obsession and perseverance.
Seeing Qin Luosheng put out such a large pile of goodies, Long Duan stayed on the spot, his face flushed and he was very excited.
"These things, I can use most of them, plus some things taken out of the Dragon Emperor Treasure, can greatly enhance your equipment!"
After all, it was the Grandmaster. After being excited, he quickly recovered, looked at Qin Luosheng, and asked, "Do you have any special requirements?"
Qin Luosheng immediately shook his head. Even though he was also a craftsman, he was not a layman, but in front of the grandmaster Long Duan, what was the difference between him and a layman?
Professionals do professional things!
Don\'t talk nonsense if you don\'t understand, so as to avoid superfluous and self-harm.
"Everything, please!"
Long Duan glanced at Qin Luosheng deeply, without speaking.
He understood what Qin Luosheng meant.
With so many good equipment and good materials, I don\'t feel distressed at all, and I don\'t know anything about it. I trust it completely.
This courage--
It is worthy of the Dragon Gods value, and personally gave the [Dragon God Imperial Order] to the young people who are on the same level as the Dragon King!
"By the way, there is one more thing, I wonder if I can ask you?"
Seeing that Long Duan was about to start busy, Qin Luosheng thought of something, took out a drawing from his backpack, and asked expectantly.
"show me!"
Long Duan didn\'t know what it was thinking, but he didn\'t refuse, and took the drawing from Qin Luosheng\'s hand.
[Unknown drawing]
Type: Drawing
grade:? ? ?
effect:? ? ?
Introduction: One-time consumption drawing, which records the forging of a kind of props! (Requires Grand Master Blacksmithing)
That\'s right.
This is the drawing.
It was only collected yesterday from the corpse of the Five Demon King Gongsunzhuang in the realm of the Demon Palace. Along with it, there are also the "King of Fighters" and the Demon Ape Demon Core just given away!
"This drawing is very profound!"
After careful examination for a long time, the face of Dragon Forge showed a different color, "It records a special method of forging magic weapon items, which ordinary people cannot understand. Only when they reach the realm of the master can they interpret it! You kid, from Where did you find this stuff?"