Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 579: : Achieved the wish, the Kiro contract is completed
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 579: : Achieved the wish, the Kiro contract is completed

"Ahem -"
He seemed to feel a little too much. Dragon God coughed, ignoring Qin Luoshengs eyes, and changed the subject: I always wanted Qi Luo to go out and not be tied to my little Dragon Palace. Now, there is a brother here. When the hero looks at her, the younger brother is a person recognized by the Dragon God, and he will certainly not insult Qiluo. This may be her chance."
Qin Luosheng:...
"It\'s just that, although I agree, this matter depends on Keiro\'s wishes."
The Dragon Sovereign continued: "Even if I follow my brother, it will be profitable and harmless, but Qiluo doesn\'t want to, I will not force her. Brother, I hope you understand!"
Qin Luosheng nodded and offered the scales of the Dragon God, "Regardless of success or failure, the scales of the Dragon God will be given to you!"
Dragon Emperor:? ? ?
What are you doing!
What are you doing!
Brother, I am a little flustered by you!
As the saying goes.
Reactive work is not rewarded!
You directly brought the bribe to me. I can\'t do anything, so where is my face?
Does my dragon king do not want face?
This dragon god\'s scale is so tempting!
What if I can\'t refuse?
The Dragon Sovereign hesitated, and Qin Luosheng made a dilemma because of a show operation.
"Lord Dragon Lord, Lord Dragon Lord!"
At this time, Qi Luo, who had been summoned, came and liberated the Dragon King from the entangled state.
"Keiro, you are here!"
When the savior arrived, Dragon Sovereign smiled suddenly, but Qi Luo was shocked.
Even though the Dragon Emperor usually treats her very gently, but it has never been like this, with a smile on his face.
As the lord of the dragon island and the lord of the dragon clan, the dragon emperor can treat people like a spring breeze, but his status is destined to not be too outrageous. It is not necessary to be unsmiling, but the necessary majesty is indispensable.
And now?
There is a situation!
"You have been in my Dragon Palace for hundreds of years. When I brought you back, my original intention was to let you study in the Dragon Palace. With your qualifications, given time, you will surely become the pride of my dragon clan."
The Dragon Sovereign said sincerely: "But, your child is very stubborn. For so many years, even though he has been practicing continuously, he has always regarded himself as a maid. I have repeatedly advised you to abide by the rules. As time passes, I will let you go."
Qin Luosheng:...
This is really a big politician!
Talking to people, talking nonsense to people.
Hey Hey hey
That\'s not what you said just now!
You mean Qiluo\'s aptitude is not very outstanding, how come in front of the parties, the meaning becomes the kind of strong aptitude?
"Thank you, Lord Dragon Emperor, for taking care of him, Qi Luo will never forget it!"
Sure enough, Qi Luo, who hadn\'t been involved in the world, was fooled by the Dragon Emperor. As the Dragon Emperor, coupled with the Dragon Emperor\'s kindness to her, he went straight into the trap.
"I used to let you go because you were still young. Even though your strength is not weak, you have never been out of Dragon City after all. It was too naive, and because there was no suitable opportunity."
The Dragon Sovereign continued: "However, now you are about to reach adulthood. For the sake of your future, I can\'t just let you stay in this Dragon Palace, waste the years and miss the most beautiful youth."
"It just so happened that the dragon lord found me today and said that he needed someone to be the spokesperson for him and the dragon clan. I thought of you the first time. This is an arduous task. It is important to maintain the relationship between the dragon clan and the dragon lord, and even the dragon clan and the human clan. mission."
"The Dragon Lord approved you, and I also think you are the best candidate. However, you are my righteous daughter and the only heir of my brother. I respect your decision and will not interfere with your thoughts. Everything depends on you. !"
Qin Luosheng was completely defeated.
Check it out! Check it out!
The art of speaking is truly breathtaking!
Can\'t learn! Can\'t learn!
Obviously I thought about it, but afterwards, I became thinking of you.
This tm is a bit showy!
Coach, I want to learn this!
Qi Luo was a little stunned by the words of the Dragon Emperor. He subconsciously glanced at Qin Luosheng and saw that he was also looking at him. A trace of blush floated on his as white as jade cheeks, his eyes wandered, and his head hung down. She didn\'t dare to look at Qin Luosheng, pinching the corners of her clothes with both hands, and the small and lovely dragon\'s tail swayed unconsciously. Everyone could see her panic at the moment.
"Kira is worried about such a big event..."
Before Qi Luo could finish speaking, the Dragon Sovereign interrupted her strongly and said, "Don\'t worry, you are the most suitable candidate. In the entire Dragon City, no one is more suitable than you."
"That, that, Qiluo will let the Dragon King call the shots!"
Who can stand this as soon as this is said?
Qi Luo surrendered on the spot and agreed.
"Hahaha, good, good,..."
The goal was achieved, and the Dragon Emperor laughed on the spot.
Qin Luosheng was also very excited.
With the presence of Qi Luo, the dragon girl, you can completely free yourself from the tedious purchase and entrust the potion business to her. At most, you only need to spare a little time to sublimate a batch of potion starlight miracles.
With Qi Luo\'s ability, her identity and relationship, it is much better than him, the so-called dragon master who emerged midway, at least in the land boundary of Longdao, in the city of Longcheng, her face is much better.
Haven\'t agreed yet?
Are you back from Mars?
Everyone on earth knows what they mean by that sentence just now.
Back in ancient times, my daughter\'s family talked like this.
Rejection = Daughter wants to stay at home and serve her parents for a few years!
Agree = daughter let her parents decide!
Is this the reason?
"Ding, you complete the trigger task, lose the scales of the dragon god*1, and get the dragon girl Qiluo contract*1!"
The system\'s prompt sound came, completely given this matter, and could no longer refuse.
"Dragon Sovereign rest assured, I will treat Qiluo well and will never let her suffer the slightest grievance."
Forbearing his excitement, Qin Luosheng held back opening the backpack, took out Qiluo\'s contract and took a good look, gave Qiluo who was peeking at him a gentle smile, then looked at the Dragon Sovereign and thanked him.
"Of course, Qiluo is my righteous daughter. If you make her wronged, I won\'t let you go!"
Long Huang\'s face was stern, and he began the final show.
"After all, the young eagle will spread its wings and soar in the sky. My child, your future is not in the Dragon Palace, or even in the Dragon Island. The vast world outside is where you should go. You used to worry about it, but now you have the Dragon Lord. I have confidence in him."
The Dragon Sovereign "affectionately" admonished Qiluo: "Pack up and pack things, go with the Dragon Lord, and find your future!"
Qi Luo burst into tears, sobbing silently, bowed to the Dragon Emperor and left obediently.