Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 578: : Routine and Routine, Hunter and Prey
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 578: : Routine and Routine, Hunter and Prey

The blood of the Dragon God is in hand, and the scales of the Dragon God, even though this thing is not like the blood of the Dragon God, can improve the purity of its own blood, but it is also a rare treasure. The Dragon Clan, who has an unusual attachment and admiration to the Dragon God, is even more crazy, even if it is just a scale of the Dragon God.
"This treasure, like the blood of the Dragon God, was bestowed by the Dragon God!"
Qin Luosheng said with a smile to Yan Yan and said: "It has an incredible magic, but unfortunately, the younger brother is too little knowledgeable, lacking in ability, and really can\'t use its ability. Now, giving it to the old brother is a good use, not a pearl."
Long Huang\'s eyes were even more fiery, but also a little tangled.
This routine...
He is familiar!
This is what Qin Luosheng just used to do the trick. Now the offensive and defensive translocation, the hunter has become the prey, and the prey has become the hunter. This reversal is really too big.
The Dragon Emperor used Jinglong Tea as a stepping stone and strengthened his strength as a bargaining chip. Yang sought Qin Luosheng and made him have to enter the set for the next decisive battle!
And Qin Luosheng.
He turned his head and responded!
Using the Dragon Gods blood as a bargaining chip, after the completion, he will take out the Dragon Gods scales, Yangmou Dragon Emperor, so that in order to obtain the Dragon Gods scales, he has to enter the suit and come out with better things. Sell ??Qin Luosheng\'s tempting things in exchange for it!
in other words.
The scales of the dragon **** are bait.
Dragon God is a fish.
He knew that there was a price to pay for eating bait, but he couldn\'t resist the temptation at all.
"My brother really gave me a big problem!"
The Dragon Emperor smiled bitterly.
Even though Qin Luosheng said, it was a gift, to cast an unknown pearl secretly, and to prevent the heavy treasure from being dusted.
Believe these words, then he is not the Dragon God!
After living for so long, how can you know that the free one is the most expensive?
not to mention.
Idiots can hear it, that\'s just a polite, a polite!
Just now, in order to obtain the blood of the Dragon God, he used various routines, and finally used a price to get the blood of the Dragon God.
This also blocked the road.
The Dragon Gods Blood transaction just set a benchmark, and he set it himself.
The scales of the dragon **** are here.
The benchmark he just set, can\'t be overthrown in a blink of an eye, right?
Dragon Blood, what has been traded!
The scales of the Dragon God have to trade anything!
This is the rule!
The rules he set!
Even if the value is not as good as the blood of the Dragon God, it will still be used as the basis of the transaction, or the reference for the transaction, according to the standards just established.
Equivalent to.
The blood of the Dragon God can be exchanged for 100 yuan worth of goods, and the Dragon Gods scales will be exchanged for 80 yuan worth of goods.
That\'s right.
Equivalent goods.
Rather than just scrape together.
The blood of the Dragon God is what the Dragon King needs.
What he took out was also what Qin Luosheng needed.
The scales of the Dragon God are not what the Dragon Emperor needs, but he can\'t hold back what he wants.
Seller\'s market, the buyer can be fucked.
It\'s easy to collect 80 yuan of goods.
But the hard part is that these eighty yuan of goods are not taken and collected at will, but the seller Qin Luosheng needs it, so that the transaction can be concluded and he can exchange it.
The premise is need, and then it is worth 80 yuan!
What Qin Luosheng needed was already obtained with the Dragon God\'s blood just now, and the transaction was completed.
In this way.
What should this dragon god\'s scale use to impress Qin Luosheng?
The Dragon King suddenly had a pain in his head.
"Does my brother teach me?"
Long Sovereign couldn\'t think of it, but schemingly handed the ball to Qin Luosheng.
This is your thing, what you want, you just say it.
I have, I give, everyone is happy.
I don\'t have one, there is no way.
"Old fox!"
Qin Luosheng knew the off-string tone of the Dragon Emperor, and could not help but curse secretly. However, he still said honestly, "How many treasures are there for my brother, my younger brother is short-sighted, and lacks knowledge. I don\'t know why, so I still leave it to my brother. Brother can do whatever you want, don\'t care."
what for?
In the vernacular, that is what you have, what baby do you have, how do I know about your own things, you can figure it out by yourself, you also know my situation, you know what to take.
Dragon Emperor closed himself up on the spot.
"However, I do have what I want, and I hope my brother will not be stingy!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t wait for Dragon Sovereign to speak, and immediately answered.
"Oh? I would like to hear the details!"
The Dragon King, who was having a headache, was overjoyed when he heard this.
He has a lot of baby, but Qin Luosheng can use what he needs urgently, but he really doesn\'t have it.
But I want Dragon God\'s scales again.
Simply painful.
Since Qin Luosheng had what he wanted, he didn\'t need to bother his brains, and he was very likely to get Dragon God Scales, of course he was happy.
"The younger brother opened a few shops, went to Dragon City, made a difference, and ate a meal. It was just that he was very busy and had too many trivial things, which was not conducive to intensive repair, and confessing to others would disturb the cleanliness of Dragon Island and the tranquility of Dragon City. "
Qin Luosheng said naturally: "So, I need someone who is originally Dragon Island and who is familiar with Dragon City, who will act as my spokesperson, travel back and forth between Dragon City and the main human race, and solve trivial matters for me."
The dragon king\'s eyes flashed, and he instantly understood Qin Luosheng\'s intentions, squinted his eyes slightly, and said with a smile: "Then, I wonder if there is a candidate for my brother?"
"This old monster!"
How shrewd Qin Luosheng is. You can tell from the expression of the Dragon King. This guy has already guessed his intentions. Sure enough, dealing with this old monster is no different from being naked. It is easy to be guessed and eaten. Dead.
"It\'s true!"
However, when the matter was over, Qin Luosheng could only bite the bullet and said directly, "I hope that my brother Qi Luo will cut love! I promise that Qi Luo will not be aggrieved or forced. She does anything she doesn\'t want to do."
The Dragon Emperor looked a little hesitant, pretending to think for a long time before sighing, and said: "Although Qi Luo is the maid of the old brother, but in fact her parents are the old brother\'s subordinates and fell in the race. Originally, I thought. Adopted her as a righteous daughter, but Qiluo did not want to enter my Dragon Palace as a maid. Although I treat her as a daughter, she has always adhered to it and regarded herself as a maid.
Qin Luosheng:...
I can go to you MD!
Is this the realm of the boss?
Sure enough, awesome.
A maid in a mere trivial area, you have been tortured by you, and you have directly arranged the false identity of the righteous woman. The understatement of a few words adds to the bargaining chip, Gan!
"Qiro has been smart since he was a child, even though his cultivation talent is not the top, but it is not bad, and for so many years, the Dragon Palace has been arranged in an orderly manner, without any difference, it is really rare."
coming! coming! Again!
self boasting.
You tm are the Dragon King, bastard, do you want to make a face?
Your bargaining chips were blown by you all at once, worth thirty yuan, constantly rising, approaching fifty, soaring eighty?
Inflation is not as fast as you.
Are you afraid that I will throw the table and stop playing?
At that time, keep your Qiluo, I won\'t give you the Dragon God scales!