Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 577: : Trading, Dragon Gods Blood (Part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 577: : Trading, Dragon Gods Blood (Part 2)

"It seems that before the decisive battle, my strength should be greatly improved!"
For the sake of everything, Qin Luosheng didn\'t understand that he was a complete fool.
Just don\'t know.
How far can this advancement be.
Long before, he had already taken precautions and had taken a step ahead.
Even with the help of the Dragon Emperor, if the foundation is too poor, even if it is promoted by the seedlings, the lower limit will be too low because of the bucket theory, and it will be hindered.
The current him is completely different from the time he had fought the Battle of the Shocking Dragon Platform and left Long Island.
Although only half a month\'s time, the increase in strength is simply exploding.
First, by coincidence, I met Scarlet Rose, rubbed the mission of Moon Temple, and befriended Zhang Daoming, and obtained the art of runes, the sword of two yis, the robe of colored glaze, the talisman formation, etc., as well as the nine-character mantra that is about to be obtained. curse.
Then Scarlet Rose completed the quest of the Ice and Snow Temple. Not only did he harvest legendary mounts and Bingbing with the blood of unicorns, but also allowed [Invocation of Life] to be promoted to the legend, and was blessed by the flower gods and the snow goddess.
This is a lot of hard work!
With Qin Luosheng\'s temper and the pride of crying souls, how could it be possible to follow a group of arrogant women and endure their arrogance and rudeness, and what they did was almost like licking a dog.
no way.
In order to improve strength, I have to do this!
All the pain turned into sweet fruits after all, and finally did not give in vain.
right now.
As the decisive battle is approaching, while completing the second rank mission, he also entered the special field copy of [Magic Palace], in order to improve his strength in the final stage.
This is already the maximum that Qin Luosheng can achieve!
I originally thought that it could only be so.
Never imagined.
There is also such a sudden unexpected joy from the Dragon Emperor.
Since the Dragon Emperor has come to the door, since the Dragon Emperor has already said it, then he must have relied on, and can take out things that make his heart in exchange for favor, or get the blood of the Dragon God that he has been coveting!
That\'s right.
I was not sure just now, but now Qin Luosheng is 90% sure that the Dragon Emperor is attracted by the blood of the Dragon God in his hand.
after all.
In addition to this, he who is poor and white, what is worth a look at by a big man like Dragon Emperor?
Qin Luosheng was not disgusted with this kind of covetousness.
You have nothing!
I have you without!
This can be a basis for cooperation or a deal, which is great.
In contrast.
There is no use value, being abandoned like a mess, or even directly ignored, Qin Luosheng still likes to control the bargaining chip in his hand and can become a negotiator at the negotiating table.
"My dragons like to collect treasures, brother, I can\'t avoid being vulgar, but..."
The Dragon Emperor glanced at Qin Luosheng apologetically, and then said, "It\'s just the stuff I collected, my brother, it\'s not practical now."
Qin Luosheng:...
What do you mean?
I just ask what do you mean?
Look down on me?
You are indeed qualified to look down on me.
As a one-hundred-level full-level boss, his rank is at least legendary, even stronger, and his identity is the Dragon King. It must not be the ordinary rank that can come into his eyes.
See you.
Among the equipment shops in Dragon City, the most trash is also the level 50, Rank 3 equipment.
The goods on Lianlan Street are still so, the Dragon Emperor Collection, is it not as good as the store goods?
"However, the things on my brother\'s body are also considered good treasures, and even several of them have great potential. You only need to strengthen them to make a difference!"
Dragon Sovereign said: "It\'s just that this kind of extremely high-grade special equipment requires specific materials and superb craftsmanship, otherwise it will be difficult to complete!"
bring it on!
Finally got the point.
Specific materials!
Superb craftsmanship!
Nothing to say.
This must be the bargaining chip you can only come up with!
"I hope my brother will give him generously!"
At this point, Qin Luosheng didnt hide it, and asked for it directly. At the same time, he also took out his own bargaining chips, Of course, my brother is not in vain to lose my brother. I heard that my brother loves collecting, and my brother has nothing worthwhile. The only thing that brother can see is the reward from the dragon **** before, and there is still a drop of dragon gods blood left, I hope my brother will accept it!"
The Dragon Emperor\'s breathing started quickly, and his calm eyes became extremely lustrous.
"Sure enough, this old boy is the blood of the Dragon God staring at Lao Tzu!"
Such a performance made Qin Luosheng sneer.
"However, Xixi in the world is all for profit. Except for your parents, no one will treat you for no reason. It just so happens that this is more beautiful for the deal you need. You want yours, I want mine, No one owes anyone!"
Qin Luosheng took out the blood of the Dragon God with a smile on his face, and placed it on the table with a sincere face, but a different thought in his heart, "As long as I get through this difficult period, the sky will be high from now on. The reward of sss is enough to make I survived the explosion, and at the same time, I also made friends with the Dragon King, at least establishing a superficial friendship, a drop of Dragon Gods blood that was basically useless, it was worth it!"
"Yes. That old brother is disrespectful!"
The Dragon Sovereign didn\'t even have any hypocrisy. He looked at the blood of the Dragon God with fiery eyes, and said, "My brother, don\'t laugh at me. It\'s the blood of the Dragon God. For us, the relationship is too great."
"Understand! Understand!"
Qin Luosheng nodded and said: "Even if I am a human race, I have received a lot of benefits from taking the blood of the Dragon God. As the Dragon Emperor, my blood is pure. If the blood of the Dragon God is guided and strengthened, I must be able to do it all. Going further, my brother is here to congratulate you!"
The Dragon Sovereign smiled in a good mood: "Then I will accept my good words! My brother is so bold, and my brother will not be stingy. These are carefully selected by me, and they can definitely help my brother."
"Ding, congratulations on completing the hidden mission-[Deal with the Dragon King], you lost the Dragon Gods blood*1, you got a secret letter*1, a letter of introduction*1, a warrant*1, and a dragon tea*2 Jin, Dragon Emperors favorability +500!"
Qin Luosheng breathed a sigh of relief at the system prompt.
It was finally over after some falsehoods and frustrations.
"My brother has limited time, so my brother won\'t delay!"
After receiving the Dragon God\'s blood, the Dragon Sovereign could not wait to issue an eviction order, but when he saw Qin Luosheng pull out something, his eyes became fierce again, and he immediately shut his mouth, as if it was not him who said "no delay".
"Brother, what are you?"
Looking at the navy blue scales and the dragon scales full of the dragon **** breath, the dragon emperor suddenly became short of breath, his eyes gleaming, just like seeing the dragon **** blood!