Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 574: : Special Equipment-Spider Silk Launcher (Part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 574: : Special Equipment-Spider Silk Launcher (Part 2)

"Ding, congratulations on successfully killing the Four Demon KingsDark Demon Spider Lin Ying, gaining 600W+ experience and 800 reputation!"
Another 6 million experience is credited!
Although it is now level 39, and once again entered the tenth level of reincarnation, the experience of rising to level 40 directly soars to 50 million, but this kills the BOSS with millions of experience, even tens of millions of experience, which is quite Awesome.
The date of the decisive battle with Long Yuan is getting closer and closer. In a short time, it is impossible to reach level 50 and rank three. After all, he is still doing the job transfer task of rank two.
Before the decisive battle, there is no mistake in reaching level 40.
What is the difference between level 39 and level 40?
no difference!
If you insist on saying yes, it\'s only a level difference, nothing special!
There is no difference inside, but the difference outside is big.
after all.
Some equipment requires level conditions!
such as--
Liangyi Taoist sword, Liuli Taoist robe!
Replacing the Blood Soldiers of the Hundred Wars with the Dao Sword of Liangyi, and the heavy armor of bones with the robe of colored glaze, the strength will be greatly improved.
The legendary ring that can only be worn at level 40, the ice spirit ring, could easily replace the 35-level gold ring, the necromantic ring, but the thing is limited to ice magicians, which is simply disgusting.
"Ding, congratulations on collecting the tough spider legs*8!"
"Ding, congratulations on the sharp spider teeth*2!"
"Ding, congratulations on collecting the venomous spider sac*1!"
"Ding, congratulations on collecting the special spider silk group*1!"
"Ding, unfortunately, the current target cannot be collected!"
That\'s it?
Looking at the collected objects, Qin Luosheng was disappointed.
Don\'t say that compared with Gongsunzhuang, even Xu Lin just now is far behind.
At any rate, Xu Lin still has an inner core of ice python, which allows Bingbing to evolve, but Lin Ying has nothing. If he insists on saying something, it is a special spider silk group, which is a little fancy.
[Special spider silk group]
Type: Material
Grade: Special
Effect: unknown
Introduction: It seems that there is some kind of magic spider silk sac inside, which can continue to produce special spider silk!
As a special grade material, it should be very useful.
Currently it has no effect on Qin Luosheng.
You can only eat ashes in your backpack.
Organize the spoils.
There are still no skill books, those special things, the burst rate is really low.
The equipment is also quite satisfactory, three of the five pieces of gold and two silver pieces.
This time there is a surprise.
Spider Silk Launcher
Type: Wrist Gun
Grade: Gold
Demand: None
Effect: None
Special effect: [Spider Silk Launch] Launch the spider silk stored in the launcher!
Incidental skills: [Heaven and Earth Web] Consume a lot of spider silk, spit out a spider web to cover the target!
Introduction: Exquisite and small gadgets are said to be handcrafted by the craftsman in his childhood, with extremely high use value and collection value.
Good guys!
It\'s actually special equipment!
Qin Luosheng smiled with joy.
It was really pleasantly surprised.
Unexpectedly, Lin Ying, the guy who pulls his hips, didn\'t drag the Eight Demon Kings back, and finally gave him a good toy worth no less than an epic.
In contrast to the [Big Shovel], this [Spider Silk Launcher] is used for combat. Although it is functionally inclined to support, it is indeed a combat prop.
There is no requirement, no effect, only one special effect and one additional skill.
Rao is so.
As far as Qin Luosheng is concerned, even if he exchanges epic equipment for the [Spider Silk Launcher], he does not change it.
The spider silk launch looks unremarkable, but it is like a wrist hook commonly used by thieves. It can be used to fly over walls and is extremely practical.
With it, you dont need to be unable to fly like climbing Lin Yings back, and you have to rely on her spider legs to successfully reach it after several consecutive jumps. You only need to eject the spider silk, stick to the target position, and then Pull, the body soars up, relaxed and freehand.
As for the [Tianluodiwang] with skills, there is nothing to explain about it, idiots understand it.
"Only this piece of equipment, I am satisfied!"
Qin Luosheng put the [Spider Silk Launcher] on his right wrist with a face of comfort, and looked at the special equipment that did not occupy the regular equipment position, and he was so happy.
"This thing is easy and comfortable, that is, it costs a lot of spider silk, and it must be refilled from time to time. And spider silk is not a common thing, not to mention ordinary spider silk is not effective."
Qin Luosheng felt a little regretful.
and many more.
What seems to be forgotten?
Speaking of spider silk, Qin Luosheng immediately recalled that the [special spider silk group] that was just collected from Lin Ying\'s corpse and is still hot!
Remove the [Spider Silk Launcher], open the material to fill the space, and stuff the [Special Spider Silk Ball] in!
With this thing that can continuously produce special spider silk, as long as it is not used very frequently, the production speed cannot keep up. I believe that there will be no need to collect spider silk for consumption in the future.
"Let\'s stop here today!"
Back at the fork in the road again, Qin Luosheng did not move on looking at the central road.
After fighting for a whole day, if it hadn\'t been for Yimu to recover, he would have been tired outside the magic palace just now, and now he insisted on sweeping four areas, and he was extremely tired and it was time to rest.
"Space jump!"
In the magic palace, the scroll of city return cannot be used, but the space jump is not restricted, and carrying a backpack full of trophies, Qin Luosheng uses his skills to return to the prosperous Xingyao City.
A few days later, after finally returning from the depressed dark abyss to the bustling city, full of sunshine and popularity, Qin Luosheng felt a little better.
"Oh, have you collected so many crystal coins?"
Activate the store owner\'s authority, Qin Luosheng checked the operation status of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion and looked at the materials accumulated in the warehouse, especially the shiny crystal coins. His tired expression was swept away and he became energetic. stand up.
"Counting the reward given by Scarlet Rose last time, the ten thousand crystal coins for the Nine-Character Mantra Curse have been collected!"
Qin Luosheng calculated the calculations carefully, and immediately felt relieved: "In addition to crystal coins, strengthening stones and spirit crystals have also been collected. Even though the output of these things is very low, the player base is so large, it is impossible to have no output at all."
"Strengthening the system, it is destined to be a game for the rich. Ordinary players can\'t touch it at all, especially now that they have just exited, when the demand exceeds supply and the price is skyrocketing. Selling may be the best choice for the bottom players, so I collected So many. Its a pity that they are all low-level strengthening stones, and even the middle-level ones have not seen one, speechless.

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