Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 573: : Special Equipment-Spider Silk Launcher (Part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 573: : Special Equipment-Spider Silk Launcher (Part 1)

[Four Demon Kings-Dark Demon Spider Lin Ying (Enhanced Golden BOSS)]
Level: 38
Health value: 1200000
Magic value: 75000
Physical attack: 3000
Magic attack: 12000
Physical defense: 3000
Magic defense: 5000
Speed: 3500
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: The Four Demon KingsDark Demon Spider Lin Ying, originally guarded the Second Legion of Mufeng City in the Taring Kingdom, the cousin of the legion commander Lin Xiao, was frightened because the undead lich swept over with the power of destroying the seventeen cities Escape, in order to cover up the deeds of deserters, eliminate the traces of escape routes, slaughter countless villages and cities, and finally escape into the dark abyss domain, swallow the essence of the dark spider, gain its terrorism, guard the poisonous area of ??the magic palace, guard the devil One of the five major areas of the palace!
"Is there finally a magic type boss?"
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were excited.
As a violent warrior, what I like most is the existence of the crispy magic type. As long as you are close, it is not too cool to cut it off.
"Little, you worked so hard just cleaning up the trash fish, now take a good rest, this guy will leave it to me!"
Qin Luosheng said awe-inspiringly.
of course.
What I got was a small blank eye.
As the one who signed the blood contract, Qin Luosheng didn\'t know what she thought.
Xiaoxiao didn\'t bother to bother.
Qin Luosheng wants to violently beat up the boss and vent his hostility, so let him chant, so she can have a good rest.
"Long Wei!"
"Reaper\'s gaze!"
Out of violence!
To deal with a magical BOSS, Qin Luosheng didn\'t have the slightest concealment, and directly swaggered forward.
"Hunting the tiger!"
After blessing several boosting skills, the roar of the **** tiger reappeared, and the awakened Lin Ying was driven into a state of fear.
Some mad beating.
Five seconds later, after Lin Ying woke up from the state of fear, he stepped into Xu Lin\'s footsteps, his attributes dropped drastically, and his health had fallen by more than half.
"Dare to invade the devil\'s palace, kid, who are you instructed to come here?"
Lin Ying\'s eight spider legs danced wildly like sharp blades, fiercely cutting towards Qin Luosheng below him, and at the same time, the dark magic released all over his body, and the spider hair on his body turned into steel needles, leaning down the sky and the earth. .
not only.
In order to prevent Qin Luosheng from escaping, the sticky and toxic spider silk was also spit out, which blocked the surrounding space, forming a way of catching turtles in the urn, making Qin Luosheng inevitable, no escape.
"Yes, really good, this is the strength that the Eight Demon Kings of the Devil\'s Palace should have!"
In the face of this desperate situation, Qin Luosheng was not surprised and rejoiced, "Sure enough, K Xu Lin was so relaxed just now, but it was because that guy was too much affected by [KangsuZhanlong]! Lin Ying\'s performance is much more normal. Up!"
"Ice muscle!"
"Jade bone!"
Qin Luosheng continuously blessed two defensive and health boosting skills!
Since Lin Ying wanted to catch turtles in the urn, it was as she wished.
With her attributes reduced by 50%, and because the tiger hunter\'s attack dropped by 30%, she now has only 20% of her attacks during its heyday. Coupled with the damage reduction of the dark element, Qin Luosheng\'s magic defense is low, she can still hold it!
"Ding, you are attacked by the Demon Spider\'s blade, with a health value of -3255 points. Due to the special effect of\'Jade Bone\', you are immune to the Dark Demon Spider\'s poison!"
Looking at the content on the battle log, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but sneer.
The reason why "Jade Bone" is turned on is precisely because of this skill, which is immune to the special effects of epic and extremely low toxins.
Being trapped under Lin Ying\'s body, the sharp cutting of those eight legs was easy to hide, but the poisonous stinger attack of the pouring rain could not be avoided at all, and had to be carried hard.
This damage does not matter, the key is the toxin of the Dark Demon Spider, it is not simple.
Attack + poison, even if Lin Ying\'s attributes are extremely weak at the moment, Qin Luosheng can\'t hold it!
Immune to toxins, all problems will be solved.
Sheng Yan\'s quadruple damage, hitting the damage figure is simply terrifying.
On this basis, the blood sucked slowly, far exceeding the damage caused by Lin Ying.
Lin Ying never expected that the trend of catching turtles in the urn she set up by herself originally thought that the hand would be caught and the victory could be expected, but the prey did not mean the slightest retreat. On the contrary, her hunter was madly counterattacked, which made her extremely angry.
"Heavenly net!"
50% health, catch a turtle in the urn!
30% of health, the sky is net!
Angrily, Lin Ying spit out an "old phlegm" and went to cover Qin Luosheng.
"Fuck, dog DX doesn\'t speak martial arts!"
Qin Luosheng was not afraid of attacks or toxins, but Lin Ying was afraid of this extremely sticky spider silk.
If this is stuck, covered, can you escape?
This is not an ordinary spider web, you can pierce it with your hands or sticks.
The size of the two sides is different, and the nature of the spider web is different.
In the face of this giant spider, the sticky web, Qin Luosheng is like small animals such as butterflies and insects, with nothing to do.
"Quickly cut!"
"Shadow Escape!"
Aiming at the spider leg at the extreme edge, Qin Luosheng slammed close, and then used the shadow escape to teleport out the "urn" that had stayed for a long time, avoiding Lin Ying\'s so-called "world net"!
"Gan! You play yin with Laozi, right?"
Qin Luosheng jumped, jumped, jumped again, following the spider\'s legs, while Lin Ying spit out a lot of spider silk and was a little weak and languid, he climbed onto her back.
One sword!
One sword!
Another sword!
The sacred blow containing the sacred flame, the sword aura is vertical and horizontal, and the crazy bombardment is on Lin Yings back, splashing layers of sparks, the opposing light and dark, resulting in a terrifying erosion effect, plus the [Dragon] Fire] The intense burning of the special effects caused green smoke to curl up, and the wounds emitted a weird smell of meat and disgusting.
Lin Ying uttered an extremely sharp scream due to this heavy blow. She danced her body frantically, trying to throw Qin Luosheng off her back. However, Qin Luosheng, who has experienced more than once in this pediatrics department, already has Experience, immediately abandoned the left-handed [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers], abandoned the one-handed attack, thus stabilized the figure, and attacked with [Panlong Lishui] as fast as possible.
"A little bit cruel!"
Without a plan to regenerate, Lin Ying began to jump everywhere, smashing her body towards the walls and pillars after death. In this way, in order to avoid becoming a sandwich biscuit, Qin Luosheng had to abandon the strategy of backlashing and get away. .
"Fuck! You are playing with me, right?"
In terms of speed, Lin Ying is far behind, but the eight-legged spider-body, even though it can\'t fly into the air, it\'s not a problem to fly over the walls. She is extremely capable of climbing and avoids injuries.
"Aura, effect !"
Several attacks failed, Qin Luosheng instantly became angry, shaking his aura cloak, and activated his flying ability.
"You can climb, you can go up the wall, now I can fly, let me see if you can go to the sky?!!!"
With the addition of the flight effect, Lin Ying\'s evasion plan went bankrupt. No matter how he ran or climbed, he couldn\'t escape Qin Luosheng\'s pursuit, and was chased and slashed.
"Brother, save me!"
Spider silk is useless, spider venom is ineffective, attack is weak,...
There was nothing to do, Lin Ying, who was poorly skilled, was hacked to death by a living chase!
"Ding, congratulations on successfully killing the Four Demon KingsDark Demon Spider Lin Ying, gaining 600W+ experience and 800 reputation!"

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