Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 568: : Absolute suppression, invincible horizontal push
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 568: : Absolute suppression, invincible horizontal push

The guardian monster of this ice zone is the ice python!
As the leader said, it was not bad.
"Strengthen the Samsung Elite?"
Qin Luosheng pulled out [Panlong Lishui] and [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers], and his hands started to itch.
Even though the ice python is not demonized, it does not belong to the dark element, and the gaze of the **** of death does not work and cannot weaken all attributes by 20%, but it is a trivial matter to deal with such ordinary strengthening monsters that are not even black iron bosses.
This thing should be a monster of the flesh shield type. It has reached a life value of 80W+ at level 35, and the defense is not weak. It can be regarded as the best in the same level.
"Go! Go!"
Qin Luosheng rubbed his hands, and rushed up while driving Bingbing.
"Little, attract the blame!"
With a command, the sleepy little boy woke up and turned into a ten-meter-long body. The dragon\'s power spread and his body moved, breaking into the hatred area of ??countless ice pythons that were hibernating, and awakened them.
"Long Wei!"
at the same time.
Qin Luo Shenglong\'s skills are widely used, and the range is extremely wide to attract the attention of the ice python.
The ice pythons are huge in size, each one is at least as thick as a bucket, seven or eight meters long, and looks bloated. It is more oppressive than the size at the moment.
This is just a difference in size, and in strength, it is not a grade at all.
"Holy Flame!"
"Sword energy!"
There is no need for too many amplification skills at all, just open two that can increase the attack distance, and by the way, bring the splitting effect of the holy flame, and pursue the most extreme efficiency.

Huge six-figure damage is constantly popping up on the ice pythons head. [Panlong Lishui] turns on the [Dragon Fire] special effect, which adds 3000 burning fixed damage per second, and has the characteristics of water and fire. Let the ice python of ice attribute fall into violent rage because of the fire, and resent abnormally.
This is just pediatrics.
The real big head is the empowered [KangsuZhanlong], which weakens all attributes by 20% for the scaled generation, plus increases the damage effect on snakes by 1000%, while the ice python is naturally classified as scales and also classified as snakes. Occupy all, it\'s miserable.
Fortunately, [KangsuZhanlong] only took effect on [Panlong Lishui], not for the entire Qin Luosheng. Otherwise, how could these ice pythons prevent Qin Luosheng from being damaged ten times at this moment?
One hit will take seconds!
[Panlong Lishui] is great, and [Hundred Wars and Blood Soldiers] is not bad.
Having just absorbed the fighting spirit gifted by the heroic spirits of the ancient battlefield human race coalition forces, the debut show with great strength, [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] showed a very dazzling state.
The special effects of [Hundred Battles] increase the attack power by 1% every 3 seconds, making Qin Luo more vigorous.
The most terrifying thing is [Broken ArmyBroken Broken], this additional empowerment of "Broken Force" and "Broken Force" is simply a BUG, ??especially when dealing with miscellaneous soldiers, the probability of triggering is extremely high.
It\'s okay to say that the breaking power is only penetrating damage, ignoring defenses. With the rough and thick health of the ice python, it can still resist one or two.
It would be terrifying to cut the power. After the trigger, directly smash the bucket-thick ice python body into two points, the effect is comparable to the most heaven-defying instant kill.
In addition to the dazzling performance of the two magic weapons, other effects such as corrosion, chaos, fear, and psychedelia can also be brought into full play, especially chaos. Under the special effects of a group of ice pythons pulled by the absolute hatred of "Dragon Power", Like a mad dog, biting tightly.
This not only provided the best performance venue for Shengyans splitting effect, but also led to the hapless guy who was triggered by chaos. His eyes were blood-red, and he started to attack the same kind around him. He was forced to join Qin Luoshengs enemy camp and beat his teammates. .
"It\'s so cool, this is a hearty battle!"
Qin Luosheng rode Bingbing and didn\'t need to pay too much attention to other things. With Bingbing\'s talent, he would naturally solve all problems. He only needed to focus on output.
Who can be uncomfortable with this kind of worries-free, unparalleled mowing process?
Compared to him, the little one on the side is not to be outdone.
Originally used as a magic turret, the efficiency of fighting in groups and cleaning up trash fish is much higher than that of the fighter Qin Luosheng.
If it weren\'t for Qin Luosheng\'s splitting attack effect of Saint Flame, it would not be comparable to Xiaoxiao at all.
This is so, in terms of durability, it is difficult to shoot a horse like a little with endless magic power and endless range of magic. After all, he can be so brave by the effect of the holy flame.
Push all the way horizontally.
Under absolute strength and absolute restraint, the ice pythons in this cold ice area have no power to defend themselves. They have changed from the ferocious man-eating pythons to mud loach-like waste, and a group of groups died in Qin Luosheng and Under a small joint siege.
"This experience is worthy of being a special s-level wild copy, too rich!"
Seeing the high-stakes experience of constantly refreshing the screen, Qin Luosheng was very surprised.
The opening of the dungeon was originally a player of Fuze.
It not only gives the bottom players the motivation to play, but also gives the players who are at the forefront of it convenient.
The dungeon is also divided into difficulty, starting from the lowest level of leveling difficulty, there are four levels of ordinary, difficult, nightmare, and abyss.
Leveling difficulty, as the name suggests, is dedicated to leveling, that is, in addition to experience, others can basically be ignored. Even if you are lucky enough to explode equipment and coins, it is also the **** white equipment and the least amount of coins.
Normal is the normal mode.
Difficult, normal mode increases the difficulty by a certain percentage.
Nightmare, double the difficulty of Hard Mode.
The abyss, the official website has two explanations. The first is that the abyss mode is the real mode, which simulates the real battlefield. Qin Luosheng knows this. After all, when he was in Novice Village, he had already experienced it once in the Novice Dungeon Trial. , Can\'t bear to look back.
The second is that the abyss mode is still a virtual data-based mode. The calculation is based on normal conditions. The difficulty is compared with the nightmare mode, which is X times. As for the number of X, it depends on the specific copy.
"This magic palace, the system gives the difficulty level of s, and because it is the mission location of the second rank mission, when entering, there is no trigger option, let me choose the difficulty."
Qin Luosheng thought: "Since the second rank task is settled according to the completion rate, that is to say, the current difficulty must be the abyss mode, but for the real battlefield mode of the trial land, this is the second abyss mode. MD, its no wonder that ice pythons have such strong attributes, with a life value of up to 80W+, and they are in the abyss mode, so it makes sense."

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