Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 565: : The Magic Palace
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 565: : The Magic Palace

Everything else has not changed.
There is an additional skill.
As the name suggests, it can magnify the greed and desire deep in the heart.
Infinite zoom!
The brief introduction made Qin Luosheng shudder.
This skill is definitely on the same level as the power of the law, and even in a sense, it is even more terrifying than the law.
Putting on the [Ghost Face] again, Qin Luosheng put his eyes on the [Blood Soldier] on the left hand!
Hundred Battles (+7)
Type: One-handed sword
Grade: Epic
Requirements: Warrior
Lasting: 42/50
Effect: Attack +1680 (+2800), Strength +100
Strengthening reward: +70% physical attack (this condition is limited to improving the attack of the weapon), +7 strengthening increase: when attacking, there is a 5% chance that the attack damage will double!
Special effects: Hundred battlesHundreds of battles, invincible, when fighting, focus +5, will +10, gradually increase the physical attack power with the battle time, increase by 1% every 3 seconds, up to 100%!
Special effects: [Blood Soldier] Contaminated with a lot of blood, and turned from a spiritual soldier to a blood soldier, he must drink blood when he is out of the sheath, +30% blood sucking effect!
Incidental skills: [Last Water] consumes 80% of its current HP to supply [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers], awakens and gains [Blood Demon] BUFF bonus, 100% increase in physical attack power, 100% increase in bloodsucking effect, attack distance +8 meters ! After this state is turned on, [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] cannot use skills and can only use basic attacks. At the same time, basic attacks have a certain trigger probability of fear, shock, and tear! Duration: 5 minutes! Cooling time: 24 hours!
Empowerment: [Break the ArmyBreak the Army] Through the special ability formed by the power of the broken army, the damage will be increased by 100% for a long time. When the fighting spirit is flourishing, the damage will be +100%. At the same time, all attacks have the power of breaking the army. One: break, with breaking effect, and second: break, ignore target defense!
Introduction: Originally a spiritual soldier, it was forged by an imperial master-level forger. It was rewarded by the emperor to his subordinates. Because there were too many killings on the battlefield and he was full of blood, he gradually became a blood soldier. Only a powerful general can control it. .
The effect is enhanced, the basics attack X3, and the enhanced rewards are also coming, just compared to the [Panlong Lishui] +10 Zhizhen, a little bit of hips!
The overall ability of special effects has been improved, and the same is true for the additional skills [Last Stand].
The most important thing is that this time the evolution of the [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] has restricted the level.
The original [Hundred Wars Blood Soldier] requires level LV10!
According to the strengthening rules, the level of LV10 is equivalent to the level of the player\'s turn, and the level is 1!
Then according to the formula, the enhanced increase obtained is-epic 80*grade=80*1, +7, multiplied by 7,560 point physical attack increase!
But once it is like [Panlong Lishui], there is no level limit.
This becomes-80*5*7=2800, an increase of 2800 points!
"Ding, the effect of your boosting skill Dragon Blood Burning Sorrow is over, you are in a weak state, duration: one day!"
Qin Luosheng, who was in a good mood and feasting, suddenly shook his whole body, his face became pale at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his full spirit was also wilted a lot.
"Although this is not the first time, the combined load of many skills is really hard to carry!"
First is the indestructible fighting spirit, and then the dragon\'s blood burns down. These two skills are strong and strong, but after using them, the physical and mental blows feedback are also first-class.
It took a full day to sleep for the first time before it eased. Now even if I dont use it, Im the only one in the world, and the next moment is like a deflated balloon. The gap is huge and it makes people very uncomfortable. adapt.
of course.
That was the state it was before, not anymore.
"Otsuki is back!"
With his hands close to his chest, a green light flashed, and a strong life force poured into his body. In an instant, Qin Luosheng\'s tired body and spirit returned to their peak state. (PS: [Otsuki Resuscitation] Effect : Costs 10,000 mana, and accelerates the growth of vegetation by 30% (the same target can only be used once); Effect : Costs 10,000 mana, restores one\'s own state to the peak! Cooling time: 24 Hours! (Remove all DEBUFF, eliminate injuries, full health, mana, hunger, etc.))
At this time, I didn\'t even need to eat any food, because the hunger level was filled with Otoki\'s recovery.
"Tsk tut, perpetual motion machine!"
Qin Luosheng praised vigorously: "If this is not for intensive exercise, such as fighting iron and killing monsters, and keeping the consumption to a minimum, with Yimu\'s ability to recover, you can never live without eating!"
After resting for a while, waiting for Xiaoxiao and Bingbing to eat and drink, Qin Luosheng once again took one person and one ride on the journey.
The matter of the ancient battlefield has been resolved, the last line of defense that lay outside the magic palace has completely collapsed, and now it can drive straight into the Huanglong.
"Ding, congratulations on discovering the special copy in the wild-[Magic Palace], evaluation: S, reputation value +1000!"
When he walked to the door of the magic palace, he looked at the bronze gate that was dyed dark red and filled with resentment and evil because of too much blood. Qin Luosheng stretched out his hand and prepared to push it away. However, his hand just touched When we reached the gate, suddenly, the system prompt sounded.
I rub?
The magic palace is actually a wild copy?
Qin Luosheng was shocked.
He was still secretly upset before, because the long second-round mission had caused him to be bound here, unable to find the wild copy promoted just after the system was updated.
To know.
The official dungeon doesn\'t matter, it can be entered by individuals, and there are corresponding tasks that can be received every day, which is the player\'s welfare.
But this popular copy is still fresh at the beginning. Once it gets too long, especially after a player takes away the only reward, it can only be reduced to the players daily routine, and it becomes a way to spawn monsters to complete tasks and gain experience. The place, there is no more passion, after all, after too many rounds of blasting, even if the official copy has a guarantee, the burst rate is quite horrible.
In contrast.
The wild copy is different,
Even if you brush too much, the burst rate and the level of the equipment will drop crazily. There is no guarantee. In the end, all of them are gradeless white equipment and the lowest-grade black iron equipment, but they cannot stand the wild dungeon. , Unknown, mysterious.
Once you find a copy of the wild, it is yours alone.
This is equivalent to finding a treasure, or a treasure that can be continuously digged. Who doesn\'t like it?
Take a step back.
Even if you don\'t have the ability to kill the copy, you can sell it in exchange for money that can last a lifetime.
For example, the Demon Palace in front of Qin Luosheng, evaluated as an s-grade copy, the output is unimaginable.
If this is sold, it will cost at least 10 million RMB, or a friendly price!
after all.
S-level dungeon, except for other miscellaneous things, such as brushing experience, brushing materials, brushing the currently hottest and most in short supply of strengthening stones, etc., there is a high probability that the BOSS inside can burst epic-level equipment, which is worth the price!
"Dog system finally became a good person!"