Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 564: : Super heroes, mission completed
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 564: : Super heroes, mission completed

"you you"
The greedy enchantress was scared. For some reason, he was originally a demon. When he saw Qin Luosheng\'s eyes, he had the illusion that the man in front of him was the real demon.
An indescribable feeling appeared in his heart. It was heart palpitations, the terrible heart palpitations that made the heart twitching. This was the emotion and fear he had never experienced before facing the supreme demon.
It was born because of a human race, a human race young man.
"Stop talking nonsense, die!"
The radiant [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers], the [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] blessed by countless army souls, carry endless power, such as the sky falling, like the mountain falling, like the sea flood, falling to the ground and roaring, revealing the original darkness Greedy envoy in the form of a bat.
The nine-digit black injury number suddenly floated above the head of the Greedy Demon.
100 million!
A terrifying one hundred million lore damage!
This is the light of miracles!
This is miraculous damage!
The body is broken, the remnant soul is annihilated!
Greedy Demon Envoy, this powerful demon clan, one of the Seven Demon Envoys under the command of Demon Lord, made countless people frightened, enough to stop the crying existence of children, and it fell!
"Ding, congratulations on your successful killing of the Seven Demon Envoys and Greed Demon Envoys, and get rewards: 1500W+ experience and 5000+ reputation!"
"Ding, congratulations on completing the mandatory special trigger task-destroy the Greedy Demon, and get rewards: [GouyuGreedy], [Demon SeedGreedy]!"
When the system prompt sounded, Qin Luosheng recovered from the mysterious state that seemed to be united with the human mind just now. Ignoring the so-called reward, Qin Luosheng looked at the left hand, still shining [Hundred War Blood Soldiers] !
The brilliance receded, the stars were a little bit.
The ancient battlefield, which was originally dark and dark, filled with despair and resentment, was shining brightly by this starlight.
"Thank you, young warrior!"
Countless words of gratitude are conveyed from these little stars, they are precisely those human army souls who have been living here, slaying enemies before death, and suppressing demons after death!
"I want to thank you, thank you!"
Even though this is not the same world, Qin Luosheng felt the same way.
Seeing them is like seeing the children of soldiers, the loveliest people who have silently dedicated themselves in various places and corners in order to carry our weight forward for us.
"Clang clang..."
After bowing deeply, Qin Luosheng took out the [Soul Enlightened Lamp] and shook it gently, like a bell ringing, opening the door of the underworld.
"Rest in peace, in this life, your mission is completed, and the rest of the world will be guarded by our generation."
Qin Luosheng said earnestly: "You once blessed us now and gave us a beautiful and peaceful world and life. This era has been as you wished. Let go of your concerns and reincarnate."
"We now will inherit your legacy and fight for the future. Human beings, isn\'t that? We have lived in a hurry for decades and handed over everything to the next generation, generation after generation, and continue to pass on. In your hands The responsibility of "is given to us, and we have taken the responsibility. One day, this responsibility will be given to you who have been reincarnated in the future."
Light rain fell.
Star bright.
Qin Luosheng witnessed the army souls dispel their obsessions, smiled and joined hands to enter the gate of the underworld, feeling agitated and unable to calm for a long time.
"Ding, congratulations on completing the special hidden mission-super heroic spirits, get rewards: level +1, prestige +10000, military merit +5000!"
"Ding, because your mission is extremely high, you will get an extra reward: [Hundred Wars Blood Soldier] Evolution!"
The entire ancient battlefield finally calmed down.
Qin Luosheng stood there for a long time, only then could he calm his mood.
"It\'s gone? What a pity!"
Glancing at Sun Qing\'s corpse, he found that it had become a deep pit. Not only was Sun Qing\'s corpse disappeared, but even a lot of spoils that he had exploded before were gone.
If it were the usual, Qin Luosheng would definitely be furious, but now, because of the Human Race\'s military spirit, his heart was fluctuating, his temperament became much more indifferent, and he didn\'t take it to heart.
"Apart from the key, are the strengthening stones, spirit crystals and crystal coins still there?"
Jumped down into the pit and searched for it. From the mud, I found the [Magic Palace Key (3)] and a pile of groceries. As for the equipment, all of them disappeared.
Back above the deep pit, Qin Luosheng found a relatively clean place and sat down.
He took out the food and divided it into three portions. Ignoring the feasting Xiaoxiao and Bingbing, Qin Luosheng ate his own food, saving time and checking the trophy.
[GouyuGreedy]: Special items,? ? ?
This is a gou jade similar to a yin and yang fish. The whole body is black with a warm touch. The eyes of the yin and yang fish are engraved with the word "greedy". Unsurprisingly, it should be a greed demon\'s identity proof. , I don\'t know yet.
Throw it into the backpack.
[Demon SeedGreedy]: Special items can plant magic seeds for people or props to absorb [greed] desires and grow!
It\'s another special thing.
And by looking at the word "Magic Seed", you know that it is definitely not a good thing.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t care.
There are differences in the existence of power, such as water and fire, wind and thunder, but there is no distinction between good and evil.
ThisDemon SeedGreedy, as long as it can be used, he doesn\'t mind using it.
Power is power, what about darkness, after all, he is in control!
"Ding, the existence that fits with [Demon Seed Greed] is detected, does it merge?"
The existence of fit?
Qin Luosheng opened it and took a look.
One is myself, planting this magic seed directly in my heart.
One is the ghost face, this legendary strange mask.
"Fusion [Ghost Face]!"
Qin Luosheng chose [Ghost Face] without hesitation. Even though he is confident in himself, it doesn\'t mean that he likes to test the law with his own body. Who can tell if it overturns?
[Ghost Face (Fused Energy: Greed)]
Type: Mask
Grade: Legend
Demand: None
Effect: Four basic attributes +300, lucky -10, toughness +20, concentration +20
Special effects: [Ghost face] Ghost face, sly face, wearing ghost face, can freely transform self-information and hide yourself!
Incidental skills: [Ghost Face Clone] consumes nothing, can generate a clone created by you, with independent information and identity, controllable, and commandable! Duration: Unlimited (500 mana points are consumed per second, and the clone cannot leave the body 100 kilometers away), cooling time: one day!
Incidental skills: [Ghost Face Slavery] consumes no cost, differentiates a ghost face mask, puts it on the target face, can control it, for your use, duration: 5 minutes, cooling time: 24 hours!
Incidental skills: [Greedy] Consume nothing, can infinitely amplify the greedy desire in the target\'s heart! Each target can only be used once!
Introduction: Ghost face is said to be based on human emotions, such as happiness, anger, sadness, happiness, greed, hatred, ignorance, resentment, love and separation, and impossibility, seal it on the mask, and absorb countless emotions , Gradually become evil, and become a mask of ghosts, because it contains all the emotions of human beings. Wearing it, even if it is unknown, you can get other spiritual powers. You can also disguise as much as you like, with thousands of faces and hearts.