Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 562: : In the name of greed...
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 562: : In the name of greed...

The crisp sound of collision sounded.
Qin Luosheng felt his tiger\'s mouth numb, and almost couldn\'t help but let go, and threw [Panlong Lishui] out.
"This armor..."
Looking at the dark armor with no trace, Qin Luosheng was desperate.
It\'s too hard.
His current attack is so high, and there are legendary weapons as the main attack.
With such cooperation, it is impossible to break the energy armor of the Greedy Envoy?
"Don\'t waste your energy!"
The greedy envoy Jieyu laughed wildly and said: "This dark armor is manifested by the power of darkness. Who do you think you are, dont look at where this is, you can break through this ancient battlefield with the power of one person. In years, is the power turned into by countless demon tribe\'s terrible resentment? This is an absolute defense that even this seat cannot break!"
Qin Luosheng:...
A bitter face.
The crime of non-war!
It\'s not that our army didn\'t work hard, but that the enemy army started to hang!
"Huh, that\'s not right!"
Even so, Qin Luosheng did not give up.
He stared at the evolving greed magician, looking for ways, and also looking for weak spots to attack.
Absolute defense?
What a joke!
All things and all things are mutually reinforcing and restraining each other, and there has never been any existence that can be said to be without weakness.
"That is"
The hard work paid off, and Qin Luosheng, who focused 200% of his attention, finally found a chance to win.
Qin Luosheng smiled and laughed happily up to the sky, "It\'s really a drink and a peck, could it be set beforehand!"
"Boy, what are you laughing at?"
The Greedy Envoy was a little surprised. He was already extremely suspicious. Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s current performance, he immediately sounded the alarm in his heart.
"What are you laughing at?" Qin Luosheng\'s mouth crooked and said coldly, "Laughing at the impermanence of heaven, laughing at destiny is uncertain, laughing at you will die!"
"I am going to die?" The Greedy Demon said, "I don\'t know the so-called, alarmist! Want to mess with the heart of this seat? Your way is a little bit worse!"
"Is it right? Look at it~" The Greedy Envoy continued to evolve. Qin Luosheng didn\'t dare to pretend to explain. He procrastinated for time and acted directly. He snapped his fingers and snapped his fingers, "Leshui, burst!"
"Bang..." The greedy enchanter who was smiling triumphantly changed his expression suddenly, "What did you do?"
"What did you do? No!" Qin Luosheng smiled lightly: "As you can see, I just snapped my fingers, nothing more!"
There is no problem.
For the Greedy Envoy, from the moment he recovered, he swaggered in front of Qin Luosheng, and the moment he wanted to kill him, there was no solution.
Embody the body with the soul!
Qin Luosheng\'s holy flame will be madly tortured, and his soul will be shattered!
Take away Sun Qing\'s body?
Then, in the previous battle with Sun Qing, regardless of the defensive fierce attack, he injected a large amount of [Lishui] into his body, and the blood demon BUFF of [Last Water] was activated, the burst effect took effect, and many wounds were cut out. A reminder of Yama King.
A mouthful of blood was spit out from the greedy envoy\'s mouth. To be precise, it was spit out from the mouth of Sun Qing who was already a corpse. The dark red blood, mixed with severely corroded internal organs, exuded people. An unbearable stench.
"I have to say, you chose a road to death!"
Qin Luosheng paced over, looking at the greedy magic envoy who was still absorbing the power of darkness, and sneered: "If you hide obediently and wait for me to come out again, how good would it be? You have to come out and kill yourself. !"
"Asshole, how can this dignified demon ruler\'s greedy demon lose to you kid?"
The greedy envoy was furious, and roared: "The corrosive power of a small amount is not yet home. It can severely damage this body, but you cannot destroy it. As long as it does not collapse and is protected by the dark armor of this seat, what can you do? "
"Really? Then you have to be optimistic about how I destroyed your turtle shell!"
Qin Luosheng stretched out his hand and pointed it at the Greedy Enchantment far away. With his pupils suddenly shrinking, he coldly spit out a word from his mouth: "Control!"
next moment.
The small wound on the surface of Sun Qing\'s corpse began to vibrate. There was something in his skin that was wandering. Before the greedy envoy could react, the blood vessels burst with a "bang", and there was a lot of blood. , Following the small wounds, spit out, forming a beautiful and charming blood flower in the air.
A large amount of blood was lost in an instant, and the blood vessels that burst and destroyed in an instant caused the Greedy Demon to squirt out blood, his body became weak, and he couldn\'t help kneeling down, "Blood, my blood!"
"No, now, it\'s my blood!"
Qin Luosheng grabbed the palm of his hand and closed it together. The blood splashing out of Sun Qings corpse, as if being called upon, flew towards Qin Luo, forming a blood ball above the palm of his hand. It continued to spin. Far away continued to draw the blood remaining in Sun Qing\'s body.
"How is it? My hand control blood technique can still look like your dignified Seven Demon Envoy\'s eyes?"
Qin Luosheng glanced at the effect he created with satisfaction. This special skill is different, the blood boiling is awesome, the blood boiling yyds!
"The internal organs are corroded, and they can survive for a while before they are completely melted. Even if they are lingering, but as long as the body is immortal, you can use it to form a dark armor with the dark power of the entire ancient battlefield to resist my attack. "
Qin Luosheng said coldly: "It\'s a pity that you are one foot taller and I am one foot taller. Just now I did two-handed preparations. In addition to leaving the water, there is also blood control. Watch me drain the blood from Sun Qing\'s corpse, you. You have taken him away, and now you are his idiot. What is the price to pay!"
Hold the palm.
Strengthen the blood control technique.
The scene of the blood collapse was re-enacted again. It was a body that had been transformed from a small wound into a large wound because of the rush of blood. It could not resist the blood boiling ability of blood. In addition, the blood vessels had burst long ago, which allowed Qin Luosheng to do whatever he wanted. .
In just a few seconds, the blood in Sun Qing\'s body was completely drained.
"Bastard! How dare you break this big thing and die for this guy!"
If the seizure is successful, the greedy envoy is equivalent to Sun Qing. Now his blood is drained, such painful torture, and the divine and soul damage that has just been seized and had to flee the body, make the greedy envoy furious, "with greed For the name... bloom, greedy magic light!"
An extremely evil black aura suddenly erupted from the greedy envoy and arrived in no time. Without Qin Luosheng\'s defense, it enveloped others.
"Come on, magnify the desires in your body! No matter what, no matter what you want, do everything you can to be greedy and get it! Abandon the so-called humanity, get rid of the kindness and morality that **** is not, and release Your nature, liberate your evil thoughts! Hahaha..."