Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 548: : We are willing to drop!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 548: : We are willing to drop!

No one is a fool.
Everyone could hear what this kid was saying.
Do not pursue the deserter?
in other words.
Just not to report that they were the Second Legion of the Taring Kingdom.
What is the difference?
The difference is big!
Back then.
They were the army that was supposed to guard Mufeng City for the Taring Kingdom, but because they were oppressed by the emperor and nobles, they were dissatisfied with the continuous deduction of military expenses. The brutality of not leaving a livelihood was scared, and thus gave up the duty of guarding and became a deserter.
To escape!
They even did not hesitate to use Li Daitao\'s stalemate to let ordinary people replace them and become the souls of the undead liches. In order to hide their tracks, they slaughtered the villages and even small cities where they passed, cruel methods, and no undead Lich is weak.
They are still alive. Even if they escaped here, they were eroded by the dark energy and turned into what they are now, completely invisible, but they are indeed alive.
In the eyes of the world, they were already dead, already dead in Mufengcheng\'s defense battle, at the hands of the cruel undead lich.
They are the heroes of the human race!
They are the soul of the Taling Kingdom!
They are the pride of the family!
all of these.
Following the man in front of him, publicizing the matter, everything will be shattered.
Terran will spurn them!
The Taling Congress smashed their spiritual positions placed in the Military Soul Hall, and polished off the names on the Military Soul Monument erected for them!
The most terrifying thing is--
Their family will no longer be a hero\'s family, but will have to bear an extremely heavy price and become an eternal and endless shame, being spit on, rejected, bullied...
Not only is there no war pension, no follow-up living allowance, not to mention living, not being settled by the autumn, even the noble lords of the Taring Kingdom are compassionate.
The government doesn\'t care, don\'t the people care too?
Spit stars can drown their families!
Who told their parents to teach such a cowardly son, who told their wives to marry a deserter husband, who told their children to have a bear father,...
Social death!
Horrible death!
This is only minor...
More serious.
Those who lost their relatives and friends because of Mufengcheng\'s destruction, as well as those who were filled with outrage, would do more brutal things.
that time
They are the ones who are ruined.
Its fate may be even worse than the people of Mufengcheng who died in the hands of the undead lich.
"You, you can\'t..."
After figuring out the joints, a fierce soldier was afraid, shivering, and the original cruelty and violence in his eyes dissipated, replaced by endless fear.
"Oh? Why? Want to kill me and let this matter be buried forever?"
The pawns were scared, but the little boss in the lead showed a fierce look, holding the hand of the sword, and clenching violently.
"It\'s really whimsical!"
Qin Luosheng clicked the corner of his mouth, revealing a cruel smile, like a cat playing with a mouse, looking at a group of people, "In that case, don\'t blame me for not giving you a chance, come on! Let me see if I aim the butcher knife at my compatriot Soldiers, who have received the blessing of the dark power, how capable you are!"
A fierce soldier looked at each other and hesitated.
"We, willing to drop!"
With a clang, the little BOSS headed, the big knife in his hand fell on the ground, his knees softened, he knelt on the ground, his head was deeply buried, making a five-body throw.
The soldiers were stunned and at a loss as to what their boss was doing.
Qin Luosheng stroked his chin and narrowed his eyes, "It seems that you are still a bit brainy!-Well, since I said that, if you catch it, then it is as you wish. As long as the transaction is completed, I will Commitment."
"Thank your lord!"
The little BOSS raised his head, reached into his arms, took out a sheepskin scroll from his arms, and handed it respectfully, "This is the map of the magic palace, please look at it."
Qin Luosheng took it, glanced at it, and immediately integrated it into the map system, and then checked, the light curtain appeared, very clear.
Qin Luosheng nodded in satisfaction. With this thing, there is no need to fumble cautiously. There are also many traps on it, which can be avoided. Even if the ending remains the same, he must clear the magic palace, but with this A map, at least, can save a lot of time.
"I got the map. Next, let\'s talk about the detailed information in the magic palace, especially which objects should be paid attention to!"
The map is not the only one in hand. Even without this thing, the monsters will be attacked at most, detoured at most, and trapped at most. With his strength, he can\'t die, the threat is not big, and it is a little troublesome.
The key is--
The boss in the magic palace!
These guys.
Is the biggest obstacle to this trip!
The little BOSS reverently said: "There are eight big ones in the magic palace..."
"Shut up, boss, are you going to betray the kings?"
Before the little BOSS confided the information, the soldiers on the side were furious and shouted: "Do you think this little devil can really help the kings? He will definitely not be able to get out after entering here. Why don\'t we kill him? , In this way, everything can be covered up. You betray the king now, and you will have to judge yourself later, are you still the boss I know? The majestic warrior who used to dominate the battlefield with one as ten?"
"It\'s really a frog at the bottom of the well, stupid!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t care about these things, anyway, they were all going to die, the difference was that he killed them, or waited for them to decide on their own and leave without pain.
right now.
Their boss knows the current affairs well, sees everything through, and is ready to compromise, in exchange for his fame and the safety of his family in the future.
He wanted to do so, but his subordinates didn\'t agree with it!
"My lord, sorry, they..."
As soon as the soldiers said the words, the little BOSS\'s face turned pale, and he shook his head and waved his hands repeatedly, wanting to explain to Qin Luosheng.
"Don\'t look at me!"
Qin Luosheng said with a playful look: "I need information, anyone can give me information. As for those who disagree, they will regret it! No, maybe not, because they can\'t see the future, and don\'t know their relatives. What kind of suffering will you suffer!"
"Asshole! I killed you!"
Hearing that Qin Luosheng was still threatening his family, the soldiers were furious, and they were about to go forward with a knife.
Before the soldiers could move forward, the blood flashed, and a great head shot up into the sky.

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