Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 543: : Ancient Battlefield (End)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 543: : Ancient Battlefield (End)

Take a trip back to the city.
Qin Luosheng received a full 20 million gold coins from other forces.
"Fuck, these lunatics!"
Qin Luosheng was also taken aback by the super big deal of 20 million gold coins.
After two hours of "moving bricks", these things were finally resolved.
The second floor of Hidden Dragon Pavilion.
Continuously using the Starlight Miracle, Qin Luosheng, whose arms were so sore that he couldn\'t move, is now weak all over, lying on the floor like a dead pig, unable to move his fingers, if it weren\'t for the heavy gasp like pulling a bellows, Thought it was a corpse!
"Can\'t take it! Can\'t take it!"
Even though this ticket exploded and the income was full, Qin Luosheng almost died suddenly.
Say nothing.
Go directly offline!
Originally, it only needed to rest for about half an hour to continue fighting. Now, if you don\'t get a good night\'s sleep, it is difficult to recover even if it is a superhuman physique.
Just right.
Its been a few days, and Ive been fighting in the game world. Even with the nutrient solution, its okay to maintain what the body needs, but this does not completely represent the most natural rest of human beings. Take a good rest and adjust the body back to its peak. , Not bad.
With such thoughts in mind, Qin Luosheng dragged his exhausted body, crawled out of the game cabin, climbed into the bed unconsciously, and fell asleep directly.
"I slept for fourteen hours in this sleep? Hiss..."
The next day.
Qin Luosheng, who woke up from his deep sleep, couldn\'t help taking a breath as he watched the time.
This Nima.
It\'s a bit fierce!
Am I really so tired?
After a few days of exhaustion settled down, without sleeping for a day and a night, he was already regarded as a superhuman physical fitness.
"Forget it, at this point, there is no rush."
Lie on the bed, picked up the phone, and ordered a luxurious takeaway.
For a few days to live on the nutrient solution, the off-line supervision of the daughters and daughters to eat, is also hastily.
This is not a good treat, how can you be worthy of your own stomach?
The takeaway is finalized, place an order, and pay.
I glanced at the delivery time, which was more than an hour.
After all, many dishes have to be cooked right now, and this time is already fast.
Get out of the room.
He took out a can of frozen Fat House Happy Water from the refrigerator and dried it in one mouthful. The bubbles bounced on the tip of his tongue, and the cold feeling poured into his stomach. In an instant, Qin Luosheng was sober.
Simply take a cool shower, pick up the tablet and mobile phone and sit on the sofa. The tablet enters the official website of "Dimension of Destiny" to check the events of the past few days and learn real-time information. The mobile phone enters VX and hooks up with Su Yulan Su. Get up and tease the girl, it is to release the pressure for yourself.
The takeaway boy is here.
Qin Luosheng placed the lunch box, and skillfully dragged the nun from the bed, and the two of them gobbled it up.
"I have something to do with the game world these days, so you have to eat well by yourself!"
After the meal, Qin Luosheng held the girl who wanted to go back to the room and said, "Dont sleep all day long, dont use snacks instead of meals, and dont drink too much ice-cola. If I find out, I will stop. Your snacks."
Nanny nodded, cute. jpg!
"You also have a mobile phone. You can order takeaway if you want to eat, or go downstairs and walk two minutes to the snack street. You have everything!"
Qin Luosheng said again: "Also, the game warehouse is also configured for you, anyway, you sleep all day, don\'t you think about playing games? So after school starts, maybe you don\'t get along with new friends!"
"I will think about it!"
Nun and nun act like a baby, obedient. jpg!
Qin Luosheng had a headache, "You can figure it out!"
Even as a guardian, Qin Luosheng is not the real parent of the family after all, and he is not qualified to make decisions for her daughter and daughter. Of course, if it is a major event, such as going to school, it must be strong, and playing games, Emmm...
Just forget it, it\'s up to your own wishes!

"Ding, welcome back to the world of destiny, and wish you a happy game!"
Summon Xiaoxiao.
Summon Bingbing.
One gold and one blue, one dragon and one unicorn.
Along with Qin Luosheng\'s white light, it appeared in the dark and dark abyss.
"Go on, today, we must go to the gate of the magic palace!"
Riding on Bingbing, Qin Luosheng looked at the blood-red palace not far away, and said silently in his heart.
Five hours later.
"Is it level 38 weird?"
Looking at the dark bat lying on the ground, Qin Luosheng glanced at the task bar again and found that the task completion rate had reached 20%.
This also means that the minimum has been completed, and now if you go back and submit the task, you will be able to be promoted smoothly to the second rank. It is just a reward, and it must be the limit of pulling your hips to the extreme.
"Sure enough, it\'s the same as Scarlet Rose\'s job change mission. No, maybe it\'s more fierce than her mission. Before this is official, the monster is already a level 38 enhanced three-star elite. How strong are the monsters in the magic palace? ?"
Qin Luosheng thought, while riding Bingbing forward.
The magic palace is already close at hand, and it can be reached within an hour or two at most. At this distance, it is expected that there are very few monster areas behind, there are at most four or five or so. Today, you can definitely reach the gate of the magic palace, or even enter Among them, check it out.
"Huh... weird!"
After running at full strength for more than ten minutes, he did not find any monsters. Qin Luosheng was surprised, "No, if you put it in front, these are already the range of the two monster areas. Even if the monster behind becomes stronger, the area is handed over. It\'s very broad, not so broad!"
"Kill kill kill..."
Just as Qin Luosheng was puzzled, suddenly, there was a burst of tragic fighting in his ear.
Qin Luosheng, who was worried that he could not see the monster, heard this voice, not only was he not afraid, but he was energetic. With a beat of Bingbing, the extremely intelligent Bingbing quickly understood, and hurried toward the sound source.
"this is"
Now that I heard the sound, the distance must not be too far. In less than a minute, Bingbing brought Qin Luosheng over. Qin Luosheng looked at the realm in front of him, with a look of surprise, "Battlefield??"
There are broken weapons everywhere, broken banners everywhere, broken limbs and broken arms everywhere, blood bones everywhere,...
This is the battlefield!
The real battlefield!
As a lucky person living in the new era, Qin Luosheng has received a lot of shock.
This is not the theater battlefield that appeared on the TV screen after beautification!
Nor does it appear in a novel, but a battlefield in a book that is just a text description and lacks sensory impact!
The most intuitive "real" battlefield!
The endless sea of ??dead mountains and blood is like a meat grinder filled with gunpowder smoke, and the mixed smell of dead bodies, fishy, ??rancid, and burnt odors floating into the tip of the nose is comparable to biological and chemical weapons, with great lethality.