Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 541: : Ancient battlefield (middle)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 541: : Ancient battlefield (middle)

Demonize the villagers!
Demonize elite villagers!
Demonize the skeleton!
Demonize zombies!
Demonize zombies!
Dark vulture!
Evil spirits!
Dark Demon!
Extremely poisonous lizard!
Black scorpion!
In just one day, Qin Luosheng experienced dozens of battles.
Even though it didnt seem to be the outermost jump, a range and a range, all the enchanted villagers were cleaned up, but every time you pass through an area, you must at least clean the guardian monsters in this area in order to get through. the way.
These guys are not strong, even after the power increase in the dark abyss, they are far more fierce than monsters of the same level, but unfortunately in front of Gaibo, they are completely giving food, especially this Gaibo is the nemesis of the dark system. .
"Huh...really tired of tm!"
Slashing out, killing the last dark demon snake, Qin Luosheng collapsed on Bingbing\'s back exhaustedly, panting heavily.
The fighting intensity is not high, but the fighting rhythm is extremely fast and the number of battles is extremely high.
Dont think that its not difficult to clean up the miscellaneous fish monsters in Wushuang. If you choose, Qin Luosheng would rather be hard with the boss. At least, there will be a little interest in the past and back, and there is no need to swing the sword so frequently. Now, like It\'s the same as if the hand has been abolished.
"No way, you have to rest and rest!"
After dismounting, opening his backpack, Qin Luosheng looked left and right, chose a slightly flat ground, took out a tablecloth and laid it on, and then brought out another hot dish after another.
These ones.
They are all the "dry food" prepared by the chefs who specially let Shiweixian chefs before setting off. Among them, there are more than a dozen high-end products that can temporarily enhance their abilities. They are made by the master chef, Mr. Lin.
This is used to deal with the things at the bottom of the BOSS press box, which is not used here.
It\'s nothing more than filling your stomach, you don\'t have to use steamed buns and water, but a table with delicious delicacies.
If you use high-end cooking that can auction more than six-figure gold coins, it will only lower your hunger, and will be known by those big bosses who can\'t buy them frantically by waving banknotes, and I\'m afraid it\'s not going to drown him.
"Sure enough, my Dahuaxia is just for me. I cook a meal, and no one can beat it."
Qin Luosheng took a bite of his dishes and a good wine. He flew up and sighed as he ate, "This senior chef is worthy of being a senior chef. What he has made is beautiful!"
Xiao Xiao and Bingbing, who were eating frantically, nodded in agreement.
"You two..."
They are beautiful, Qin Luosheng is about to cry.
One dragon, one unicorn.
This Nyima beast, how gluttonous?
Just during the growth period, a small one can transform into a ten-meter-long dragon. Bingbing is now only twentieth level, and he has grown to five meters long and three meters high...
Fortunately, the staple food is steamed buns and steamed buns, which account for the bulk. If you only eat vegetables, even if they are all made with low-grade ingredients, you will have at least tens of thousands of gold coins as the base.
Can\'t afford it! Can\'t afford it!
"This dog-force game is a real pit!"
Qin Luosheng\'s scalp was numb.
Equipment, equipment has durability and needs repair!
Pets, pets have loyalty, they are not tasty and delicious, they will meet each other from time to time, coax them well, and wait for betrayal!
Even though Xiaoxiao and Bingbing were signed through a blood contract, there will be no betrayal like regular pets, but the usual food expenses can\'t be saved, right?
Money, money!
Gold coins, gold coins, gold coins!
Can\'t do without it!
Even if you eat chaffy vegetables by yourself, your daily expenses are really too much. Moreover, you can save on eating, and can you save on medicine?
The player is really too difficult.
Especially ordinary players, tm really can\'t afford to play this game!
I am afraid.
This is why the official has increased the coin explosion rate twice in a row. Not only ordinary players can\'t afford it, but also rich people can\'t afford it.
after all.
You have RMB, and others have to have game currency to sell it to you!
The burst rate is so low, and the tiny bit of game currency played is a problem even with food. Who dares to sell?
"It is estimated that "Dimension of Destiny" is so awesome, monopoly is hanging, virtual reality games are dad!"
Qin Luosheng complained: "If other games, from the top to the tyrants, to the local tyrants, and to the poor, all the game experience is so bad, would you be abandoned earlier?"
This is not an exaggeration.
Even Qin Luosheng, who has the two great gold-sucking weapons of Hidden Dragon Pavilion and Shiweixian, provides him with a steady stream of gold coins, all of them cant afford to spend, let alone ordinary players?
Shenhao players have the difficulties of Shenhao players, and ordinary players also have the way of survival of ordinary players.
The reason why Qin Luosheng spends so much money, tens of thousands of gold coins, hundreds of thousands of gold coins, hundreds of thousands of gold coins, and even millions of gold coins, is because there is no alternative.
Is it true that the legendary, epic equipment is fake?
For this class of high-end goods, one repair is an astronomical number, and one trip down the whole body can even buy a good piece of golden equipment.
But what can you do?
Isn\'t it repaired?
This is why ordinary players even choose to sell 100% of their advanced equipment even if they are lucky.
It\'s not that I don\'t want it, but I can\'t help it!
Can\'t afford it!
I really can\'t afford it!
Regardless of other.
Even the most basic repair costs cant be made up. Do you use it?
of course.
The consumption of ordinary players is not so exaggerated. After all, the cost of equipment garbage and repairs is not much. The meal is the lowest-grade steamed bread, which does not cost a lot of money,...
pet? Mount? Deputy post?
Are you kidding me?
Ordinary diaosi players dare to play this, afraid that they dont know how to write the word "bankrupt"?
It\'s better to move bricks honestly, and earn some hard money to buy two catties of ribs, isn\'t he fragrant? Why do you have to die and touch those bottomless pits?
Almost half an hour passed after a good meal!
To be able to eat in such a leisurely and elegant manner in such a ghost place, and not to make a quick decision, but to eat slowly, it is estimated that Qin Luosheng, a strange flower, would do it alone!
There is no digestion in the game world, only the degree of hunger that represents saturated hunger, nothing more.
Qin Luosheng still sat habitually for a while, then got up and moved, then turned on his horse and moved forward again.
Another half day passed.
Qin Luosheng himself didn\'t know where he was heading, raised his head and glanced at the blood-red magic palace, it was still so far away, it seemed that he hadn\'t narrowed the distance at all!
"If it weren\'t for the urgent task, it would be nice to level up here!"
Opened the attribute bar and looked at the level 37, Qin Luosheng nodded with satisfaction: "Even though the level difference is a bit far, there is no extra experience bonus for leapfrog killing monsters, but this is a place other players have not set foot in. It is all Strengthen the elite monsters and open up wasteland, not only the experience is quite high, but the explosion rate is not low."

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