Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 536: : Brilliant, full set of +7 krypton gold boss
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 536: : Brilliant, full set of +7 krypton gold boss

Panlong Lishui (+10)
Type: One-handed sword
Grade: Legend
Requirements: Warrior
Lasting: 70/80
Effect: Attack +2800 (+8000), Strength +180
Strengthening rewards: +100% physical attack (this condition is limited to increasing the attack of the weapon), +10 to reach the ultimate increase: when attacking, there is a 50% chance that the attack damage will double!
Special effects: [Dragon Soul] slightly
Special effect: [Leishui] slightly
Special effects: [Dragon Fire] slightly
Incidental skills: [Dragon Soul Impact] slightly
Incidental skills: [Forbidden CurseIce and Fire Double Dragon Dance] slightly
Empowerment: [KangsuZhanlong] slightly
[Current status: energy deficiency]
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help laughing wildly.
This is really cool!
According to the enhanced plan-
Enhanced black body equipment is 10 points of basic attribute*level, bronze 20 points of basic attribute*grade, silver 30 points of basic attribute*grade, gold 40 points of basic attribute*grade, epic 80 points of basic attribute*grade, legendary 160 points of basic attribute*grade , The myth has 320 basic attributes* grade! (PS: Regarding this, we will explain in detail later in the chapter)
[Panlong Lishui] is legendary, that is, 160 basic attack*5=800 points!
Strengthen level 1 to increase basic attack by 800 points!
Strengthening +10, that is, a full 8000 basic attack is improved!
and also--
After strengthening +7, there will be additional strengthening rewards generated.
[Panlong Lishui] strengthens +10 reward, very scary.
+100% physical attack, even if it is only effective against [Panlong Lishui], according to the current physical attack power of [Panlong Lishui], it has 10800, doubled to 21600!
In addition to--
Another effect is the ultimate reward.
What is perfect?
In short, perfection.
+10 is the limit of equipment enhancement, it is not too much to call it perfect.
It\'s not surprising to have such an extra reward.
When attacking, there is a 50% chance to double the damage!
This is a bit BUG!
Especially for a player like Qin Luosheng who is already very explosive, the force is even more powerful.
This effect did not say that it was only effective against [Panlong Lishui] attacks.
If it works on the whole, once Qin Luoshengs firepower is fully activated, the damage, tusk, and even the killing of Legendary BOSS will be hundreds of thousands of millions. On this basis, if another double is triggered,
Thinking about it makes people tremble with excitement!
"It\'s not in vain that I support you like this tm, strengthen +10, yyds!"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help himself with excitement.
This strengthening, under tremendous pressure, as crazy as a madman, finally ushered in the most desired ending.
Too fierce!
This enhancement +10 [Panlong Lishui] is really too strong!
The base attack has skyrocketed from 2800 to 21600!
Plus a 50% chance to double the damage.
Who can stand this?
"Keep going!"
With a living example ahead, how could Qin Luosheng bear it?
Even though not every piece of equipment on his body is worth strengthening +10, he doesn\'t have so many resources (the advanced strengthening stones are not enough), but all of them are +7 and get the lowest extra effect, so there should be no problem.
"Come on, get up!"
The success of [Panlong Lishui] gave Qin Luosheng great confidence!
The power of [Panlong Lishui] also enlarges the limit of greed in Qin Luosheng\'s heart!
This doesn\'t trim the whole body equipment, I always feel uncomfortable!
The strengthening system can only strengthen the outer five pieces, at least for now, if the inner five pieces, Lingbao and the like can also be strengthened, how good?
This is the lack of human heart.
TM was fortunate just now, but now it turned over?
the man!
Strengthening +7 is extremely simple for Qin Luosheng.
The high-level refining technique, with a strengthening experience and techniques that become more and more purely after a strengthening +10, super high luck value, and the foreshadowing of the spirit crystal!
With only a small loss, Qin Luosheng will reinforce the remaining four of the other five pieces, no, it should be five pieces, all of them have been strengthened! (There is also a weapon [Hundred Wars and Blood Soldiers])
As for +8?
Not worthy!
after all.
The risk of +8 is quite big. These are all epics except for [Bone Armor] and [Crown of Obsidian] which are gold-level, but they are epics with levels, not like [Panlong Lishui]. , There is no level limit, it can evolve.
In the case that they are destined to be eliminated, too much investment will outweigh the gains.
Had it not been for the current lack of substitutes, Qin Luosheng would not even want to strengthen the [Bone Armor] and [The Obsidian Crown] to the level of +7.
Then I thought about it.
He is so dignified, he can\'t lose a share, the full set is +7, and he doesn\'t have armor.
In addition, the +7 [Bone Armor] and [Obsidian Crown] must be regarded as rare goods. If you dont need them in the future, you will sell them again, and you should not lose money. This is how you pinch your nose Go up. (The specific equipment enhancement attributes will be listed in the free chapter when available, so I wont post them here)
"This consumption is really scary!"
Some operations.
Full set +7!
Qin Luosheng put on the equipment one by one, immediately surrounded by orange light (the original light of the equipment is shining, and the strengthening is surrounding), and the light of the equipment itself is called a splendid.
"It\'s a pity, now it\'s less than level 40, otherwise, wouldn\'t it be beautiful to strengthen the Liangyi Dao Sword and Liuli Dao Robe that were prepared long ago?"
Qin Luosheng sighed, "It\'s just that this high-level strengthening stone consumes a bit faster!"
Elementary strengthening stones, all BOSS can burst, even ordinary monsters have a chance to burst!
Intermediate strengthening stones, silver-level bosses will only burst out!
High-level strengthening stones, gold-level BOSS will burst out!
Don\'t look at Qin Luosheng killing a lot of gold and bosses above gold, but bursting does not mean that it will burst. The burst rate of high-level strengthening stones is very low, and he does not have much inventory in his hand.
This time, a full twelve yuan has been consumed, and only single digits are left in his hand.
after all.
+7 This stuff will be used at the beginning, which is very expensive.
"The strengthening equipment has come to an end for the time being, and preparations are complete. Now, it is time to set off to the Dark Abyss to complete my second quest!
After resting in the forging room for a while, after regaining some physical strength, Qin Luosheng activated his skills, "Space jump!"
Horizons flow.
In a flash, Qin Luosheng teleported from the enclosed forging room to the lush moonlight forest countless kilometers away.
"Little cuties, I\'m back again!"
Seeing the dense pack of gale wolves in front of him, Qin Luosheng showed a terrible smile.
"Summon Little!"
"Summon Bingbing!"
A pet and a mount were all summoned by Qin Luosheng.
"Little, let\'s clean up!"
Qin Luosheng activated the skill "Longwei", and instantly, a pack of wolves with hundreds of galloping wolves appeared compulsory deprivation of 20% of their lives.

PS: The level of enhanced equipment is based on the level range, which is similar to the players transfer level. For example, the level of 35 equipment. At this level, the player has already turned two and does not meet the level of 50, so the level 35 equipment is Belongs to grade 2! If there is no grade, it will be counted according to the highest grade 5, which is the highest level of 100. Panlong Lishui has no grade requirement, that is, no grade, so it is grade 5!