Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 535: : Crazy Strengthening, +10 God Soldier Out (End)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 535: : Crazy Strengthening, +10 God Soldier Out (End)

"Not easy!"
Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Qin Luosheng was frantically restrained, finally pressing down the beating heart.
This is a heartbeat!
"Come on again, rush forward!"
Strengthen the system and continue to start.
+9 enhancement, need: 1 high-level enhancement stone, 800,000 gold coins!
Nothing to say.
Three minutes later!
Success again.
The silver brilliance turned into gold, extremely dazzling, shimmering.
"The last step!"
The peak of the enhanced system is +10, at least for now.
In terms of reason, +9 is strong enough!
after all.
Even with the maximum of 4 spirit crystals, the success rate is only 25%, a quarter.
Success is luck.
And +10?
The initial success rate is 1%?
Can I go to you!
Simply cheating!
But Qin Luosheng did not believe in evil, or in other words, he believed in himself extremely.
As long as there is a success rate, as long as the success rate is positive, then everything is possible. Who says to strengthen the indicator of success, can not enter this small area of ??only 1%?
not to mention.
There are spirit crystals.
A total of 21% success is not low.
+10 strengthening, need: 1 high-grade strengthening stone, 2000000 gold coins!
Two million gold coins consumed!
This is really crazy!
Plus high-grade strengthening stone and four spiritual crystals.
Once it fails, it will explode directly.
The loss is far more than that, there is also the [Panlong Lishui] whose durability is greatly reduced, and the ultimate punishment of being beaten back to its original form from +9 to +0.
Equivalent to.
I had consumed so much and worked so long in front of me. It was all in vain. Not only did I play lonely, but I also lost all my underwear.
Qin Luosheng\'s ambition does not stop there.
A mere enhancement +9, how can he calm his ambition?
To do it, we must achieve the peak.
To do it, you must be the strongest.
This is the home!
Everything else.
All are incomplete.
"It\'s dead or alive, it depends on this wave!"
With one bite, two million gold coins worth two hundred million in cash were put into the casting furnace for energy consumption. Qin Luosheng concentrated on performing advanced craftsmanship, based on inherited experience and self-feelings. Control the casting table.
One minute!
Two minutes!
three minutes!
The energy of the high-grade strengthening stone is constantly being integrated into [Panlong Lishui], trying to merge with it. The energy formed by the smelting of the two million gold coins below is also constantly promoting, providing majestic energy demand .
Five minutes later.
With the bloodshot eyes in Qin Luosheng\'s eyes and the consumption of mental and physical strength, finally, a perfect fusion...
A familiar, crisp voice sounded, Qin Luosheng suddenly relaxed, his body swayed, some of his physical strength and mental dizziness, could not help but sit on the ground.
Although embarrassed, he smiled happily.
Strengthen +10, success!
"Ding, congratulations to your legendary weapon [Panlong Lishui] strengthen +10!"
"Ding, because your legendary weapon [Panlong Lishui] is successfully strengthened by +10, and because you are the first player to successfully strengthen by +10, [Panlong Lishui] is the first equipment to be strengthened by +10. The system will make a worldwide announcement and give special rewards. Do you accept it?"
I rub!
There is such a thing?
Is there such a cheap price?
What else can be hidden?
How majestic is it to show the sage before people?
What\'s the point of playing a game without pretending to be force?
Strengthen +10, dont show up without shaking, wouldnt Jinyi walk at night?
good stuff.
good news.
Of course we have to share it together.
"Ding, players from all over the world please pay attention, players from all over the world, please pay attention to the players in the Huaxia Theater, weeping soul, successfully upgraded the legendary weapon [Panlong Lishui], strengthening +10, because the crying soul is the first to enhance the equipment to the extreme Players, the system will give extra rewards: Enhanced Gift Pack*1, Enhanced Experience Pack*1! China Theater Glory +100!"
Three consecutive world announcements with the highest specifications made Qin Luo Shengshuang upset.
Its been a long time since Ive been on TV. Lets revisit the feeling, well, its beautiful!
"What the hell?"
"This is the beginning?"
"I don\'t believe it! This must be an illusion, hahaha!"
"It\'s not a human being!"
"It\'s the crying soul again, I\'m gonna!"
"Strengthen +10? My ! @#()&"
"Nima is the same. I have strengthened +5, and failed at +6 more than a dozen times, let alone the real starting point +7. This guy even came +10? A 1% success rate is all right? ~~~ I want to cheat Laozi to charge up money again!"
"The strengthening system is a big pit, I was pitted for 100,000 yuan!-What? Soul Cry enhancement +10 succeeded, and it is still a legendary equipment?-Fuck, help me up, quickly put the strengthening stone on , I want to chase my dream!"
For a time.
The whole world is boiling.
Compared with the various FXXK, Baga, Smecta, SHXT, etc. in other theaters, the China Theater is fairly harmonious.
There must be a lot of curses.
What hangs on the wall, dog care, card bug, official father, son of game company boss,...
There are simply too many to count.
of course.
As the proud crying soul of China, many fans also fly up, and this time, his idol has made a sacred appearance in the world. As a fan, he is also proud.
This time not only Yang Wei was in the world, but also a substantial increase in the honor of the theater, and it made the Chinese players crazy.
The honor of the theater, that\'s awesome.
Not only can it increase the monster\'s experience and burst rate, but it can also give the player a certain amount of time to float up.
As it is now.
100 points of honor in the battle zone, 10% increase in experience and burst rate, and 10% of all attributes of Chinese players.
This is simply a buff in the sky!
All Huaxia players benefit.
It is enough for Huaxia players to obtain resources much more than other war zone players in the effective day of this BUFF.
One or two players does not matter.
But based on Chinas billion players, this upgrade is simply terrifying!
"This thing is worthy of strengthening +10, it\'s strong enough!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t know the voice of the outside world, even if he knew it, he didn\'t want to bother.
He was holding the strengthened +10 successful [Panlong Lishui] with his eyes shining, and he carefully appreciated it.
Strengthen +10, from +9 golden brilliance to a deep and noble purple halo that also contains mystery and vastness!
As the so-called purple gas is mighty for three thousand miles, purple, it represents the color of saints, and also the color of powerful and even emperors. It is indescribable and unattainable. It is used to compare the limit of strengthening +10, which is not suitable!

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