Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 533: : Crazy strengthening, +10 magic weapon out (continued)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 533: : Crazy strengthening, +10 magic weapon out (continued)

"No matter, continue!"
The eyes were a little red, and there was also Qin Luosheng on the top. Apart from anything else, he placed the +6 [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] on the casting table, and then put the high-level strengthening stone as a material with heartache.
Look at the consumption of gold coins-
Is it twice as expensive as +6 10,000 gold coins?
Dogecoin gadgets.
Die for money.
No house!
Qin Luosheng cursed for a while.
The curse is cursed, and what should be rectified is to rectify.
and also--
20% success rate!
Too low.
Needless to say.
The maximum four spirit crystals are placed, +20% success rate!
Qin Luosheng took a deep breath, "It\'s done!"
It wasn\'t the crisp prompt sound before, but the dull sound like a P, suddenly sounded.
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were bloodshot, looking at the [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] who had been strengthened by +6, once they returned to the pre-liberation period, they directly became strengthened by +0, almost not crazy.
at the same time.
The precious high-level strengthening stone is gone!
The four spirit crystals are gone!
20000 gold coins are gone!
[Hundred Wars and Blood Soldiers] 10 durability is gone!
Convex (ܳܳܳ)!
The 10-point durability of an epic weapon requires at least 500 gold coins to be repaired.
My mother exploded and lost her blood!
"I don\'t believe it!"
People are not cruel and can\'t stand steady.
Qin Luosheng was like an impatient gambler at this moment. He directly took away the [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] from the casting table, took out [Panlong Lishui], and put them on.
Pad knife?
Familiar with?
Looking for feeling?
Can I go to you!
It\'s all done!
What are all those bells and whistles doing?
Get up!
+1 success, 100% success rate, needless to say!
This consumes--
-3000 gold coins?
Damn it!
Only 1,000 gold coins for the first three enhancements of the epic, to the legendary level, directly tripled?
"The dog system is official enough, you guys are awesome!"
Qin Luosheng instantly wanted to curse, "In order to recycle the game currency, you really do everything, dont you even have your face? No wonder, its no wonder that the dungeon system of\'Benefit the Country and the People\' was launched to give players benefits. There is a big pit of reinforcement system waiting for us to jump! It\'s really sinister!"
Tucao return to Tucao!
But what can be done?
What else can you do except bite the bullet?
Open the backpack, look at his balance, there are more than two hundred thousand gold coins.
It stands to reason.
Two hundred thousand gold coins, this is already a huge sum of money.
In Qin Luosheng\'s mind, he couldn\'t help thinking that when he strengthened the [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] just now, the scene of strengthening +7 directly cost 20,000 gold coins, and couldn\'t help but numb his scalp.
Enough hammer!
This little money is probably not enough to stuff your teeth!
Don\'t say anything else, just the current [Panlong Lishui], I\'m afraid it\'s not enough.
"MD, it\'s a loss!"
Qin Luosheng beat his feet and his chest.
Gold coins are of no use to him, and this thing, the price of a day, drops crazily, and it can even be described as a blood collapse. Holding it in his hand, it is constantly depreciating.
to this end.
Before, I had to buy "physical" assets frantically to prevent the depreciation of wealth, and invest in one or two.
Nine hidden dragon pavilions, nine food as immortals, plus the nine magnificent villas completed today, are all born from this.
It is precisely because of this that he who just had a few million gold coins on his body just now has only these two hundred thousand gold coins left in his poor pocket!
The bastard\'s incomparably enhanced system is now making money.
What\'s more, the pit is righteous and confident, and it\'s impossible not to enter the pit.
"It\'s too difficult for me!"
Qin Luosheng breathed out a heavy breath, with a helpless expression on his face, "Lets try it out first. If you run out of money, you can only use it from the sales of shops and restaurants. Now the copy is so popular, its on again just now. With so many potions, plus the craziness caused by the ninth-level mount ice crystal unicorn, the volume should not be bad."
This is the potion business of the grocery store Hidden Dragon Pavilion!
In addition.
Shiweixians daily limited-increasing dishes are also the big heads of money coming.
Compared to the hidden dragon pavilion, there is also the purchase of crystal coins, strengthening stones and spiritual crystals, and the expenditure of eating as immortals, which is almost negligible. After all, with the player\'s ability at this stage, the chance of receiving high-level ingredients from them , Minimal.
Exhaling a heavy breath, Qin Luosheng shifted his gaze to the [Panlong Lishui] that exudes red and blue light, and looked at the two dragon souls moving in the sword body, his expression condensed, "Go ahead, I tm I don\'t believe it. With the ability of Laozi\'s advanced refining technique, plus 36 points of luck, it\'s not even good for me to strengthen it."
+2 success, -3000 gold coins!
+3 success, -3000 gold coins!
+4 success, -10000 gold coins!
Qin Luosheng\'s mouth began to twitch.
Even in terms of multiples, [Panlong Lishui] +4 is only twice that of [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] +4, which is far more than 3 times that of +1 to +3, but this amount is really somewhat Can\'t carry it.
10,000 gold coins!
This is not a material loss or the like, just 10,000 gold coins, which is equivalent to one hundred thousand at this stage!
Dog system!
+5 success, -30000 gold coins!
+6 success, -100,000 gold coins, -2 spirit crystals!
Some operations.
[Panlong Lishui] Smoothly strengthened +6!
Until now.
We have lost 3 low-level strengthening stones, 3 intermediate strengthening stones, 2 spiritual crystals, and 149,000 gold coins!
After calculating, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help taking a breath.
This is too great, right?
are you crazy?
This consumes and scares people to death.
This has always been successful. In case of bad luck, come up and down or something, not only the consumption is more amazing, but the mentality is about to collapse.
Seeing the plain [Panlong Lishui] in his hand, Qin Luosheng hesitated when he thought of returning to the [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] before liberation just now. However, it was only for an instant that his thoughts improved and gritted his teeth: "+ 6 How can I fit the identity of Lao Tzu? It\'s just a strengthening stone! Gold coins! Afraid of a ball? It\'s all done! The legendary magic weapon does not shine (the glory will appear after +7), and it is not forced! "
Get up! Get up!
Put [Panlong Lishui] on the casting table again, and then put a precious high-grade strengthening stone out of the pit next to it, and looked at the gold coin consumption with a heartache, 300,000?
Qin Luosheng:...
You are awesome!
You are awesome!
I serve!
The forging room was set up to prevent others from entering, Qin Luosheng cursed and collected the materials, walked out the door, and ran towards the Shiweixian main store in Xingyao City.