Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 532: : Crazy strengthening, +10 out of magic soldiers (below)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 532: : Crazy strengthening, +10 out of magic soldiers (below)

Bidding mode.
As the name implies, bidding against each other is equivalent to an auction, but an auction without a host, similar to an online auction.
As the first ninth-level mount, the tangible and intangible values ??are placed here. If you get it, you will earn a powerful mount and become second in the ranking of mounts, making it famous in the world...
This added value is very valuable!
in this way.
The dark-hearted Qin Luosheng naturally did not set a price, but-the higher price would get it!
I believe there should be a lot of big money, in order to show their reputation, they will not hesitate to spend big money?
"Uncle Blacksmith, I want to rent the best forging room!"
Ignoring the boiling Huaxia War Zone, Qin Luosheng went to the familiar blacksmith shop without any hesitation, and said hello to the blacksmith uncle who had a good relationship, and after paying the rent, he entered the forging room.
"Today is the last time!"
Familiar with the tools a little bit, Qin Luosheng looked at the well-equipped forging room and couldn\'t help but say: "The secret room of Luoshenju is about to be remodeled, except for my forging room, tailor room, and Mengmeng Nanzi\'s refining room. These walks On the right track, the next step is to cultivate medicinal herbs. After all, with the big killer of Otomu Revival, you can\'t waste resources!"
Qin Luosheng took out a few low-level strengthening stones, thought for a while, and placed the [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] on the casting table, "Lets try the water with this thing first, warm up and practice hands."
Come up is an epic weapon.
That\'s right.
It\'s so arrogant.
of course.
Qin Luosheng\'s reason for not being afraid is that even if the enhancement fails, the equipment will not burst, and the maximum loss of enhancement stones and durability is not a big deal.
"By the way, this thing has to be taken off first..."
As he was about to start, Qin Luosheng suddenly thought of something, and quickly removed the [Ghost Face] from his face. Even though this thing was very strong, it was reflected in the battle.
What\'s the situation now?
It is the situation where the lucky value is extremely needed. How can it be allowed to make trouble with this goods -10 lucky value?
Clang clang...
Three consecutive clear reminders sounded.
No surprises.
[Hundred Wars Blood Soldier] has been strengthened to three levels!
"It looks so simple!"
Qin Luosheng looked at the [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] who had already got +3, with some emotion, then glanced at the consumption, and the corners of his mouth couldn\'t help but twitched, "Strengthening stone -3, gold coin -3000?"
Does it cost 1000 gold coins to strengthen at a time?
Can I go to you!
Isn\'t this showing up?
Put [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] on the casting table again, and put an intermediate strengthening stone, Qin Luosheng did not care about the 60% success rate displayed, his gaze was tightly locked on the consumption column, then " The words 5000" dazzled him.
"Dog system, you are not a human being, are you?"
Qin Luosheng wanted to cry without tears.
I thought that the official system and the system had finally come out with something good.
Now it seems.
He is too naive.
Capitalist, when have you been kind?
Don\'t want to get money out of your pocket, or are you a capitalist?
Not only is this enhanced system of dead money, but even the copy system of the gospel has ulterior motives.
The opening of the dungeon system does not seem to cost much, but it opens the door to the players\' convenience. In fact, it is just to stimulate the economy.
The copy is here!
There is a reward!
The first kill is waiting for you!
Excited? Gao unhappy?
Get it up.
If you want to have a copy, you must first have equipment!
You are in tatters, how do you get a copy?
Not to mention that you want to pass more difficult levels, get the first kill of a copy, and the only highest reward.
What should I do if I am not equipped?
Buy it!
What if there is no gold coin?
RMB recharge idiot!
Do you need a potion to brush a copy?
Where did the potion come from?
Buy it in the system store!
Those who have gold coins buy potions directly, and the gold coins are recycled by the system.
If you dont have gold coins, buy gold coins and then buy potions to stimulate the market.
Neither, I bought it from other deputy players, and the gold coins were also in circulation, which helped the formation of the market and a virtuous circle,...
No matter how you come, it is an official earn!
At last.
You must form a team to play a copy?
Not everyone has a fixed team, and most players still form wild teams.
It is inevitable that the sharing of spoils, lack of strength, lack of cooperation and other factors have led to enmity.
What happens after the vengeance?
What does PK need?
Need money to clear the way!
Dont you buy the equipment if you lose it?
Don\'t you drink it without the potion?
Coupled with calling friends and calling friends, the game has become more popular, and the economy has been stimulated to rise.
No matter how it develops, the last laugh is, who is the official?
This tm is a real dog!
This is understandable.
After all, the official has to do well.
This is indeed helpful to the development of the game.
not to mention.
This is very beneficial for ordinary players, especially poor players.
With the dungeon, at least it wont be like before, in the field leveling you cant even see a single monster, driven by high-level players or powerful players.
There is...
The coins and materials produced by the dungeon are also very impressive. If you are lucky and you burst out the equipment, it will be considered a lucky draw, and you have made a fortune. Isnt it beautiful?
Those irritable brothers who are in conflict and want PK, can\'t you buy gold coins with krypton gold?
Repair equipment, buy potions, pay thugs...
Where does the money come from?
At this time, it is the gospel of ordinary brick-moving parties.
The game currency in hand can be sold smoothly,...
RMB fighter krypton gold, ordinary players krypton time, krypton life.
"PK fights are trivial, as long as it is not a fight between big forces, it is nothing."
Qin Luosheng had a pained expression on his face, "The key is that this strengthening system is too cheating. Not to mention that the strengthening stone is so expensive, and there is a great risk of failure. After failure, it will fall for a long time, and repairs are expensive. That\'s all. The most disgusting thing is that the consumption of this enhanced gold coin is almost a dog!"
How to do?
The pit is in the pit, is it possible to give up?
Qin Luosheng reluctantly continued to do it!
He is a man favored by the goddess of luck.
Strengthening +4, 60% success rate, naked promotion, direct success without the spirit crystal plus success rate.
Come again.
+5 success!
+6 success!
Qin Luosheng was stunned, looking at the [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] who had been strengthened by +6, swallowed fiercely.
Good guys.
I tm straight to good guys.
Is this trying to catch and let me sink into a deeper pit, or am I the son of destiny, and luck explodes?