Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 522: : Game update: Enhanced system
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 522: : Game update: Enhanced system

of course.
It\'s not that the wild copy is useless.
The wild dungeon is a big treasure, as long as you find it, as long as you clear the level, 100% of the first kill must belong to you, and, as long as your face is not too dark, basically good things will explode.
Next is.
Each player can receive daily tasks from the dungeon teleporter.
The daily tasks include a lot of experience and a small amount of coins, as well as some fragments of professional suits (popular professional suits, basically blue equipment of the same level as the dungeon). If you persist for a long time, the fragments will be closed and there will be Equipment is indeed a boon for civilian players. To a certain extent, it solves the dilemma that the public players have no leveling ground and no equipment.
Wuhu, take off!
At last.
Update of the mercenary group.
The mercenary group and future gangs will be connected with the copy.
The mercenary group has a prosperity index, which is a sign of the upgrade of the mercenary group, and where does the prosperity come from? In addition to relying on money, the popular way is for members to complete daily tasks.
And this daily task is basically the same as the daily task of the dungeon teleporter.
Equivalent to.
To complete the daily task of a dungeon, you can submit two tasks, one is the dungeon teleporter, and the other is in the mercenary group.
One hard work, two gains.
Qin Luosheng can imagine.
The future mercenary group will be so popular, at least for civilian players, more than 99% will join a mercenary group. After all, the experience and coin rewards of this daily mission are very impressive, and there are also equipment fragments that are attractive. fully.
"I\'ll just say!"
Qin Luosheng also liked the content of this update very much. "The official will sooner or later introduce a policy. After all, the mass players are the real foundation, and the mass players want money but no money, equipment and no equipment, even the leveling ground is monopolized by those big powers. Can this tm have a sense of experience?"
"If it weren\'t for "Dimension of Destiny", it would be the only virtual reality game currently on the market. With such a poor experience, the persuasion rate will inevitably explode, and players will definitely be lost."
As a compelling player, Qin Luosheng naturally cared more about ordinary players.
after all.
Without the background of ordinary players, how can a money-filling boss find a sense of existence? With whom does he show his presence?
"This mercenary group, it seems, I must also join one, or build one myself!"
Looking at the crude guides of the official dungeon exposed on the official website, as well as the location coordinates of the dungeon transmitter, and the task reward, I was very enthusiastic, "I dont care about the equipment fragments, and a small amount of coins does not matter. The key is that the experience value is quite large. , Anyway, I have to download a copy, why not complete a task? Isnt this for nothing, dont do it for nothing."
Mercenary group!
Qin Luosheng was a little emotional.
If he played games in his previous life, his **** must seek the blessing of a big boss, join a force to help the main player live and fight, just to get a position, and he will not even be wary of being PKed by others in leveling!
It\'s different now.
As a traverser boss, as an open player.
Looking for protection?
Lao Tzu is the greatest blessing!
Qin Luosheng\'s mind flashed through two mercenary groups, the ACTO mercenary group that he had joined before, and the Scarlet Rose mercenary group. The idea only existed for a moment, and he was vetoed in an instant.
These two mercenary groups were all for missions. One was the mercenary king and the other was the Moon Temple. They both had to do it as a last resort. After completing the mission, they retired as soon as possible.
As the saying goes.
A good horse doesn\'t eat grass.
Qin Luosheng would not go back.
How can he now subdue to others?
The mercenary group is nothing but a gang. It doesn\'t need any management, and there is no site or resident. It\'s very casual.
Coupled with the current [Mercenary Group Establishment Qualification Certificate], it is cheap and tight, and a large piece of the market can be received casually. It doesn\'t matter.
That\'s it.
Then just set up a mercenary group by yourself.
In order to conceal his identity, he has long had no habit of contacting others too much.
A one-man mercenary group?
Pretty good too!
"There is one last update, let me see what it is!"
After experiencing the first five updates, Qin Luosheng slid his finger on the tablet and opened the next page!
6. Open the strengthening system, you can use strengthened stones to strengthen equipment, low-level strengthened stones to strengthen 1-3, intermediate strengthened stones to strengthen 4-6, high-grade strengthened stones 7-10, and 10 is the highest!
The probability of equipment enhancement is 100% at level 1, 90% at level 2, 80% at level 4, 60% at level 4, 50% at level 5, 40% at level 6, 20% at level 7, 10% at level 8, and 5 at level 9. %, level 10 1%!
There is no loss if the first three levels of equipment enhancement fail. Level 4 to level 6 enhancement will drop one level at a time, such as level 5 enhancement to level 6. If it fails, the equipment that has been enhanced to level 5 will fall to level 4. .
After the equipment is strengthened to level 7, the equipment will receive additional strengthening rewards. The higher the level, the higher the reward. At the same time, the equipment will have a special enhanced light appearance, level 7 is surrounded by orange light, level 8 is surrounded by silver light, level 9 is surrounded by golden light, and level 10 is surrounded by purple light.
Equipment enhancement can increase the success rate of spirit crystals, and each spirit crystal can increase the success rate by 5%.
After the equipment is strengthened to level 7, the failure will be directly reduced to level 0, starting from the beginning.
Equipment enhancement requires durability. Failure will reduce durability by 5 points, and durability less than 5 points cannot be enhanced.
Equipment enhancement is related to occupation level and occupation proficiency (strengthening weapons requires learning the art of blacksmithing, strengthening armor requires learning the art of tailoring, etc.), and is related to luck.
Qin Luosheng was shocked instantly.
Strengthen the system.
You tm is finally here!
He found out the usefulness of crystal coins, which can be used as currency in high-end NPCs!
Now, the BOSS three wastes (enhanced stones, spirit crystals and crystal coins) will become the BOSS three treasures in seconds after this update.
The strengthening stone and the spirit crystal, these two things, finally have a place to be used.
Before it was in vain, a large number of hoardings, and even when collecting crystal coins, also collected strengthening stones and spiritual crystals by the way, it was really prescient.
Even though the harvest time is short, only three days (the first day is weak, the second day and the third are engaged in the mission of the Ice and Snow Temple), but with the opening of the nine hidden dragon pavilions in the nine major cities, crazy advertising.
Those players who have the goods in their hands, who want to purchase Hidden Dragon Pavilion\'s advanced potions, change equipment, etc., will inevitably make a move. In this way, there should be a lot of goods received.
"As soon as today is over, except for the crystal coin function that has not yet been made public, the emergence of the enhancement system will inevitably increase the price of strengthening stones and spirit crystals, super double!"