Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 517: : Scarlet Rose of Unparalleled Wisdom
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 517: : Scarlet Rose of Unparalleled Wisdom

"Xiaoxue, I don\'t know, it should be from outside!"
Shuisheng scratched his head honestly, put down the **** on his shoulders, bare ~ bare feet, and walked over in three steps and two steps, showing a gentleness that was completely inconsistent with the appearance, and supported the arm of the ice goddess. " If you are weak, stay at home and don\'t blow the cold wind!"
"Little brother, there are a few girls who are guests at the door. If you don\'t dislike my humble house, come in for a drink?"
Shuisheng invited.
"So, then it\'s annoying!"
Qin Luosheng ignored the slightly chilled warning gaze of the Ice and Snow Goddess, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he agreed happily.
"Success, success!"
Shui Sheng was very happy: "Since I moved outside the village, this is the first time I have seen people from outside the village. Xiaoxue, I\'m going to catch fish, you go to stew the pheasant I caught yesterday, and entertain the distinguished guests."
"Know it!"
The goddess of ice and snow smiled softly and adjusted the collar of Shuisheng. After this simple man blushed a little embarrassingly, he took two steps back and said: "Go back, I will go first. Pour water for a few guests!"
Shui Sheng grinned, picked up the water basket made of bamboo strips, and hurried out to catch fish.
"come in!"
Watching the aquatic back disappear gently, the ice and snow goddess withdrew her gaze. The original softness disappeared, but instead the endless coldness made Qin Luosheng a few people like an ice cellar.
This momentum comes quickly and goes quickly.
"I already know your intentions!"
Entering the thatched cottage tremblingly, Qin Luosheng and the others are like prisoners waiting to be tried, looking at the goddess of ice and snow, uneasy, not even dare to breathe, "Leave, Niaoyu Village no longer exists, Lei Xue Village, This is its real name always!"
Qin Luosheng:...
This seems very strange and confusing, but in fact, the meaning has been clearly expressed.
Niaoyu Village.
This is the name of the original village.
Niaoyu Village no longer exists, that is to say, Niaoyu Village has long been submerged, whether it is the beautiful one in the memory of the ice and snow goddess or the one that really exists in reality.
And Leixuecun.
The name is as expected.
It is tears and snow, but also tears and blood.
The deity who can make the heart and soul be firm is in tears, so resentful, and has been hardworking for decades, and has a hatred for the sky. How can it be easily moved by a few words and released?
"The punishment of Leixuecun is enough!"
Qin Luosheng hadnt spoken yet, but Scarlet Rose took the first step. She looked at the ice and snow goddess, her eyes were firm, "Ten years of punishment, those who hurt you at the beginning, all died, and even their offspring were also punished. In todays Lei Xue Village, except for the old woman Yu Nu, there is no familiar face. Do you really want to make Lei Xue Village immortal forever?"
"Offensive to the gods, this is the punishment that deserves!"
Faced with Scarlet Rose\'s indignation, the ice and snow goddess looked calm and unmoved.
"How can you be satisfied?"
Scarlet Rose showed a completely different mood from usual, no longer the calm wise man, but extremely reckless, "Leixue Village is still Niaoyu Village after all. It is the hometown of Brother Aquatic and the old woman Yunu, and the existence you have lived in. , Can\'t you just open the web?"
"On the Internet?"
The ice and snow goddess snorted coldly: "I don\'t know what to say. If you encounter what I experienced, you won\'t think so, girl!"
"Yes, I know what happened to you from the old lady Yunu."
Scarlet Rose did not give up in the slightest, and continued to escape, "Everything you did, I didn\'t think it was wrong. However, punishment should also have a limit. It has been decades, four or five generations. The first evil is long gone. Its all involved. Its really enough to harm the three generations. As a deity, you should not be compassionate, but you should also be open-minded. At that time, you looked at the face of Brother Shuisheng and Granny Yunu, okay? "
The ice and snow goddess suddenly became angry, "Yu Nu? I owe her, but I have paid her back three times, which is enough. As for Brother Shuisheng, who has the face to mention him?-How did the people in Niaoyu Village kill him? His, that group of beasts, in front of me, killed him alive, no matter how I begged, they were like evil spirits, more terrifying than demons, one after another, one after another, hit Brother Shuisheng until he died. My Despair, who of you understands?"
Every word was silent.
Don\'t persuade others to be kind to others without suffering.
Well-known saying!
at least.
Qin Luosheng can be sure that if he encounters this kind of thing, he will definitely go crazy and will kill all the participants, not one will be let go.
In contrast.
As a deity, the ice and snow goddess is already very "kind" for punishment like this!
of course.
For people in Leixuecun, this kind of kindness is better not.
Rather than live without hope and spend every day in despair, it would be better if Leixuecun was destroyed.
The room was silent, but there was a sound outside the room, and the curtain opened. Who is the aquatic who is carrying the fish?
"Brother Shuisheng? This, me, no,..."
Seeing the aquatic life, the goddess of ice and snow suddenly panicked. She got up and waved her hands, her face flushed with anxiety, her eyes filled with water, as if she was about to cry in the next second, she would never again face the toughness and indifference of Qin Luosheng and the others. .
"This woman..."
Qin Luosheng took a deep look at his expression indifferently, and even the Scarlet Rose with a smile on the corner of his mouth, once again raised the danger of this guy by a notch in his heart.
No wonder.
It\'s no wonder that Scarlet Rose behaves very differently from usual, just like a little woman with little experience in life and with beauty and dreams.
It turned out to be so!
She must have known that the aquatic life is outside, so she did that. Then she said, in order to seduce the ice and snow goddess to say what she said.
Isn\'t this just another kind of "no tricks"?
There are billions of points!
It directly smashed the "disguise" of the ice goddess, the disguise in front of the aquatic life.
Even though it was the first time I met Shui Sheng, but through the description of Granny Yu Nu, plus his own feelings, this man, just like him, is a simple and honest person.
Such people are the most kind and simple.
Why can\'t I remember the **** night that night? Qin Luosheng didn\'t know it. Maybe the memory was erased by the ice and snow goddess, but now everything is revealed, even if he knows it, even remembering that he was killed by the people in the village. of.
After hearing that my hometown has become like this, for decades, it will inevitably be kind and unbearable.
The Ice and Snow Goddess was eaten to death by aquatic life, as long as he spoke, even if the Ice and Snow Goddess hated it again, there was a high chance that he would listen to him and unblock Lei Xue Village.
Scarlet Rose\'s purpose was achieved, and the task was naturally completed perfectly.
"It\'s amazing!"
Qin Luosheng figured out all this quickly, and he was immediately convinced, "With just a few words, you can turn things around, reverse the situation, and get the most benefit at the least cost. Such wisdom, I, Qin Luosheng, really convinced!"