Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 516: : Niaoyu Village in the Ice Temple
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 516: : Niaoyu Village in the Ice Temple

"Ding, congratulations on successfully killing the level 40 enhanced epic BOSS Ice Goddess (Evil), gaining experience value: 1000W+, reputation value 10000 points!"
"Ding, you are upgraded, health +50, mana +10, strength +2, agility +2, and 29 free attribute points!"
"Ding, your pet has been upgraded slightly, with a health value of +3000 and a magic value of +10000!"
Two golden lights floated up.
Qin Luosheng and Xiaoxiao both rose to a level, one 36 and one 31!
Not only them, but the four girls behind with rubbing experience have also been promoted one level after another!
"Ah... I\'m finally level 30, and I can turn two too!"
"Hehe, I\'m also level 30, I hope that the job transfer task will not be so terrible!"
"Little Qiangwei, has the task been completed? Go back to the city soon after you have completed it, and be careful not to be taken away by others for the reward of the first second rank!"
Shouted for a while.
Qin Luosheng hadn\'t heard of it, just lowered his head, watching that he had lost his life. At this moment, he was gradually turning into particles, returning to the original ice element, and feeding back the evil ice goddess of heaven and earth. His mood was depressed and unspeakably uncomfortable.
"this is"
The azure blue light rose, countless azure stars flew away, and a dreamy ice crystal sky blue butterfly slowly flapped its wings and galloped up, "Ice butterfly?"
Silently watching the ice butterfly fluttering, the tail wing left wisps of ice-blue starlight, but he flew to the sky strenuously,...
"--that\'s nice!"
Scarlet Rose walked over and glanced at the bewildered silence, Qin Luosheng with a slightly sad expression, after looking at the flying ice butterfly, he was stunned, as if he understood something and didn\'t bother.
For a long while.
It was Qin Luosheng who spoke first.
"The mission, not completed!"
Scarlet Rose said: "The stage of the mission has not changed, and there is no next stage!"
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
What the hell?
This is not done yet?
Isn\'t the evil goddess of ice and snow dead?
Could it be.
Want to kill the real goddess of ice and snow?
Or is it--
Is it complete to kill the ice crystal charm spirit that just escaped?
"How much time is left?"
Qin Luosheng frowned and asked, "Are there any hints?"
"There is still a lot of time, almost more than three hours!"
Scarlet Rose replied very quickly: "Hint, there are too!"
"What is it?"
Qin Luosheng asked.
"Over there!"
Scarlet Rose stretched out her finger and pointed towards Qin Luosheng\'s back.
"When... when did it appear?"
Qin Luosheng turned his head and looked at the magic teleportation formation that did not know when, with a look of stunned expression.
"It should be the ice goddess (evil) who appeared after her death!"
Scarlet Rose said: "This is the Ice and Snow Temple of the Ice and Snow Goddess. The genuine one should be at the top!"
"is it?"
Qin Luosheng let out a foul breath and narrowed his eyes: "I just hope, don\'t have a fierce battle!"
This time.
Qin Luosheng did not rest, nor did he wait for the skill to cool down.
At this moment, he is still driving in the burning of dragon blood, the indestructible fighting spirit, and the boiling of blood, he is not qualified at all.
The blood boiling is okay, there are no side effects, just a little excitement, after the end, there will be a little uncomfortable mental fatigue!
But the indestructible fighting spirit, once it is over, will bring down the excitement, causing both physical and mental damage.
Qin Luosheng remembered that it was the first time he used it, but he slept for more than a day before he eased off.
There is also dragon blood burning.
After using it, I feel weak for a whole day.
All attributes are reduced to 10% throughout the day, which is no joke.
The duration of Dragon Blood Burning is also very long, a full half an hour.
It took more than three minutes to fight the evil goddess of ice and snow, and then there was a delay, almost four minutes.
One more minute.
Skills such as Sirius with a cooldown of only five minutes can be used again.
There are good news and bad news.
The duration of the blood boiling is five minutes, and now there is only one minute left!
"Let\'s go!"
Qin Luosheng glanced at the three sisters of Qingcheng Peony, who were blushing. With such excitement, it must be the evil goddess of ice and snow that broke good things.
After all, it is an epic-level boss with eight classics. With his high luck value, it goes without saying that he definitely has at least one epic-level equipment.
Now is not the time to divide the spoils.
"Hurry up, I don\'t know what the follow-up of the task is and how much time it will take."
Qin Luosheng didn\'t care about a few girls, and stepped into the teleportation formation first.

Ice Temple!
Seventh floor!
Qin Luosheng and the others, who had just walked out of the teleportation formation, flashed with a strong white light, and their vision had not yet recovered, but the strong floral fragrance had already drifted into the nose of the next step, and there were waves of birds singing in their ears.
what\'s the situation?
Qin Luosheng was shocked.
Where is the ice and snow, where the goddess of ice and snow is, why does the fragrance of flowers and birds appear?
next moment.
Vision restored.
Qin Luosheng stared at it, and was stunned for an instant.
This, this is not...
Not only Qin Luosheng, but Scarlet Rose\'s sisters were also stunned.
The place in front of me is like a paradise, a picture of landscape, and a place full of birds and flowers. It is too familiar.
Niaoyu Village.
It was exactly the same as the old Niaoyu Village that the old lady Yunu had shown them before.
"Are any guests here?"
A vigorous and honest voice sounded, attracting Qin Luosheng\'s eyes.
What caught the eye was a man wearing a cyan linen cloth, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and a loyal appearance. He was about thirty years old. His face was slightly weathered, and he looked like a sincere farmer.
These are actually not important.
The important thing is that this man who appeared suddenly, staring at two big characters on the top of his head
"Is he aquatic? The man who made the ice goddess fall in love?"
Qin Luosheng was a little surprised.
It is not that he is suspicious, but this place is really too weird.
Everything is withered in the snow and ice.
In the place where the ice and snow goddess lives, there is a fragrance of birds and flowers, which is too unreasonable!
"Could it be that this is an illusion?"
Qin Luosheng\'s mind was startled.
Apart from this explanation, he really couldn\'t think of anything else.
"Brother Shuisheng, who is here?"
Just as Qin Luosheng was about to make a move, suddenly, a gentle and gentle female voice came from a hut not far away.
This voice?
Qin Luosheng looked over in disbelief, only to see a majestic beauty, even wearing white coarse cloth, still unable to conceal her unparalleled charm, unparalleled beautiful woman, walked out slowly.
"Ice... Goddess of Ice and Snow?"
Seeing her familiar face, Qin Luosheng was struck by lightning.
"How is this going?"