Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 510: : We cant, but we can!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 510: : We cant, but we can!

"The angry bridegroom, as well as the jealous men, will be alive to death who will never give up."
The ice and snow goddess smiled coldly, and spit out cold words, even though she was smiling, even though she was telling a story, Qin Luosheng could still feel the uncontrollable terrifying killing intent.
"Bing Xueer, Bingxue Xin, Bingxue\'s infatuation vows forever! The ice-like woman is the least emotional, but also the most infatuated. Once the ice girl is tempted, it will be eternal life and never change her heart.
"The beloved man died tragically in front of him. Such a stimulus is enough to drive any woman crazy, let alone a woman with a heart of ice and snow? In an instant, her seal was shattered, and she was shattered abruptly."
"A mouthful of blood and a ray of soul, the strong stimulus forcibly broke the seal, causing the original source to be wounded and the injury rebounded, but the deity is a deity after all, even if the Longyou Shoal is still not comparable to a mere mortal."
"Under the outbreak, the guests that night did not keep one in ten, and the idiot who was ready to welcome the bride\'s entrance was a dead end. Hahaha..."
Looking at the goddess of ice and snow who was laughing wildly, Qin Luosheng\'s other thoughts converged, watching silently, without words.
Speaking of it.
She is also a poor person!
This also confirmed Qin Luosheng\'s persistence.
Strength is supreme, strength is the only one!
If he had unrivaled strength and had the strength to crush everything, would he still be like this, like a mouse in the waterway, hiding and dare not show up?
Never possible!
What about revealing identity?
Who dared to stretch out his claws and chop it straight away!
When one person can control one country and one person overwhelm the world, who dares to make a mistake?
Thunder mad, Lei Hao?
What a clown!
Even a power unit like a country is helpless. What can a mere power be?
All this is just fantasy.
Even though he is now like a superman, he can\'t resist thermal weapons, let alone those doomsday weapons that can destroy a city and blow up the earth.
Still, keep a low profile!
With a light sigh, Qin Luosheng looked at the slightly distorted ice and snow goddess, and resonated in his heart: "This is the end without the strength to guard, and he can only watch the injury or death of his loved one. Im not from Blue Star, but I occupy this buddys body and receive his memory. With cause and effect, how can his relatives ignore it?Lets bear it, bear it, and continue to grow awkwardly before there is no invincibility !"
At this time, the goddess of ice and snow, who had finished laughing, stabilized a little, and continued: "Unfortunately, what can she do if she is a deity? After all, people cannot be resurrected from death. The technique she has learned is not the technique of reviving the dead.-For that man, she She\'s fallen, she\'s mad, so, I, was born!"
Hear here.
Qin Luosheng finally came across.
He understood why the word "evil" was added after the ice goddess in front of him!
This guy was transformed by the evil thoughts of the true ice and snow goddess. After the death of aquatic life, he fell into evil thoughts.
in other words.
She is the evil side of the goddess of ice and snow, or is she...second personality? ! !
"You defeated that woman to block my kind thoughts!"
The goddess of ice and snow, no, it should be called the goddess of ice and snow, looked at Qin Luosheng and sneered: "Not only that, you also summoned the **** of death, released the domain of the **** of death, the demon force field, greatly weakened her ban and increased it. I have lost my strength. Thanks to you, her kindness has been defeated, and I am out of trouble!"
Qin Luosheng:...
Damn it!
Do all the problems with co-authoring come from Lao Tzu?
Feeling the four faint gazes coming, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but twitch.
What to look at?
Can this tm blame me?
I\'m innocent, okay?
What can I do?
I am also desperate!
Who knew there was such a thing?
Is this a lying gun?
"What do you say, it\'s not a fake!"
Qin Luosheng barked his teeth, and vomited a little uncomfortably: "It\'s just a bad idea rejected and sealed by the body, what kind of garlic is it?"
Faced with Qin Luoshengs rude words, the evil goddess of ice and snow was not angry. She just snorted and said: "You are right, I am indeed the womans evil thoughts, but after today, who is the main body? I\'m not sure!"
"Oh? What do you say?"
Qin Luosheng squinted his eyes and asked.
"You broke the avatar of kind thoughts that she only had energy to form, I got out of trouble, she could no longer ban me."
Maybe I thought that Qin Luosheng would be eaten up by them. The Evil Ice and Snow Goddess didn\'t have the slightest intention to conceal it, and she explained generously: "Plus, there is such a top-grade Celestial Ice Spirit root that has swallowed her, my strength Even if its her heyday, she cant help it! Hahaha..."
"This is really an accident!"
Qin Luosheng sighed, and his lazy expression suddenly became firm. The two swords that had been stuck on the ground as "walking sticks" were also lifted by him again, "The main body is actually going to be suppressed by the clone, tusk, this goddess of ice and snow. , It is really miserable, and it is also a real dish!-But, do you think you have a chance to win?"
"Could it be that there is no accident?"
The evil goddess of ice and snow sneered and said, "Just rely on your ant-like waste? You are not even the second turn?"
What waste?
What kind of chicken?
I fuck!
Is this too insulting?
I don\'t want face?
"No no no..."
Qin Luosheng wiggled his index finger and said in agreement, "Of course we can\'t beat you!"
"You still know yourself!"
The evil goddess of ice and snow was a little surprised, maybe she didn\'t know why Qin Luosheng was still fighting in the previous moment, and why the next moment was stunned, but she, who was sure to eat them, didn\'t care about it.
"Don\'t panic, I haven\'t finished speaking yet!"
A faint smile hung on the corner of Qin Luosheng\'s mouth, a look of calmness, but the sword\'s edge suddenly shook, pointed at the evil goddess of ice and snow, and said, "We can\'t, but I can!"
Scarlet Rose:? ? ?
Bloody Rose: ?p????p?
Elegant and simple lotus: r(st)q
Allure Peony: (??)
The evil goddess of ice and snow was also stunned by Qin Luosheng\'s show operation for a while, then gave Qin Luosheng a weird look and said, "You are really very confident!"
"It is necessary!"
Qin Luosheng twisted his neck, ignoring the four gazes that contained different emotions and stared at him, his arm shook: "Little!"