Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 501: : At the final level, finally see the goddess of ice and snow (part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 501: : At the final level, finally see the goddess of ice and snow (part 2)

"Young warrior, why break into my temple without permission?"
When Qin Luosheng was looking for the guardian BOSS at this level, and 90% probability was the goddess of ice and snow, a icy, ethereal voice suddenly came into his ears, the deep and cold tone, as if even the soul could be frozen, making him unable to help his whole body. Shake, cold from head to toe.
Turn around and look.
I see.
An alluring beauty in a snow-white neon palace dress, accompanied by endless snowflakes, is falling from the sky, like a god, like a holy, the kind of suppression derived from high-level and high-dimensional life and energy, making people even want to resist. Can\'t get up.
"This is the goddess of ice and snow?"
Qin Luosheng was shocked.
This feeling is unprecedented!
She is a real god, a real fairy, not like a blue silk or a scarlet rose, like a fairy!
That kind of temperament cannot be imitated!
"I am here for the sake of Lei Xue Village!"
Qin Luosheng took a deep breath, bit the tip of his tongue, expelled the shock and thoughts in his mind, and forced himself to calm down. Then he raised his head and looked at the stunning and perfect face of the goddess of ice and snow, and swallowed without a trace. Spit, then said: "I don\'t know, the goddess still remembered, the witch jade slave!"
"Jade slave?"
Originally heard the three words "leixuexuecun", the expression of the goddess of ice and snow suddenly changed. Her cold and immaculate cheeks were slightly distorted. It was obvious that Qin Luosheng touched her taboo. However, just as she was about to attack, Qin Luosheng quickly vomited A name suddenly calmed her down.
"She, how is she?"
Right bet!
Looking at the stabilized ice and snow goddess, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help wiping the cold sweat on his forehead.
It\'s just a little bit off!
This is also helpless.
The Goddess of Ice and Snow is a god, how can she waste too much time talking nonsense with you, not directly cutting into the subject, Luo Li is boring, that is digging his own grave.
Now that the matter of the Snow Goddess of Ice and Snows Lei Xue Village has developed to such a point, ordinary gentle methods have no effect at all, and it is definitely not feasible without heavy medicine!
And with heavy medicine, it will inevitably cause the pain in the heart of the ice and snow goddess that he does not want to face. At that time, I must talk about collapse, and the only person that can stabilize the ice and snow goddess is only one person, or a name
Yu slave!
The witch Jade Slave, the old woman who received them in Lei Xue Village, was the sweetheart and fiancee of the man named Shui Sheng, who was beloved by the goddess of ice and snow when she did not enter the temple to serve the flower god!
Back then.
It is precisely because of the existence of the jade slaves that the ice and snow goddess who originally wanted to destroy Leixue Village directly and turned all the people in Leixue Village into ice sculptures finally stopped the desire to kill and turned Leixue Village into a Jedi of ice and snow instead. , And blocked all channels with the outside world as punishment.
"She\'s okay!"
After wiping the cold sweat, Qin Luosheng felt the ice-cold gaze of the goddess of ice and snow, staring at it plainly, but it made him feel as if he was being stared at by a wild beast. It was the gaze from a high-level life. , Just as humans look at ants!
"However, as a human race, Granny Yunu is already old. With her body, it is estimated..."
Qin Luosheng answered honestly, in the face of the gods, did not dare to have the slightest idea of ??deception.
Can\'t deceive, but it can be adulterated!
Qin Luosheng does not know how many things can cause the heart of the ice and snow goddess, but the only one he knows and can touch is the old woman Yunu. This will not be used to bring back her memories and even guilt. Can play?
It\'s all nostalgic!
Especially for the beautiful memories deep in my heart, I will always remember them.
As a deity, high above, overlooking sentient beings, but that is lonely.
The ice girl is ruthless, the heart is clear, the sky is not shocked, the heart lake is like a pool of stagnant water, or frozen into ice, it is difficult to ripple!
The ice girl is also sentimental. Once emotional, the sky collapses, the mountain collapses, and the ground splits. She swears to follow her death without complaint. As long as she finds one person, her heart will collapse and she will never waver and live forever.
Before encountering aquatic life, before entering Leixue Village, no, it should be said that before Niaoyu Village, the ice and snow goddess does not matter, she should be a god, the high ice and snow goddess, no one in the world can make her tempted!
After encountering Shuisheng and entering Niaoyu Village, she lost her memory, and without the heart and memory of the goddess, she was just an ordinary woman.
The beauty that has never been felt before, the warmth that has never been encountered before, the heartbeat that has never been experienced before, ... she has experienced it, she has fallen!
Whether its the warm and peaceful life in Niaoyu Village, or the aquatic life that has touched her heartstrings and the lake of her heart, it is completely imprinted in the depths of her heart, her soul, and her life is exhausted. , Can never forget.
Destiny seemed to play a joke on her.
When there is no power to guard her, wouldn\'t her goddess-like appearance and temperament attract covetousness?
and so--
Amnesia and wounded, she was sealed with divine power and could not escape her destiny. Before Shuisheng met her, she had a marriage contract with her childhood sweetheart.
in this way.
She and Shuisheng were separated under the influence of those with ulterior motives who coveted her.
I just enjoyed a bit of a beautiful deity, but this goodness has turned into an eternal nightmare.
The water is dead!
Was beaten to death in front of her.
The desperate heart was once again frozen.
Even if she recovers her memory and her divine power, what can she do?
after all!
There is no way to save her lost beauty, no way to save the one she loves!
The memory of life in Niaoyu Village!
Days with aquatic life!
All were sealed by her, sealed in her already cold heart, perhaps the heart that could never be unfrozen in this life!
After all, the seal is just a seal, not forgotten.
A name awakens the memory of the past.
She can destroy the entire Leixue Village or even the entire Leixue Peak, erasing everything before, but there is only one person, she can\'t!
Yu slave!
This woman!
If she hadn\'t appeared, she would have spent the rest of her life lovingly with Shuisheng, right?
Working at sunrise, resting at sunset, men ploughing and women weaving, old men grow old together.
is her!
It was her appearance that caused the jade slave who should have had a beautiful life to lose everything!
No home!
No loved ones!
No husband!
No offspring!
No hope!
No future!
all of these!
she was--
It is the initiator.