Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 499: : At the final level, finally see the goddess of ice and snow (part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 499: : At the final level, finally see the goddess of ice and snow (part 1)

"Summon Death Skeleton!"
The epic ring [Bone Ring] on the right hand released strong dark energy, and a huge skeletal creature quickly formed in front of Qin Luosheng.
The skeletal giant that was summoned hadn\'t fully formed yet, only a shadow was formed. The next moment, the attack of the ice crystal charm spirit had already been killed.
The skeletal giant didnt hold on for 0.1 second, and was instantly hit by that violent and extremely cold energy icicle, first turned into ice sculptures, then into ice cubes, then into ice, and finally into ice fragments. , Completely dissipated!
"This, is this the final stunt of the Ice Crystal Charm?"
Everyone who saw this scene completely stayed.
The energy icicles with a diameter of more than ten meters are frozen wherever they go, just like time and space, and they are extremely destructive. The ground that has been dripped is not only a pothole, but a direct plow. A huge crack was opened, and inside, there was cold and ice everywhere.
It is definitely a destruction attribute!
Not only destruction, there is also a terrifying ice-bound effect of absolute zero!
Qin Luosheng came up from the ground, his scalp numb for a while, this scene resembling a natural disaster, and the extreme death threat he faced just now, almost didn\'t scare him to pee.
"How can it be?"
Qin Luosheng was shocked, and the ice crystal fascination who was gasping for breath was not much different. Seeing that there should be no ice scum in its consciousness, it stood in front of him unscathed. It was shocked and angry. : "Boy, who are you, why are you not dead?"
"Why am I not dead?"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help rolling his eyes.
Really almost capsized in the gutter!
If the attack like that just now is really hit, he will definitely die after the game is over, and even the resurrection ability of the [Pray for Life] will not save him.
after all.
Relying on the power of the goddess of life to resurrect, just inject rich vitality into the dead body, trigger the miracle of life, and then resurrect!
What was that just now?
Not to mention the whole corpse, even the corpse was not left, even a single hair was gone, as if it was broken down into particles, maybe even the cells did not survive.
"Ice Crystal Charm is a real dog. He actually used such a perverted trick. Fortunately, I am not an iron-headed baby. I didn\'t want a hard touch. Otherwise, I\'m already GG!"
Qin Luosheng was extremely thankful.
If it hadn\'t been for his god-level reaction just now, he would be gone now.
Why would the bone giant be called at a critical time?
Qin Luosheng wouldn\'t think that the bone giant can withstand the ultimate trick of the ice crystal charm under the fury. Facts have proved that he is right!
From the beginning, the existence of bone giants was not used to resist damage, but
Make a shadow!
That\'s right!
It is to create a shadow.
Even through various tasks, various trials, various BOSS bursts, and congenital awakening, Qin Luosheng\'s skills are simply explosive, and one is stronger than one.
Qin Luosheng hasn\'t forgotten what his profession is!
Shadow Warrior!
At the critical moment, it was relying on the shadow warrior\'s ability to escape this disaster!
Shadow escape!
There are two effects, the first is to teleport within a five-meter range, and the second is to escape into the shadow and avoid all regular damage!
Even though Ice Crystal Charms tricks were extremely vigorous, they did not break out of the conventional category after all.
Strictly speaking, the Kirin DomainKirin Ultimate Ice Lantern Flash, this skill is still elemental magic, but through the connection of the Kirin bloodline and the Kirin language, it causes the elements to change and exerts a stronger effect!
Shadow escape is definitely a magical skill, a magical skill for evasion!
To trigger this ability, there is a premise-shadow!
The four girls of Qiangweihui are far away, in order not to be accidentally injured.
Little, for his safety, Qin Luosheng also took him back to the pet space.
There was nothing around Qin Luosheng, and no one, and there was no condition to provide him with a shadow so that he could escape in and avoid harm.
Since there is nothing, then only create something out of thin air!
The skeletal giant was chosen by luck and became Qin Luosheng\'s tool man, providing him with a shadow that he could avoid! (Bone Giant: Thank you tm!)
"Impossible, this is impossible..."
The Ice Crystal Charm, who followed the ice and snow goddess in the South and North Wars, had never suffered such a blow before, and looked at Qin Luosheng dumbly, and kept talking.
"Nothing is impossible!"
Qin Luosheng sneered, feeling that the effect of the augmentation skills had passed, and now there was only Shengyan, but he glanced at the state of the ice crystal charm at this moment, and felt confident, "Like your kind beasts, high above them, treating humans like Ants, how can you really open your eyes and treat humans with a straight eye?
"Why? Now it is unacceptable to be defeated by humans who have always looked down upon?-Your lord, the times have changed!"
Qin Luosheng continued to ridicule: "Do you think it is the ancient times? Human beings have stood up, and you, have become the remnants of the era, and have been eliminated!-Not to mention you, a hybrid unicorn, even your fathers, The true unicorns dont dare to underestimate human beings. With you, who gives you the courage to disdain the overlord of heaven and earth?
Ice Crystal Charm:...
"Asshole, dare to insult the deity?"
Winner and loser, at this moment, because of the unleashing of unique tricks, the ice crystal charm spirit, who is basically ineffective, has nothing to say in the face of Qin Luosheng\'s ridicule.
When it heard the word "miscellaneous blood", it couldn\'t help but ran away in anger!
No matter it is any creature, even human beings, blood is the most important thing, otherwise, there will be no such words as "barbarians".
Even as a race, human beings will not intermarry with other races, so as not to tarnish their bloodlines, not to mention the ancient Qilin family, who value bloodlines more than Human races thousands of times.
In fact.
It is precisely because of the non-pure Qilin bloodline that the Ice Crystal Charm is not recognized by his father, and even the Qilin clan is not allowed to enter. Otherwise, with the arrogance of the Qilin clan, how could the Ice Crystal Charm become the goddess of ice and snow. The mount of a strong man who has mastered a few laws of ice?
As the eternal pain in the bottom of my heart, the bloodline is the last thing the ice crystal charm spirit is willing to mention!
But this **** race dared to be in front of it, and Chi Guoguo called it "miscellaneous blood", which is simply a humiliation!
"Humiliate you? Are you noble? I can\'t humiliate you?"
Qin Luosheng tilted his head, looking at the ice crystal charm with a pair of smiling eyes, and said disdainfully: "Make it clear, now you are just the meat on the chopping board, let me kill, don\'t, it\'s too arrogant. !"