Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 497: : Xiao Xiao and Bingjing Charm, Long Lin Dou!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 497: : Xiao Xiao and Bingjing Charm, Long Lin Dou!

Even though tiger hunting is the most advanced skill, it hasn\'t grown up after all, and in the face of powerful existence, it can\'t be fully effective.
And this ice crystal charm is worthy of the mount of the ice goddess. At this moment, the Qilin Alien Species that burns Qilin\'s blood can hardly weaken the tiger hunting effect even with the ordinary epic existence, but it directly cancels out for two seconds!
"Three seconds?"
Seeing the ice crystal charm spirit who was in a state of fear, unable to control his body, pacing back and forth in place, Qin Luo raised the sword and killed it, "Although it is not enough, there is nothing wrong with the layout of the battle!"
"Frenzy-heavy blow!"
The epee has no edge, and the skill is not working.
[Panlong Lishui], who was extremely sharp and carried the soul of the two dragons of ice and fire, was used by Qin Luosheng as a sharp sword, and slammed into the throat of the ice crystal charm.
"Ding, your skill\'s violent blow takes effect, causing the ice crystal charm to be absolutely severely injured, and all attributes are reduced by 20%!"
Not into the epic, even if the strength is comparable to the epic, but the grade is still flawed, and it is still not immune to the effect of the epic skill [Furious Bash].
This is the ice crystal charm!
The Goddess of Luck finally couldn\'t pass the shameless operation of the dog system, and once again stood on Qin Luosheng\'s side, triggering an absolute serious injury, reducing the ice crystal charm by 20% of all attributes (not including life mana)!
Longwei 20%!
Furious hit 20%!
Your ice crystal charm can burn Qilin blood to increase yourself, can\'t I weaken you?
A total of 40% weakening, even though it is not as good as the increase, Qin Luosheng is very content!
Go ahead!
"Summon Little!"
Players fight BOSS, without a just group fight, how can they be considered as BOSS fight?
Qin Luosheng immediately summoned the little one who had just evolved without hesitation!
Real dragon and unicorn!
This battle scene must be very shocking, right?
as predicted.
The moment Xiao Xiao was summoned, a pair of dragon pupils firmly locked the ice crystal charm.
Dragon and unicorn!
One is the king of aquatic people, dominating rivers, lakes and seas!
One is the king of beasts, the Aoxiaoshan woodland vein!
Even if it is not incompatible with fire and water, the same kings naturally follow the law of "one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers". After all, only one king is allowed to exist in a space!
Now both sides are their masters, one wants to protect the ice and snow goddess, and the other follows Qin Luosheng\'s will.
In this way.
Hostile nature is 100%!
Without Qin Luosheng\'s order, Xiaoxiao had already revealed a dragon body that was about ten meters long, swimming in midair, with the dragon\'s mouth wide open, and the space suddenly became hot. That was the temperature generated by the explosion of the fire element!
Well done!
Fire and water cannot tolerate, restrain each other.
To deal with the existence of the ice attribute of the ice crystal charm, using the weak power to restrain the earth attribute, it is better to use the violent and most lethal fire attribute.
With little action, Qin Luosheng did not sit idle either.
Three seconds of fear.
The one second of the violent heavy blow, the one-sword slash and the summoning Xiaoxiao went for another second, now there is only the last second, which must be used well.
[Hundred Wars and Blood Soldiers] Under the control of the left hand, they turned into afterimages, and they slammed the horns on the forehead of the ice crystal charm spirit at high speed!
A crisp sound came into Qin Luosheng\'s ears.
The unicorn of the ice crystal charm spirit, broken?
"Fuck, it\'s almost time to fire!"
The surprised Qin Luosheng looked up, his face collapsed instantly.
It was broken, but only a crack appeared, and it was not completely broken.
"MD, there is a huge difference in body shape. This single horn is almost bigger than mine. With this brutal three-shot attack, even if the breaking effect is triggered, this horn cannot be cut off!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t give up and wanted to take advantage of the victory and pursue it.
The ice crystal charm spirit recovered from the state of fear, can it become a target and let it be killed?
"Dare to hurt this deity\'s unicorn horn, human kid, you have completely angered the deity!"
As the most precious part of the unicorn, the damage of the unicorn horn was naturally noticed by the Ice Crystal Charm.
In just a few seconds, the indestructible unicorn horn, which represents the dignity of the unicorn, was broken. It was broken by a weak human race. The ice crystal charm was furious: "The deity must set you down!"
"Oh oh oh, urgent, urgent!"
Qin Luosheng said in a weird manner: "Aren\'t you trying to freeze me and make me kneel here and the warrior can\'t turn over? Why, you changed your mind so soon?"
The Ice Crystal Charm roared, flicked his head, and opened his mouth to bite towards Qin Luosheng in front of it.
At this moment, an orange-red flame bomb suddenly rushed in and hit the ice crystal charm\'s face heavily, leaving a black scorch on its originally blue cheek.
The ice crystal charm spirit seemed to be slapped severely, and its head "staggered". It almost drove its body and was also repelled. Angrily, it turned its head and looked around, wanting to see who was disrupting the situation. However, , But what caught your eye was a real dragon with teeth and dancing claws, exuding a terrifying dragon.
"True dragon?"
The Ice Crystal Charm was stunned. Even though it was Qilin\'s mixed blood, there was Qilin\'s blood in his body. Naturally, he could perceive the small bloodline of the same beast.
The ice crystal charm was almost not scared to death!
Don\'t say it is this uniblood of the unicorn, even if its father is here, the true pure-blood ice unicorn, bloodline concentration and bloodline height, are definitely not as high as the uncle in front of him!
"No, that\'s not right, this breath is true dragon, and it\'s very strong!"
After all, it is to follow the ice and snow goddess to travel north and south, and fight countless. The ice crystal charm is extremely knowledgeable. After shock, he immediately noticed something wrong, "But it\'s just a young dragon of growth period, and it seems to have signed a blood contract with this little ghost , I was dragged down by this kid, and my strength was greatly suppressed!"
Qin Luosheng suddenly got a black line on his forehead!
Can you speak?
What does it mean to be dragged down by Lao Tzu?
You know a hammer!
After signing a contract with Lao Tzu, even though the health value of the magic value has dropped to the player\'s level, it is not like the legendary level of millions, but Xiao Xiao has the ability that a guy like you does not have.
If you die, you are really dead!
Xiaoxiao died, and became the same as our player, only dropped and weakened for a while!
With an immortal body and following me, a master with an infinitely bright future, how can you be as happy as you?
"I chop"
With a frantic onslaught, Qin Luosheng danced wildly with his hands and flashed his feet. Under the huge body of the ice crystal charm, it was like wearing a butterfly. Even though it seemed that every time it was dangerous, it seemed that it was about to attack every time. Almost so little, the attack passed him by.
"Clang clang..."
After a strong attack, with the little help of Qin Luosheng\'s spiritual connection, the ice crystal charm was dwarfed, unable to support the left and right, and could not resist the shameless siege of these two hooligans.