Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 495: : Burning, Qilin Blood (Part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 495: : Burning, Qilin Blood (Part 2)

Maybe others just treat this as a virtual world, and treat these NPCs as data only. When these things happen as an editor\'s plot, Qin Luosheng can\'t do it.
A real person does not have the appearance of a human being. A person with a real flesh and blood is called a person, but a person with personality, humanity, rationality that is different from wild beasts, understanding the law and following morals, and this is called a person!
The NPCs in this virtual reality world are undoubtedly humans in Qin Luosheng\'s eyes!
This is why, in Xinshou Village, when Wang Xiaomin was killed by the wild wolf king, he would be angry; he would feel uncomfortable when he saw the sadness and sorrow of Wang Laomin sending the white-haired man to the black-haired man; facing Luo Li and Mengmeng He will be pleased and tempted when the time comes; when he hears the encounter with the undead lich, he will feel the same;...
Emotional resonance!
Exchange of ideas!
The intersection of heart and heart!
These ones.
Build a bridge between people\'s hearts.
Qin Luosheng is serious. He seriously treats the NPCs in the eyes of others as living people, as enemies, as friends, as brothers, as lovers,...
This is no different from reality!
Maybe there are.
But that\'s just the difference between reality and virtuality, nothing more!
at least.
When communicating and coexisting, the real person and the NPC are the same here!
"Ice Crystal Charm, let\'s fight!"
It doesn\'t make sense, so it can only be solved by force.
Since ancient times.
No matter what era or stage, the problem can be solved purely by lip service, even the strategists who were arrogant at the beginning cannot do it.
It is the only standard to solve the problem!
"Huh, arrogant kid!"
Because the goddess was humiliated, the Ice Crystal Charm, who could not bear it for a long time, saw that Qin Luosheng actually took the initiative to invite the battle, is this tm still tolerable? There was a big mouth on the spot, and an ice bullet about the size of a unicorn melon was generated instantly, and it rushed towards Qin Luosheng at an extremely fast speed.
"Good job!"
Qin Luosheng roared, shaking his body, and with the super-high speed blessing, he easily avoided this super long-range magic attack, and at the same time, continued to advance wildly.
The ice bullets are endless, spit out from the mouth of the ice crystal charm spirit.
This product.
Not only inherited the blood of the ice unicorn, with terrible physical talent, but also inherited the blood of the ice spirit horse, movement speed and magic talent, and it is also not weak.
Can be attacked and acceptable, close or far away!
This kind of BOSS with both magic and martial arts is the most difficult one!
Qin Luosheng also dealt with many such bosses, practice makes perfect, and he has a certain experience.
Since the BOSS can attack from a distance or in close combat, so can he!
Under the hedge.
Will you lose if you have blessed the boost attribute?
This is possible unless the BOSS is epic!
Shengyan\'s +5 meters attack distance, sword energy +2 meters attack distance, a total of up to 7 meters attack distance, coupled with super speed, in this vast hall, it is possible to launch guerrilla warfare.
When the speed is completely exploded, Qin Luosheng has the blessing of the [Courage Medal], which is not controlled by the spirit class. What can the ice crystal charm do?
of course.
Not being controlled by spirits is not a panacea!
Effects such as fear, chaos, and psychedelic are invalid, but effects such as paralysis, stiffness, freezing, and petrification can still be effective.
Those negative effects that can take effect have a prerequisite, and that must be in contact with Qin Luosheng himself to take effect.
In front of Qin Luosheng, who has a speed of thousands of points and tens of thousands of points, and a wide battlefield, the ice crystal charm can almost be regarded as instantaneous ice bullets and can\'t touch the corners of his clothes. Those attacks with negative effects want to hit ?
Foolish dreams!
"Zhan Zhan Zhan..."
Endless sword aura swayed, golden flames burned, even though the flame of the holy flame is a sacred fire, it can be regarded as a conceptual fire, not a normal real fire. It has nothing to do with the water element that opposes the fire element. The special effect, plus the ice crystal charm is not the existence of the dark system, the special effect does not take effect.
How terrifying is Qin Luosheng\'s attack at this moment?
Without the special effects, the sword energy formed by the tyrannical attack power is real. Even if the ice crystal charm has the body of a unicorn, and the sharp ice cones on it are like ice armor, it can\'t help but one after another, like endless slashing!
Especially among these slashing attacks, the slashing of "Panlong Lishui" comes with special effects of "Dragon Fire", water and fire hedging, even if it only has 3000 points of fire damage, it feels really uncomfortable.
The [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] is even more terrifying. The penetrating damage of the empowered [Broken ArmyBreak] is too threatening to the tyrannical body. As long as it is triggered, not to mention the blood, at least let it The pain is endless, that hurt, the old man is high!
"Damn human kid!"
After a confrontation between the sword qi and the ice bullet, the ice crystal magic spirit missed a shot. Qin Luo ascended the sword qi to three or four, completely crushed, and beat the ice crystal magic spirit without temper, completely furious, "the deity must have today Turn you into an ice sculpture and make you kneel in the temple, ashamed of the goddess for a thousand years!"
What a bad temper!
It was a hundred years ago, and now the direct sentence has been doubled ten times, which is carried to a thousand years!
Good guys!
I tm straight to good guys!
Good for you!
In this virtual world, the supernatural world, gods, demons, evil spirits, Buddha Buddhism, etc., there are all kinds of demons and ghosts, and the chaos is endless. Nature looks even more fruitful than the real world\'s jungle laws!
Strength comes first!
The only strength!
"If you can\'t fight, you will become angry and start to lose your temper? Descendants of unicorns, auspicious beasts!"
Qin Luosheng ridiculed: "You still kneel down to your goddess to confess for a thousand years. You are so awesome, why don\'t you go to heaven!"
"Huh, it\'s a mere advantage!"
The Ice Crystal Charm snorted disdainfully, ignoring Qin Luosheng\'s sarcasm, a pair of azure blue dragon pupils like the most perfect sapphire, suddenly emitting a dazzling light, "I hope you can still be so sharp in the future! Qilin blood, burn!"
Space shock!
An extremely strong power was generated instantly, crushed down, and Qin Luosheng suddenly felt that it was hard to breathe.
The ice crystal fascination roars up to the sky, and the huge body is surrounded by a rich blue light of ice. It looks beautiful, like an ingenious and ingenious unicorn ice sculpture.
In this vast and clear light like the sea, it is full of unspeakable terrorist killing intent.
at least.
Qin Luosheng\'s mentality collapsed!
"What is this tm?"
Qin Luosheng, with a sullen face, almost vomited without being sick.
When the detection technique is activated, the health of the ice crystal charm is as high as 70%!
? ? ?
What\'s wrong with the swelling brother?
Didnt you say that you only run away when your health drops by 50%, 30%, and 10%?
What is this now?
Don\'t talk about martial arts!