Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 480: : Snow Monster
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 480: : Snow Monster

"It\'s a pet, a wild pet, and it\'s still level 9!!!"
Qin Luosheng\'s abnormality attracted the eyes of the four girls next to him. After seeing the wild ice elves, they almost didn\'t jump up.
no way.
The ice elves\' appearance is too high, there is nothing to dislike.
The monsters that have grown up have no choice but to kill them.
but now.
Who doesn\'t want a wild pet that can be captured?
Regardless of the strength and appearance of the ice elves, more than 90% of players now have no pets, even if the ice elves are rubbish, they are extremely sought-after!
after all.
Something is better than nothing!
Didn\'t you see how fierce the guy\'s pet is? It is simply a slaughter machine. With such help, whether it is PK or leveling, it can greatly increase itself.
Isn\'t this fragrant?
Now you can tame it on the spot, or seal it on the spot, you can summon it right away, and you can eat experience upgrades together. Once it is completed, not to mention how strong it is, at least it is a help?
The big deal, add all the pet\'s upgrade attribute points to the physique to make it a blood cow pet. When it is critical, it can also block a knife! ! !
not to mention.
This ice elf is not a garbage pet, but a ninth level pet. Among ordinary pets, it is already at the peak. If you continue to go up, it will be epic!
"Big Brother Crying Soul!"
Peony sister began to act like a baby.
This ice elf pet was discovered by Qin Luosheng. According to the rules, he naturally has the first right to capture.
Even if Qin Luosheng already has a small child, this does not prevent him from grabbing pets.
In fact.
Since the opening of the pet system, a new profession has been born-a pet dealer who specializes in catching pets for sale!
After all, the pet system hasn\'t been opened for a long time, and most players don\'t have it. What a broad prospect and a huge market, naturally countless people are staring at this big cake.
At this stage.
On the pet list, except for Qin Luoshengs legendary pet Xiaoxiao, Yiqi Juechen, dominates the list, the remaining ones, the second is the eighth pet, the third is the seventh pet, and the rest from the fourth to the The tenth place is all the lowest level five pets.
As a ninth-level pet, the ice elves can be on the pet list immediately as long as the catch is successful, and it will be directly ranked second. What is the value of this?
Qin Luosheng was originally a "mercenary" who was paid!
The Moon Temple last time was so!
This is also true of Xuexue Village!
Fortunately, Qin Luosheng already has a pet, and this ice elf caught it and sold it, because a player can only summon one pet to fight at a time. Since it is a sale, they naturally have the opportunity to get a month near the water!
This group of girls are at odds!
Players can train more pets. Even if only one pet can be summoned to fight at the same time, different pets can be used to fight against different enemies and in different environments.
As a handle to open the pet system, Qin Luosheng has been rewarded, not only the permanent pet stall +2, but also the pet battle +1!
in other words.
Qin Luosheng can train three pets at the same time, and can also summon two pets to fight at the same time.
Qin Luosheng had no interest in ice elves.
Compared with Xiao Xiao, this product is totally incomparable.
If the ice spirit is a physical pet, maybe he is still a little interested, but it is a magic type.
Magic pet!
Still a single ice magic pet!
Xiaoxiao is a pet that can use all-element magic, and is also a dragon. It contains real dragon blood. When he grows up, he may be able to awaken the mysterious dragon language magic,...
Isn\'t this fragrant?
Qin Luosheng wants the ice elves only after pumping his brain!
Qin Luosheng doesn\'t want to cultivate a completely redundant disused pet even if there is an extra vacancy. After all, cultivation requires energy and cost. If you accept it, money will be easy to talk about, but what about experience? Two pets eat their own experience at the same time, who can stand it?
"1000 crystal coins, this ice spirit, let us?"
Compared with Peony Girls acting like a baby, Scarlet Rose is much more crisp, and the price is offered directly.
1000 crystal coins?
Qin Luosheng was shocked.
Boss atmosphere!
Originally, I didn\'t plan to ask for an ice spirit, but I didn\'t expect to use waste to get such a big ticket!
"to make."
Qin Luo rose to the price of 1,000 crystal coins, so he nodded and agreed on the spot, for fear that Scarlet Rose would regret it.
in fact.
Qin Luosheng also knew.
The price of this 1,000 crystal coins is definitely high.
At this stage, the pet market has not yet opened up, it is extremely sluggish, and even the rankings are all crooked melons.
This ice elf can be on the list and reach the second highest position on the list, which will give Qiang Wei a great increase in fame. This is the greatest value of the ice elf, the biggest reason why it is worth 1,000 crystal coins.
"Ding, you are trading with Scarlet Rose!"
"Ding, the transaction is successful, you get crystal coins*1000!"
With 1,000 crystal coins in the account, Qin Luosheng immediately retreated and handed the "battlefield" to Scarlet Rose.
Perhaps it has been communicated in secret in private.
Even though the other three girls were greedy, they still obediently gave the ice elves to their own president.
Scarlet Rose was not hypocritical, and took out the seal card and aimed at the ice elf for a while.
After the five seal cards were abolished, the ice elves were finally successfully sealed into the card, which also represented a successful capture.
Open the pet leaderboard!
Qin Luosheng saw that the original second-ranked, eighth-level pet had already been squeezed to third. The new list was undoubtedly Scarlet Rose\'s nine-level Pokemon Ice Elf.
"Picture Book.jpg!"
Is the attribute book of ice elves?
Qin Luosheng click to open!
Ice Elf (Unnamed)
Level: 0
Type: Pet
Grade: Nine
Bound: Scarlet Rose
Health: 200
Magic value: 800
Physical Attack: 10
Magic attack: 50
Physical defense: 20
Magic defense: 30
Speed: 100
Skills: [Ice Spirit] Passive: Ice resistance +50%, power +20% when casting ice magic!
[Bing Ling] Active: Expend 10 mana points, attack the target, cause 120% magic damage, and cool down for 1 second!
too weak!
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t see it.
This attribute.
Compared with the small level 0 attributes, it is completely scum!
Qin Luosheng also understood that the attributes of the ice elves were already pretty good, and they were ninth-level pets and did not live up to this level.
This guy is still a rare magic pet, with such a high face value. At present, it is equivalent to a "divine pet"!
After seeing the ice elf\'s illustrated book, several girls felt envy, especially when Scarlet Rose summoned the ice elf, and screamed around for a while. It took a few minutes before they were relieved.
To this.
Qin Luo Shengsi felt nothing.
To make a few women go crazy there, he had already started to move forward and continued to kill monsters.
Two hours later.
Finally came to the end of the hall.
It is a pity.
There is no boss, and there is no second ice elf pet.
After quickly clearing the battlefield, Qin Luosheng took the four girls and stepped onto the stairs to the second floor of the palace.
Just entered the second floor.
A white monster rushed over.
Qin Luo raised the sword to block its offensive. Before he could use the detection technique, the two large characters on its head were already in sight.
Snow demon!