Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 473: : Qingcheng peony = half fan of pork?
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 473: : Qingcheng peony = half fan of pork?

For the events of Novice Village!
Qin Luosheng also has some regrets!
of course.
If you ask him to do it again, he will do that again.
He has no choice.
At that time, so many people were bewitched by the thunder mad and came to find his trouble.
That\'s tens of thousands!
How can normal methods be dealt with?
And he.
Can\'t go back!
Once back, there will be no place to bury him.
after all.
Novice Village is not the big map after entering the main city now. As long as you want to hide, put on a mask and be careful, no one can recognize you.
Xinshou Village is so big that it can\'t be hidden.
If he doesn\'t solve the problem all at once and frightens everyone, the trouble will continue to come, and eventually fall into the whirlpool, unable to climb up.
that time.
It was not the greed-for-profit guys who fell into hell, but himself!
Qin Luosheng regretted not using the Ten Thousand Venomous Snake Shadow Formation, but he did not expect that the Ten Thousand-Poison Snake Shadow Formation was so terrifying. The experience of the players trapped in it was so real that it was affected by countless snakes to mental disorders.
This is really unexpected!
In fact!
Qin Luosheng thought that it was so, that he even dare not reveal his true identity!
Compared with the offended Thundercutter that idiot, the tens of thousands of people who have entered the Novice Village have still not stepped out of the shadow of the snake formation. There are even people who have mental illness or depression and commit suicide. They are seeking revenge. The main force, once they knew that their relatives were Qin Luosheng who had done so badly, they turned into demons every minute, and never cared about changing a limit for one!
Qin Luosheng himself is naturally not afraid of revenge!
In reality, he has no power and influence, even if he has supernatural power, he can only protect himself at present, and cannot guarantee his predecessor\'s relatives, so he has been low-key and tolerant until now.
Bloody Rose refused to accept it, her temper came up, and she wanted to line up with Qin Luosheng.
"Okay, Rose, stop talking!"
Scarlet Rose was different. She had always been sober, and she clearly felt that Qin Luosheng was serious. If she continued, she would definitely part ways with the crying soul who had managed to get on the line, and might even have enemies.
Encounter with the crying soul!
Young Thunder Crazed has used a tragic example to tell everyone how terrible this is!
It doesn\'t matter if the Thunder Trade Union is abandoned for the big potion purchase on a week. He can let people buy it in the Hidden Dragon Pavilion. It\'s nothing more than spending a little more money. The Thunder Union has a big business and doesn\'t care about this little money.
It doesn\'t matter if you missed the "Broadcast" of the City Return Scroll of the nine major cities.
Once the Scroll of City Return is unfolded, the Thunder Guild undercover in their trade union will naturally reveal itself, and it will be taken by the Thunder mad.
At that time, other unions also completed their layout. The Thunder Union, which lost its first opportunity, had already suffered a sorrowful loss, and the loss was not a star or a half.
of course.
The key is--
Crying Soul is a careful person and a ruthless person!
A forbidden curse in Xinshou Village killed tens of thousands of people, fully showing his cruelty!
and also--
Luohe hanged and beat the elites of the Thunder Trade Union, and stepped on the soles of the Thunder Crazed, which proved that he was acting only on his own mind and regardless of the consequences, he was a complete lunatic!
I was worried about by a lunatic, and this lunatic was nearly invincible, and he also controlled such big killers as Hidden Dragon Pavilion and Shiweixian, monopolizing the high-end potion that players need most today,...
Who dares to provoke?
Even the two arrogant people of Donghuang and Emperor Wu didn\'t come into contact easily, just because they were afraid of accidents, they would be evil.
Compared to the East Emperor, Emperor Wu, the East Emperor Pavilion, and the Tyrant Guild, other people, other guilds, count as a ball?
Atoge took the ride of the Weeping Soul, and not only did ACTO become the first player to leave the Novice Village and gained a reputation, it also received a lot of care afterwards, which led to a surge in the strength of ACTO.
Atoge and Thunder Guild!
Young Yato and Thundercrazy!
These two are one positive and one negative, such a sharp contrast is ahead!
Who else dares to make trouble?
"I promise it won\'t happen a second time!"
Scarlet Rose walked a few steps closer and was less than half a meter away from Qin Luosheng. The towering majesty almost touched him. Looking at Qin Luosheng\'s vision, she earnestly promised: "I hope you can help us!"
"Little Qiangwei!"
Bloody Rose has never seen the proud Scarlet Rose so low-pitched that she lowered her noble head to a man. She couldn\'t help but cried out, wanting to stop it. However, she was swept away by Scarlet Rose\'s cold eyes, and she couldn\'t help but shiver. His steps stopped in place, and his mouth closed.
"President Qiangwei\'s face, I still have to give it!"
Qin Luosheng glanced at Dan Ya Suhe and Qingcheng Peony, especially the crying brother, who is like a little sister, Peony sister, and said: "However, the ugly words are ahead, this is this. Once and for the last time. If the same thing is happening, don\'t blame me for not being with me!"
"As it should be!"
Scarlet Rose nodded.
"In that case, let\'s do it here!"
Qin Luosheng turned the story over with a single sentence, then swept to the four, no, to the three girls, and asked: "Then, who will come first?"
"I, I, I!" Sister Peony jumped out immediately, raised her hands high, and said with excitement: "Big Brother Crying Soul, choose me to choose me. I haven\'t flown yet, let me try it first! "
Qin Luosheng:...
Glancing at the others, Qin Luosheng took a few steps forward and said, "Come here!"
Seeing Qin Luosheng who opened his arms and showed his embrace, Sister Peony blushed, but she still obediently walked over and said with a smile: "Hehe, Brother Weeping Soul, you must hurry, don\'t Fell me!"
"Don\'t worry, your few taels of meat are not as heavy as half a slice of pork, so you can\'t throw it away!"
Qin Steel, Luo, Straight Man, Sheng, instantly turned on the poisonous tongue technique, flushed the angry girl Peony, and couldn\'t help but cast iron sand palms on his shoulders with small hands.
Actually compare an invincible young girl to a fan of pork?
Is there a king?
Is there still a law?
Is it still a person?
"Okay, don\'t mess around!"
Qin Luosheng resisted Sister Peonys "violent output" (????) silently, stretched out his hand and hugged her willow waist.
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but feel relieved by the soft touch of the girl.
at the same time.
Qin Luosheng also felt that Sister Peony\'s body was shaking.
Look down.
The girl Peony, who had been "arrogant" before, had already lowered her head at this moment, she did not dare to look at him, her face was flushed red, and she was really cute.