Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 469: : Snow giant, death
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 469: : Snow giant, death

"You girl, don\'t mess with it!"
Qingcheng Peony\'s words made Blood Rose a black line in his forehead, and snorted uncomfortably, "Although I don\'t want to admit it, your Brother Crying Soul, that is, a mere silver boss, he can\'t beat him!"
Allure Peony flushed instantly!
"Don\'t say it, the battle has started again over there, watch it!"
Scarlet Rose interrupted the meaningless conversation, and said solemnly: "All of them turned on the camera system and filmed the battle from all angles. Dont miss the shots at all. I want to see, after the Moon Temple, How much the strength of Crying Soul has increased!"
The three women fell silent immediately!
Bloody Rose and Dan Ya Su He successively started the photography system.
Qingcheng Peony, who admired Qin Luosheng the most, had to listen to the president\'s order and aimed the camera at the ice bridge!

On the ice bridge!
Qin Luosheng, who was stabbed with a punch from the Snow Giant, hit the ground heavily!
In one round trip, nearly 30,000 points of life were lost.
As usual.
Qin Luosheng has fallen by two-thirds of his health, but thanks to the blessing of the flower god, he has gained 100% of all attributes, and wearing a lily brooch, his health has increased by 100%!
Now he has a total life value of over 150,000, a mere 30,000. Sprinkle water!
Standing up from the ground, Qin Luosheng looked at the snow giant who was rushing forward. He shook the two one-handed swords in his hands and twisted his neck. "Since you are so eager to come up to die, I will fulfill you! It just so happens! , I am in a hurry, then, ten seconds to solve you!"
"Snake pace!"
"The Heart of the Brave!"
"Hunting the tiger!"
Two speed-increasing skills, three attack-increasing skills, one weakening + control skills, under the control of Qin Luosheng, they can be used extremely quickly!
The Snow Giant, who was running wildly, stopped his figure and fell into a state of fear for five seconds under the roar of the huge phantom tiger behind Qin Luosheng.
[Qiong Wu]\'s grade is very high, even if it is not revealed, Qin Luosheng estimates that at present, it is at least epic!
The effect of hunting tigers, even an epic undead lich can work, not to mention a snow giant, a silver boss!
What about the overlord body?
The shadow thorn can\'t help you, it doesn\'t mean that other control skills can\'t work!
Five seconds of fear, just fill it up, one second will not work!
"Shadow Slash!"
With a movement of his body, after blessing two speed-increasing skills, Qin Luosheng\'s speed directly broke through five figures, and in the blink of an eye he hit the Snow Giant and cut out with a single sword!
More than four thousand points of damage exceeded six figures, dazzling people.
"It seems that ten seconds is overestimating you!"
Qin Luosheng smiled coldly and looked at the snow giant who had no goal because of fear, and turned on the effect of sword aura, swinging the sword crazy, "Five seconds, just five seconds of fear, I will pronounce your death sentence! "
Sword aura!
Jian Guang Zhan Zhan!
No need to aim, no dodge, just constant attack!
Such a perfect output environment, under Qin Luosheng\'s current violent attack and violent attack speed, the damage dealt is almost exploded!
Four seconds countdown!
53% of the snow giant\'s health!
Three seconds countdown!
The Snow Giant\'s health is 35%!
Two seconds countdown!
The snow giant\'s health is 19%!
Countdown to one second!
The snow giant\'s health is 3%!
At the last second, Snow Giant returned to normal, but what awaited him was a surging sword glow.
With only 3% of his health, he couldn\'t hold Qin Luosheng\'s sword at all, and his health was instantly emptied.
"Boom bang bang..."
In an instant.
The huge snow giant\'s body fell apart, turned into a ball of snowballs and fell, rolling away, covering half of the ice bridge.
"No, the system has no sound!"
Finish the work!
Qin Luosheng was about to put away his sword, suddenly thought about the most important thing, and quickly grasped [Panlong Lishui] and [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers].
One or two of these BOSS are cunning and tight, and they almost fell into the evil party again!
The Snow Giant\'s servant is not dead!
The scattered snowballs, as if attracted by some gravitational force, began to rotate and pull back, but within a few seconds, they regrouped into the appearance of a snow giant!
"Is it the same resurrection ability as the dead?"
Qin Luosheng frowned, "Why is it so difficult to come to any boss? This tm is resurrected everywhere, is it too disgusting?"
Detection technique!
Snow Giant (Enhanced Silver BOSS)
Level: 30
Health value: 600000
Magic value: 80000
Physical attack: 5000
Magic attack: 2000
Physical defense: 3000
Magic defense: 1000
Speed: 800
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: The ice and snow, which was originally only mediocre, was left behind by the goddess of ice and snow, so he revived his wisdom and volunteered to become the guardian of the ice temple.
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
This attribute!
It looks a little different from the one just now!
Attenuated a lot?
That\'s right!
It is indeed weakened a lot!
Others are not sure, but the health value is certain. Just now it was 800,000. Because Longwei reduced all attributes by 20%, 16W points appeared on the top of the snow giant\'s head!
"So, is it the same type as zombies? Even if it has the ability to resurrect, it is not without a price, and the price is to drop a certain strength. When the strength drops to the point where it can not be reduced, it will usher in real death!"
This is not the first time that such a situation has been encountered. Qin Luosheng analyzed it instantly.
"Isn\'t it good to go to death obediently? I have to come back and suffer!"
Qin Luosheng shook his head helplessly, and raised the two swords again, his eyes were violent: "Well, I will work harder and kill you a few more times!"
Hh hhhh...
Sword Qi shines again!
This time without the control of the tiger hunting, the snow giant roared constantly and fought back frantically!
Due to the small terrain of the ice bridge and the huge size of the snow giant, it occupies most of the area. The place Qin Luosheng can move is very small. There is constant backlash.
One punch, one punch, another punch!
One sword, one sword, another sword!
Fist fell on the ice bridge!
The sword was cut on the snow giant\'s body!
Ten seconds later!
The snow giant fell again!
This stock is resurrected again.
This resurrection, just as Qin Luosheng had guessed, only had 60% of the attributes of its heyday, and it was extremely weak!
Less than ten seconds!
The Snow Giant fell down again!
He is resurrected again!
Five seconds later!
Pour again!
Three seconds later!
"Ding, congratulations on successfully killing the 30-level enhanced silver boss Snow Giant, gaining 120W+ experience and 100 reputation!"