Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 465: : News from the Snow Goddess (Part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 465: : News from the Snow Goddess (Part 2)

Entrust the future?
Qin Luosheng was silent and solemn.
This is not the time to laugh, when a dying old man is begging them!
"The original right and wrong, who is right and who is wrong, we outsiders, cannot be evaluated, nor qualified to evaluate!"
Qin Luosheng let out a foul breath, looked at the old woman seriously, and said in a solemn tone: "However, even if you are guilty and have been guilty for decades, you should be paid off. You are right. Adults make mistakes and it doesnt matter to offspring. Theres no reason for future generations to be punished.We must do our best in this matter. Leixue Village, no, Niaoyu Village will return to the way it was before."
"is it?"
The old woman suddenly burst into tears, the back of her hand was full of frostbite, and the palm of her hand was full of calluses. She grabbed Qin Luosheng heavily, "That\'s great!"
for a long time!
The old woman\'s mood finally stabilized a bit, and she began to tell, telling Qin Luosheng all the information she knew, without reservation.
"You mean, at the top of Xuexue Peak, there is a palace made of pure ice and snow?"
Scarlet Rose was a little surprised. After all, what the old woman said sounded like a fairy tale world.
Imagine in a blink of an eye.
This is not the real world, and it\'s not surprising that weird things happen.
Is it impossible for even the gods to come out?
After all, Xiaoxue is the goddess of ice and snow. With her divine power and mastery of energy, it is easy to change the celestial phenomenon, and turn the entire Toba Peak into Lei Xuefeng, from a habitable paradise to a silent snow and ice. , The change lasted for several decades, and it has not changed at all, with a slight decay.
Her strength is evident!
The power of the gods is not something mortal can imagine!
not to mention.
Use the ice and snow, which is already the best at manipulating, to build a palace, just a small case!
Qin Luosheng had a haze in his heart.
This time, the one who is about to face off is a god, a deity with eight scriptures, not the joy of gaining divine power!
"Don\'t worry, the task evaluation is only S grade, it should not be too over-spec!"
Qin Luosheng comforted himself: "Besides, this is still a job transfer task. Even if it is an evaluation of S-level, it must be far behind the hidden S-level task of Moon God Temple."
This is no use for eggs!
The power of the gods is simply unimaginable.
Before thinking about it.
With such a powerful existence as the undead lich, using the Moonlight Divine Stone, it changed from an epic second to a half-step legend, and even opened a new form, almost even the little heavenly master Zhang Daoming overturned.
What caused this to happen was just a stone!
And this stone is just a treasure of Moon God!
Take a glimpse and know the whole thing.
A treasure of the deity, even so terrifying.
How desperate should it be to truly face a god?
"Let\'s go!"
While Qin Luosheng was still trapped in his own world, frantically replenishing his brain, Scarlet Rose had already finished talking with his old woman and got all the information.
"Let\'s set out now and head to the ice palace on the top of the mountain!"
Scarlet Rose mobilized immediately, not wanting to wait for a moment.
no way.
After all, this cheating task has a time limit, and will not give them the opportunity to travel leisurely. Not to mention that every second is a matter of time, but it is impossible to waste time at will.
"Wait a minute!"
Qin Luosheng and the others had already reached the door, and when they were about to push the door out, the old woman\'s voice came from behind.
Look back.
I saw the old woman walked out of the inner room, holding a simple wooden box in her hand that was carved with delicate and charming patterns.
"At the beginning, Xiaoxue broke out his divine power in despair, and in an instant, the Niaoyufeng turned into an ice world, and the flower **** who originally guarded here, because of the loss of his living environment, his divine power was greatly reduced, and he had to seal himself and fell into a deep sleep! "
The old woman rubbed the wooden box in her hand, and opened it under the gaze of Qin Luosheng. "Before the Flower God fell asleep, I once entrusted this wooden box to me, saying that there is hope in dealing with Xiaoxue, and I am waiting for the warrior. Come and give it to them. I think you should be the warriors of the flower **** population, right?"
Is there such a good thing?
Qin Luosheng almost laughed!
Mortals slay dragons!
Mediocre people kill God!
After all, it only exists in the legend, in the so-called story!
There may be a chance to slay the dragon. After all, the dragon clan is not such an unattainable existence, especially some hybrid dragons, strictly speaking, they are not dragons at all.
But God is different!
God is the power to control rules or laws, possessing a higher level of divine power. If it were not for accident, how could he be killed by mortals?
Divine power checks and balances divine power, then the situation is different.
Perhaps the strength of the flower **** is not as good as the ice goddess.
It is undeniable that the flower **** is also a god, at least at the level, belongs to the same god, not inferior to the ice and snow goddess.
Originally Qin Luosheng was still worried about how the ice and snow goddess, as a god, could solve her. There should be other more or less accidents. Check and balance them and degrade her strength and level. At least they must be able to fight. !
The dug hole, or the patch of the system, is here.
With the help of the flower god, to justify it, the task has returned to normal s-level difficulty.
"this is?"
Scarlet Rose took the wooden box from the old woman, opened it on the spot, and took out five brooch-like objects with a pattern on them, namely peony, lily, rose, tulip and orchid.
Worthy of being a flower god!
All the props given are flowers!
Five people!
Five brooches that look like flowers!
No, it must be one by one.
Recall that before, the mission mode limited a team of five people.
The intention of the system comes out naturally.
How to distribute the five different brooch patterns?
Qin Luosheng naturally had no idea.
Allure Peony girl, whose name is so, naturally chose peony!
The **** rose did not say, I chose the rose!
Elegant and plain lotus, there is no lotus here, so I chose tulips!
And Scarlet Rose, she did not expect that she actually chose Lily!
Lilies are indeed beautiful, but--
Qin Luosheng seemed to think of a certain sport, called it-grinding tofu!
There is a picture!
After choosing the four girls, Qin Luosheng only had the last orchid that no one had left.
Among the five flowers, Qin Luosheng really likes orchids the most.
In the eyes of Huaxia people, orchids represent nobleness, elegance, beauty, virtuousness, and indifferentness!
The so-called gentleman is like orchid, that\'s it!
Put on the orchid brooch.
A prompt sound suddenly came from the system, making Qin Luosheng dumbfounded!