Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 464: : News from the Snow Goddess (Part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 464: : News from the Snow Goddess (Part 2)

It\'s not just a **** rose!
The performance of Scarlet Rose also surprised Qin Luosheng.
The remaining two girls--
The emotional tears of the gentle and virtuous wife and mother of Dan Ya Su He is normal.
But Scarlet Rose, the iceberg goddess, had incredibly red eyes. In those indifferent eyes, Qin Luosheng saw the color of watery luster for the first time. This tm obviously secreted tears!
? ? ?
Scarlet Rose, crying?
Iceberg goddess, cry?
Just heard a clich story and cried?
I tm cracked!
This is simply the eighth wonder of the world!
Such a stunning view may be out of print in the future, and you will definitely be condemned if you miss it!
For the sake of the broad masses of male compatriots, can these benefits be preserved forever and appreciate them carefully?
Qin Luosheng risked being wanted and hunted down by Qiangwei, silently turned on the camera system, and at the same time, activated the camera system to take this picture.
So lovely!
Worthy of being a public lover, a national goddess.
This appearance is really invincible!
Coupled with the moist eyes, the rare softness and sensibility under the setting of the iceberg, the visual impact that bursts out under the offset of the two completely different charms is simply amazing!
At least Qin Luosheng was shocked!
The heartbeat suddenly increased!
This is a heartbeat feeling.
Do not.
I can\'t betray Qingsi!
She is my first goddess.
My first love!
"These women are really exaggerated!"
Thirty seconds passed!
Scarlet Rose is stable!
One minute passed!
The blood rose is stable!
Two minutes passed!
Dan Ya Su He is stable!
Three minutes passed!
Five minutes passed!
Eight minutes passed!
Qingcheng Peony girl, still sobbing there!
Qin Luosheng:...
Is this too exaggerated?
It\'s the little sister after all, this Peony girl is too emotional!
As a young girl, she was naturally longing for love at the beginning of her love story. How could she bear such "tear-jerking" stories! (funny)
Qin Luosheng and the others can let Sister Peony choke slowly!
Who told her to be the main force to coax the old woman!
Only when she is finished and stabilized, then make plans!
"Old woman."
It took a full eleven minutes for Sister Peony to stabilize her mind. For fear that the girl would fall into it again, Qin Luosheng quickly seized the opportunity and gave her a frantic wink, indicating that it was time for her to do business.
"Do you know the witch jade slave?"
Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s four people looking at her "scorchingly", Sister Peony blushed and was rather embarrassed. In order to get rid of embarrassment, she quickly changed the subject and asked the old woman.
The old woman\'s turbid eyes flashed a faint light. After a few seconds of silence, she said: "Witch Yu slave, how do you know her?"
"Old woman, we are here to solve the problem of Leixuecun!"
The topic turned to the main topic. At this time, Scarlet Rose, as the captain and quest recipient, replaced the Peony girl, and talked to the old woman: "Maybe you dont know, the little snow in your mouth should be the goddess of ice and snow, which also caused the sky to be different. The deity of the elephant was seriously injured because of fighting with another deity. He fell to your village and was rescued by the aquatic life!"
"The Ice Goddess?!!!"
The old woman\'s eyes were blurred, and she murmured: "That\'s it! It\'s no wonder that Xiaoxue has such a terrible power. With a wave of hands, it has been frozen for thousands of miles, making the entire Lei Xuefeng from a paradise to a world of ice and snow. As always!"
"Then what are you looking for Jade Slave for?"
The old woman asked again: "As for her, there shouldn\'t be much power to help you deal with Xiaoxue!"
"No, actually, we don\'t know why!"
Scarlet Rose replied: "We are here with no information. This Lei Xue Village has been cut off from the outside world for too long. The mutations decades ago, even if they knew the inside story, most of them have already passed away. Perhaps. , The only one who knew about that back then was the old man in Leixuecun!"
The old woman was silent.
"However, we went to the villagers to find out the news, but no one was willing to open the door. We had nothing to do."
Scarlet Rose continued: "However, before we came to Leixue Village, we entrusted our mercenary union to inform us of the Miko Yu slave. She must have known the inside information at the time, and maybe she also knows where the Snow Goddess is now. , We can only carry on the mission if we find her."
"Yes, old woman!"
Peony sister persuaded: "The name Leixuecun is not good at all. How good would it be called the original Niaoyu Village? You said that Niaoyu Village is a paradise, with flowers and flowers, birds and flowers, under the shade of green trees, The breeze blows, and the carpet-like plain is like green waves. At that time, how beautiful! Dont you want to restore your former hometown to its original state?"
The old woman was shaken.
Every Huaxia person has a serious hometown complex!
Even though the old woman has lived in her hometown all her life, there is no saying that the fallen leaves will return to their roots, but the once beautiful and peaceful village has become the ice and snow of today, can you really not care, can you really miss it?
not necessarily!
"I am a jade slave!"
The old woman let out a heavy breath, and under the incredible gaze of Qin Luosheng\'s people, she slowly said: "Our Niaoyu Village enshrines my flower god, and I am the contemporary witch, jade slave!"
Damn it!
Qin Luosheng had a tingling scalp!
Never imagined.
I\'ve been thinking about the task goal I\'m looking for, and I can\'t find a place to find it after breaking through the iron shoes. It takes no effort to get it, and it is the old woman in front of me!
"The original I was not a witch, but because of the incident of Brother Shuisheng Xiaoxue, I decided to serve the flower **** for life, and then I entered the temple and inherited the previous generation of witches!"
The old woman said, "I know what you said. At the beginning, we were sorry for Xiaoxue in Niaoyu Village. Brother Shuisheng died tragically. Many people in our village died. They were trapped on Niaoyu Peak for decades. Struggling to survive in the ice and snow, there is enough sin that should be redeemed."
"I cant live long. The sins made by the previous generation and my generation should be borne by us, but the next generations offspring, they are innocent, should not suffer because of us, and they will live forever and pass on from generation to generation. relief."
The old woman raised her head and looked at Qin Luosheng and the others seriously. There was a faint flash of water in her eyes: "Can I entrust the future of Niaoyu Village and the children of Niaoyu Village to you?"