Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 451: : The embryonic form of a business empire (part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 451: : The embryonic form of a business empire (part 2)

"What is family law?"
Qin Luosheng smiled wickedly, stretched out his big hand, and patted the void vividly, "Be careful of your little butt!"
Mengmeng Brand Steam Ji was born.
"Okay, don\'t tease you anymore, give me a good rest, I won\'t get out of bed until I\'m not tired, have you heard?"
Qin Luosheng bent down, carefully concealed Mengmeng\'s quilt, looked at her white and smooth forehead, couldn\'t help lowering her head impulsively, and gently printed a mouthful on it, watching her face turn from flushed to crimson. Mengmeng, whose ears and neck were infected, gave a chuckle of contentment, and left gently.

Leave the room.
Qin Luosheng took the contact information on Mengmeng\'s desk and contacted a group of chefs who were interested in joining his new restaurant.
Because of his bad eloquence, he chose the most intuitive and effective way-to spend money!
Anyway, he is holding a huge sum of millions of money now, and it is not bad. There are nine hidden dragon pavilions like nine golden mountains, which continuously bring him wealth. As long as he does not die, he will not suffer poverty even if he sits and eats in the future. .
The huge profits of the potion business, at least before the player upgrades to level 50, go to the imperial city, he alone enjoys it, and no one can take it away.
There are two pillar industries, especially one of which is still monopolistic profiteering. Even if the restaurant loses money, it is completely affordable.
With Mengmeng\'s relationship, even a master chef has been found. It is really difficult to lose money!
A restaurant is far more cumbersome than a grocery store. From shopkeepers, chefs, to purchasing, and cleaning, the complexity of the staff structure will make the grocery store.
As the first day of the restaurants opening, it is natural to have a special product to make the first shot and show its strength!
For this, Qin Luosheng had already had an idea!
He has a lot of good stuff!
Moonlight Forest and his party collected a lot of food materials just in the periphery, such as the meat of many fierce beasts in the example of Howling Moon Wolf Meat.
of course.
The main core is the monster meat collected from the monsters killed in the Moon Temple.
It turns out!
There are hobbies in a row.
Swordsmen love swords, scholars love classics,...
Chef, what nature loves is the ingredients!
Make bricks without straw!
The better the chef, the stricter the requirements for ingredients.
When Qin Luosheng took out the monster meat, he clearly felt that the eyes of all the chefs were shining, especially the master chef in front of him, Mr. Lin, whose eyes were almost green.
The meat of monsters!
Although this is not the top ingredient, it is also among the high-end ingredients!
Ordinary chefs, even intermediate chefs, are not qualified to cook, and senior chefs are only slightly qualified.
As for the master chefs, they are naturally at ease, able to cook perfectly and fully activate the energy attached to the monster meat.
But for a master chef, the cooking skills are up to the standard, there is no problem at all, but the point is that you have the cooking skills and don\'t have the ingredients for you.
The chefs here were originally looking at Mengmeng\'s face, watching the owner of the restaurant offer high prices, and the idol, Mr. Lin, came forward to vote.
Including Mr. Lin, none of the chefs thought that this looks like a young owner, and it was so good. They took out a lot of fine ingredients and even made a piece of at least hundreds of catties. Monster meat.
"Master Lin, look at this thing, can you be the owner of our restaurant and sell products?"
Qin Luosheng asked anxiously.
The monster meat he just took out was an enhanced golden boss killed in the Moon Temple. The meat of three lions is considered the highest quality batch in his hand. If this fails, other estimates will be fine. Almost, you can basically take a break.
"Is this the flagship product for public sale?"
Old Man Lin was a little dazed.
Who is this?
Is there a mine at home?
So extravagant?
In the past, those princes and nobles hunted monsters, which one is not strictly guarded, and the monster meat is used for investment, either by offering it, or banqueting guests to get contacts, or eating it at home,...who is so big, use To sell?
"Can\'t it?"
Qin Luosheng was a little confused.
When I open a restaurant, this monster meat will not be sold. Can it be kept for others to watch?
"Okay, okay, no problem!"
Old man Lin nodded again and again, what the owner said, how could he do it, as long as he cooks the monster meat, and other things, what does he do?
"Um, the boss, with such a big piece of monster meat, Lin is also old in his old age, but don\'t let him get tired."
At this time, a simple-looking middle-aged chef stepped forward, completely disregarding the murderous look of Old Man Lin, and said to Qin Luosheng with a slight pleading: "Or, let me come? My cooking has reached the pinnacle of advanced cooking. Cooking monster meat is completely fine!"
"Yes, right, boss, I can do it too!"
"Li Heizi, what are you grabbing for? This monster meat is lion meat, you are good at aquatic products, don\'t spoil this superb food!"
"Don\'t talk about Li Heizi, you are good at soup. This lion meat is suitable for barbecue, and heavy ingredients are used to hide the smell. I have been grilling for decades. No one is more suitable than me?"
"Ah yuck! Shameless! Who said lion meat is only suitable for barbecue? I am not convinced by the King of Stir Fry!
A piece of monster meat almost made a group of senior chefs not fight.
The whole scene is noisy.
A group of intermediate chefs and chef apprentices watched their masters or chefs scramble for monster meat, and they were all envious.
Unfortunately, their level is not enough, even if they are given monster meat, they can\'t make delicious delicacies, and the first-class ingredients are wasted.
If you cant, you can only pray that your master or chef can be as strong as the ingredients. In this case, you can at least observe and study nearby, and even get started and do some chores!
"Don\'t grab it, don\'t grab it, everyone has it!"
Qin Luosheng never expected that a piece of monster beast meat would actually make such a big movement. Could it be that the batch of monster beast meat in his hand was still a treasure?
The senior chefs are so crazy, the master chefs can\'t hold it when they look at it, hey, it\'s a bit tricky!
"Boom boom boom~~~~~"
Facts have proved that those who can do it are not BB.
Seeing that his words didn\'t work, and a group of chefs were still fighting over there, Qin Luosheng simply threw out a few more pieces of monster meat.
Everyone is quiet!
"Here is spirit elephant meat, black water demon snake meat, thunder tiger meat, dark demon bear meat..."
Qin Luosheng said without expression, "It\'s just monster meat, don\'t fight to **** it. Although I don\'t have much in my hand, I have so many billion points!"
Old man Lin:...
Many chefs:...

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