Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 449: : The embryonic form of a business empire (part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 449: : The embryonic form of a business empire (part 1)

a new day!
Qin Luosheng slept for ten hours before getting up from the bed lazily.
This feeling is really cool!
I took a moment to meet with the blind date girl who had promised the queen mother last week.
It took less than half an hour to meet, meet, and talk to each other until they parted ways.
In fact, this girl is pretty good, her looks can be scored 80 points, and her personality is not bad.
It\'s a pity that there is no destiny!
In the face of such a cruel blue man like Qin Luosheng, he had made up his mind a long time ago and just walked through the scene, destined to be a failed blind date.
I replied a phone call to my mother, I briefly explained the situation, and solemnly stated that I am already working on the right track, and I will be very busy next time. I am afraid that I will not have time to fall in love for the time being. The implication is that I will not make messy arrangements for me. Blind date.
After comforting the mother, Qin Luosheng went home.
"What do you do today?"
After ten days of tense games, I was finally liberated yesterday. I escaped from the big pit of the Moon Temple. The level has also been over-completed from the targets level 30, to the current level 35. Qin Luo Sheng also Don\'t panic, get ready to take a rest and talk.
Even if he wants to do things, he currently doesn\'t have the ability!
Due to the use of Dragon Blood Burning Sorrow before, the period of weakness was accompanied by one day. From yesterday to now, it has not been 24 hours. What can 10% attributes do? Still stay in the city honestly, don\'t go out and die.
"Leveling, killing monsters and brushing the BOSS is not enough. Then you can only send a message. It happens that there was no chance before. Today is the right time to open the Canglong Pavilion branches in the other eight main cities."
Qin Luosheng thought: "A total of nine shops are collecting crystal coins. Let\'s look at the situation first. If the results are not effective, you will have to go slanting and think of other ways. After all, the nine-character mantra, I am bound to win. Yeah!"
Just do it.
I took a taxi and returned to the gate of my own community.
Qin Luosheng glanced at the time, it was almost noon, and it happened to be dinner.
I found a Sichuan restaurant nearby, packed a dozen dishes, and returned home with two big bags full of dangdang.
After dragging the nanny from the bed, we had a beautiful meal together and rested for half an hour before Qin Luosheng returned to the room, activated the game cabin, and lay down.
"Ding, welcome back to the world of destiny, and wish you a happy game!"
With a flash of white light, Qin Luosheng appeared on the second floor of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion in Xingyao City.
"Oh Huh, this is only half a day, have you actually received nearly a thousand crystal coins?"
After opening the backstage and enabling the store owner\'s authority, Qin Luosheng clearly saw the number of crystal coins that Liu Lao had ordered before going offline yesterday.
"I don\'t know what the Rose Society is. With Scarlet Rose\'s resolute execution, as well as the resources and connections of the Rose Society, it should only be a lot more than mine."
Qin Luosheng touched his chin, looked at the number of crystal coins that had come to a halt and hadn\'t beaten for a long time, frowning slightly: "It\'s not time yet. The two days have just begun. Those capital predators are probably still waiting. If you join the battlefield, you can make a slightly more secure acquisition. When the capital predators end, then it\'s time to fight hard."
Turn off the background!
Qin Luosheng also did not ask Liu Lao to increase his bet to buy Crystal Coins, but still charged at the previous price.
After looking around the warehouse, I found that the ordinary potions were already sold out, but the purchased equipment was piled up!
What can I say?
After a busy time, I ran back and forth several times from the system pharmacy next door, replenishing the goods, filling the warehouse, and then performing the starlight miracle, sublimating all the acquired equipment and throwing it to Liu Lao and his Two stop arrangements.
It was in a weak state, and it took a lot of physical energy. Qin Luosheng was like a dead fish, lying on the floor for a long time before relieving himself.
At this time.
The communicator rang frantically.
"Big brother, I\'ll call you big brother, when will you be released from prison after serving your sentence? Save the children, how long have you run out of food? You are starving to death!"
As soon as it was connected, Yato\'s grieving voice exploded in his ears, and Qin Luosheng\'s hair was terrified.
"Sorry, sorry, this is a special situation, there is really no way!"
Qin Luosheng quickly apologized.
This is indeed his fault!
At the beginning, many forces were invited to come to discuss, and while selling back to the city scroll, they also promoted their own unique potion, which was very popular.
At that time, it has been agreed. In order to save everyone\'s time, the transaction will be done once a week. Hello, me, everyone.
I don\'t know.
After the first transaction, this second transaction immediately released other people\'s pigeons. The delay has been delayed until today, three or four days late!
With the continuous improvement of player levels, the demand for potions and the quality requirements for potions are also rising.
The potions sold in the system store are just like that, you can buy it or not!
The potion made by the player is not up to the standard, and the price-performance ratio is not as good as the one sold in the system store!
at this time.
The high-quality potion bought from Longdao Dragon City is naturally the only choice.
Expensive is a bit more expensive, but in order to seize the opportunity to level up and brush BOSS, this investment must be paid!
The difficulty is that I have money, but no one sells goods!
what is this?
The organizer turned off the fire first by himself, it was cheating!
"In half an hour, in the old place, you can now count the needs and make a list for me!"
Qin Luosheng sent Ato, rubbed the already violent temples, thought for a moment, and sent such a message to the representatives of the major forces in the friend column.
After a while, the communicator sounded frantically.
"These guys are crazy, right?"
Qin Luosheng listed more than a dozen demand lists and couldn\'t help but twitch a few times when he looked at the number of potions needed on it.
"Gan! More than 800,000 gold coins on my tm book is not enough?"
After a little calculation, Qin Luosheng suddenly discovered that the turnover lying in the backstage of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion was not enough for these lunatics to buy potions!
"Brother Yato, let\'s trade first, still at the old price!"
As a last resort, Qin Luosheng had to sell one family first, collect the funds, and then purchase the goods.
Just right.
I had an agreement with ACTO before that the discount for him was much lower than other forces.
Even though this is his business, he can do whatever he wants, and he has the final say on whoever discounts, but everyone is like this. It is better to keep a low profile without worrying about worries and unevenness.
After a trip to Dragon City, he finished purchasing the potion list given by Yato, and then returned to Xingyi City non-stop to complete the transaction with him.
After receiving the payment from ACTO, Qin Luosheng ran the Dragon City six times in a row before purchasing the potions needed by the major forces.
Teahouse elegant room!
After Qin Luosheng looked at the representatives of the major forces that filed in, after instructing the serving NPC maid to pour tea to the big men, he gave a simple greeting and immediately went to the topic.
"All the goods you want are here!"
Qin Luosheng took out the potion and said, "The transaction is still the same as before. You can choose half of the cash and half of the gold coins!-you are free!"