Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 442: : See you in the picture
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 442: : See you in the picture

"Crystal coins?"
Qin Luosheng looked at the currency written on the back of the price with a slightly complicated expression.
The charms Zhang Daoming sells are strong, but the currency sold is not gold coins, but crystal coins!
This is a bit embarrassing!
"Master, is this crystal coin different from a gold coin?"
Qin Luosheng asked if he didn\'t understand.
I finally caught a hidden boss who needed crystal coins. This will not always be a problem for all players. How can I be reconciled?
Especially Qin Luosheng still holds a lot of crystal coin resources, and has always believed that crystal coins have a great effect. No, facts have proved that it is true.
The role of crystal coins is revealed at this moment!
Qin Luosheng has a strong sixth sense!
He felt that the role of crystal coins was definitely greater than he thought!
after all!
Even the existence of Longhushan Zhang Daoming needs crystal coins!
"Crystal coins are energy crystallization, formed by pure energy solidification. Generally speaking, crystal coins are equivalent to spirit stones!"
Zhang Daoming expounded the role of crystal coins and explained to the three Qin Luosheng: "Everyone in cultivating needs to absorb the energy that drifts between heaven and earth, but the chaos of the free energy is full of impurities. We carefully select, divide, extract, remove impurities, refine and absorb, and this can be used for ourselves!"
Qin Luosheng nodded!
Even though he didn\'t know that there was this one, it did not prevent him from understanding the truth.
Even air is divided into many parts such as oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. Human breathing is not just to take in only the oxygen needed.
"The crystal coin is different. It is more advanced than the spirit stone, and the energy contained in it is more pure. It can be completely absorbed without the slightest side effect."
Zhang Daoming continued: "You must know that even the spiritual stones circulating in the monks contain impurities. When they are absorbed, they need to be filtered. Moreover, the spiritual stones are basically attributeless, meaning that any monk can do it. Absorption is not fine. But crystal coins are usually divided, and the colors represent attributes. For example, red contains fire energy and is the favorite of fire cultivators!"
Damn it!
It turned out to be so!
Qin Luosheng suddenly realized!
I originally thought that the colorful and green colors of the crystal coins are different, just because they look good, but I never thought that it was caused by different attributes!
"Get rich!"
Qin Luosheng was overjoyed.
He remembered that there were all kinds of crystal coins in his backpack, no less than 10,000 in total!
At the beginning of the Dragon Temple, because the trial monsters were all manifested by the Dragon God with energy, the equipment and props did not explode, and the corpse didn\'t have any corpses.
First, it conforms to the characteristics that monsters are transformed into energy, and crystal coins are made of pure energy!
Secondly, it is compensation for non-explosive equipment!
Qin Luosheng didn\'t understand before.
But now, he realized it!
What a stingy dog ??system, it is really generous!
Crystal coins are no longer dispensable, just because of their beauty, they are loved by girls. They are more precious than gold coins, and high-end goods circulated among monks!
"Master, these spells are so strong!"
Qin Luosheng smiled "sincerely" and said half-seriously and half flatteringly.
"Also fine!"
Hearing the compliment, Zhang Daoming smiled and replied politely: "These are the clumsy works of the poor people in their spare time, but they make the three laymen laugh!"
"These spells are actually the works of celestial masters, which is really disrespectful!"
Qin Luosheng "was shocked", "surprised" exclaimed: "The masterpiece of the celestial master, I must be able to trust it, even the undead lich and other murderers can\'t resist it. I must buy some masterpieces from the celestial master , For emergencies!"
The smile on Zhang Daoming\'s face is even worse!
People carry people in sedan chair!
Everyone loves to listen to nice words!
This is true even for a Taoist with a weak temperament!
Qin Luosheng\'s rainbow fart slapped over, and it obviously hit Zhang Daoming\'s G spot, making him secretly refreshed!
"Hey! This guy is still young after all!"
Qin Luosheng, who has been observing secretly, looked at Zhang Daomings obviously changed face and couldnt help but smile. He is really not good at socializing, but he has never eaten pork or seen pigs running. These are the most basic things in him playing games and watching Have you encountered few novels, watching movies, etc.? Just pull a few sentences and it will work.
"This, this, and this,...I want them all, just like ten!"
Reluctant to let the child catch the wolf.
Qin Luosheng fully demonstrated his "local tyrant" style, pointing to Zhang Daoming\'s commissary, and buying ten of each of the seals he displayed!
Zhang Daoming\'s eyes have changed!
This is a big money!
Well done!
His handwritten basic talisman seals sell crystal coins instead of spirit stones. The cheapest one is a crystal coin. Why are they so popular?
"Housekeeper, do you want ten of these?"
Zhang Daoming asked tremblingly.
He had never seen such a "outrageous" "uncle", who had been accustomed to living a life of poverty in Longhu Mountain, and it was a little difficult to react for a while!
In order to fish, Qin Luosheng also took a big bait, and he did not suffer. These talisman seals can be exchanged for "valueless" crystal coins, which is really equivalent to a worthless transaction, and it is almost a profit. Have?
"Ding, you bought the gust of wind*10, and you lost the crystal coins*10!"
"Ding, you bought the Yuan Talisman*10, and you lost the crystal coin*10!"
"Ding, you bought the Great Talisman*10, and you lost the crystal coin*10!"
Pointing with your finger, a succession of trading success notification sounds continue to sound in your ears!
The crystal coins in the backpack have been reduced insignificantly, but the harvest is one after another powerful talisman!
"Little Heavenly Master, we have to buy it too!"
Qin Luosheng started, the already "greedy" **** rose and **** rose, looked at each other, and shouted at the same time, and then, without saying anything, joined the buying army!
It turns out!
When it comes to shopping, women are much crazier than men!
Even in the game!
Even if the purchase is not cosmetics, bags, or beautiful clothes!
"Thank you two female laymen!"
Seeing his own "garbage" talisman seal being sold one after another, and harvesting one after another crystal coin, he was a little celestial master who was indifferent to fame and fortune, and he was already smiling from ear to ear.
I originally thought this trip was a chore, but I never thought that there would be such unexpected gains!
In just half a minute, there were hundreds of crystal coins in income. Such a huge sum of money, even his seniors who are doing the most dangerous tasks, have never reached it!
"Master, these talisman seals are too strong, I am very satisfied!"
Seeing that the blood rose and the blood rose have been bought, Qin Luosheng interrupted suddenly: "This trip is probably going to take me a long time. I have the messenger you gave me. Can I still buy it from you next time? It\'s a pity, I can\'t use too much by myself, these crystal coins are wasted!"
Inadvertently, a lot of colorful crystal coins in the backpack leaked out!
Seeing Zhang Daoming\'s bloodshot eyes bulging in vain!
Qin Luosheng smiled triumphantly!
Buying Fuzhuan is just the basis, his real purpose is to get out the good stuff Zhang Daoming has privately hidden!
right now!
See you poorly!
It is clear!
Zhang Daoming, the little Taoist priest, was fooled!