Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 440: : The dead soul is over, the mission is finally completed
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 440: : The dead soul is over, the mission is finally completed

That\'s it! That\'s it!
This fellow, the undead lich, is real!
Fuck me!
Qin Luosheng looked desperate!
This is no way to survive!
A level higher than this trip to the Moon Temple, SS level mission, destroy a country!
That\'s it!
"Do you really want to complete it honestly?"
Qin Luosheng felt a pain in his head.
It is impossible for him to do such a thing at all now, and in the future, even if he has the strength to destroy the Taling Nation, it is basically impossible for him to do such a thing.
Destroy a country!
How could he do this kind of dehumanizing thing, he is not a demon?
If you don\'t do it, there should be some terrible consequences!
How terrible is it?
Qin Luosheng could now detect that there was an extremely evil resentment in the Sea of ??Consciousness, which belonged to the undead lich\'s resentment. As long as his goal was not achieved and the Taring Kingdom was not destroyed, this resentment would never be eliminated.
right now!
Maybe it wasn\'t when he was worried about Taring State, he couldn\'t protect himself.
Even though resentment does not have self-awareness, it is just that the hatred is too deep and the obsession caused by it will not disappear, but if it continues, who knows what will happen?
In this world, all weird things can happen, and the legendary seizure of houses is not impossible!
Having this thing in the sea of ??knowledge is equivalent to carrying a regular bomb with you, and you don\'t know when it will explode, exploding yourself completely.
"Crying soul, come and see, this task"
At this time, Scarlet Rose and Blood Rose walked up together. As the head of the mercenary group and the mission initiator, Scarlet Rose shared the updated mission to the chat channel.
Is the task not completed yet?
Qin Luosheng temporarily put down the task of destroying the country, this matter will not be too late to consider.
Looking at the changed task, his expression condensed!
[Task name] Moon Temple
[Task introduction] According to legend, in ancient times, demons were rampant, humans were suffering, and demons were rampant on the mainland. People asked gods for help, and moon gods gave mercy to the gods of the moon. Moonlight shone on the earth, making demons and demons live and was found and attacked by human heroes. kill. In order to be grateful to the Moon God, people specially built a Moon Temple in the place where the demons were eliminated, and the Moon God Stone was enshrined in the temple. Time flies, the moon **** has already lost its miracles, and the moon temple gradually lost its spirituality and changed.
[Task content] The first stage-enter the Moonlight Forest (completed); the second stage-find the Moon Temple (completed); the third stage-purification of the Moon Temple (completed); the fourth stage- Super Death Soul (unfinished).
Mission DifficultyS
[Task time]? ? ?
mission rewards? ? ?
[Failure penalty]? ? ?
Is the third stage of Purifying Moon Temple completed?
Did the system determine that the undead lich was the biggest filth of the Moon Temple, kill him and everything is OK?
What the **** is this fourth stage?
The super soul can understand!
Either it was the many sacrifices of the Moon Temple that died tragically in the hands of the undead lich, or together with these sacrifices, the monsters that were crossed by the undead lich to tear down the bridge and slaughter the donkey.
No matter which kind it is, nothing can be done!
They are not monks and Taoists, how can they save the souls of the dead? Their profession is not right!
and many more!
There is no monk, it seems that the Taoist priest has a ready-made one!
Qin Luosheng immediately shifted his gaze and looked at Zhang Daoming, who was sitting cross-legged, absorbing energy from the surroundings in a five-hearted posture to recover from his injury!
Zhang Daoming:? ? ?
what\'s going on?
Why are you all looking at me?
"Daoist, the undead lich is dead, and the debts are eliminated, but the sins he committed have not been cleared!"
Qin Luosheng took the initiative without letting it go. Regardless of Scarlet Rose, the real "boss", he took the lead and said: "There are too many wronged souls in this Moon Temple. Now they are not suppressed by the undead lich, and they have died unjustly. Its easy to leave the boundaries of the Moon God Temple and turn into a ghost, causing misfortune. Or, you worked so hard, how about saving them?"
"The little lay person has a kind heart, and has a heart for the world, and he will be blessed in the future!"
Zhang Daoming flicked the dust, gave a salute, and solemnly said: "Even if the poor road is not good at supernatural souls, but these souls that have not turned into evil spirits and ghosts should be given a try!"
Save the world?
Qin Luosheng\'s mouth twitched!
Forget it, boss!
I can\'t afford it!
Being a hero will end badly!
This is the mission!
No task, who cares about these?
If you have misunderstood it, misunderstand it. Since you have the charm value MAX, as long as you are an NPC, basically meeting you is the relationship between the heart and the heart, all incarnations of the brain, we are used to it!
The most popular days are so unpretentious and boring!
Makes people feel--
awesome! ! !
Ignoring the three of Qin Luosheng, they looked at the undead who had been flying in the air because of the lack of the **** of the undead lich at this moment, and their consciousness had not returned, and they were still in chaos. Some of them were already developing in the direction of the resentful spirit. Zhang Daoming sat down on the spot and began to recite the scriptures.
The religious scriptures are simply not understood by laymen!
However, Qin Luosheng understood Zhang Daoming\'s Soul Crossing Sutra, which is exactly the "Superior Sutra of the Five Refining Corpses", a well-known Taoist verse! (Do not understand at all, Du Niang searched, if there is an error, do not go into it)
With the chanting of the scriptures, a kind of dead soul is soothed, and the unformed hostility and resentment disappear into the invisible!
"These are a little difficult!"
After completing the transcendence, Zhang Daoming got up and looked at the many dead souls floating in the air, with some brain pain, "The hostility of these dead souls has dissipated and can be turned into reincarnation. But before them, they were seized by the undead liches by evil methods, and they crossed the sea without hiding. , Deceived the underworld and the ghost chase, even if you are now overrun, the gate of the underworld cannot be opened, the ghost chase cannot respond, and you still cannot enter the reincarnation."
"Moreover, the world is too filthy. For normal ghosts, the Yang Qi is too heavy to stay for a long time. If they cannot be sent into the underworld before dawn, they will have a high chance of becoming ghosts. In this case, if you want to supersede, it will be difficult."
Qin Luosheng:...
It turns out that you haven\'t lied, you are really half-hearted!
Open the gate of the underworld?
I\'m familiar with this job!
"As long as you can open the gate of the underworld, right?"
Qin Luosheng asked.
Zhang Daoming glanced at Qin Luosheng unexpectedly. He didn\'t know what medicine he sold in the gourd, but he honestly replied: "As long as the gate of the underworld is opened before dawn, and they are sent into the underworld, there will naturally be Deal with the ghosts in the underworld!"
Qin Luosheng snapped his fingers and took out the [Soul Leading Lamp] from his backpack, "Then leave it to me!"
The uniquely bright orange light of the Soul Enlightenment Lantern lit up, and in the empty Moon God Hall, an ancient gate full of mysteries appeared suddenly and slowly opened!
The resentful spirits floating in the air seemed to have received some kind of traction, swarming towards the gate of the underworld, without the slightest resistance, no longer attached to the world, and led to the underworld one after another!
"Ding, congratulations on completing the hidden s-level mission-Moon Temple!"

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