Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 429: : Outbreak, Blood Rose and Blood Rose
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 429: : Outbreak, Blood Rose and Blood Rose

Is it moonlight stone? ! ! !
A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Qin Luosheng\'s mouth!
In a battle with the undead lich, the cards are all out, and even the [Reaper\'s Embrace] that may even affect reality and affect your own character is used. It is indeed to kill the undead lich, but in the end it is planted. On the stone.
what is this?
Really, funny enough!
Once the treasure given to mankind by the Moon God, it helped mankind kill the demons, the foundation of the Moon Temple. At this moment, the Moon Temple was destroyed, all Moon God priests were destroyed, and the undead Lich of the Moon God Orthodoxy Use it to completely defeat him, who was supposed to avenge the Moon Temple!
"I have refined a part of the treasure that used to be the Moon God, and can use its power to pin a trace of soul on it. Your law of death killed me, but did not kill me attached to the Moon God Stone. Means soul, so with it, Im born again."
The undead lich ignored Qin Luosheng, whose mental activity was terrible, and continued to irritate him, "How is it, doesn\'t it feel like, desperate?"
"Desperate? Maybe!"
Qin Luosheng stood up with [Panlong Lishui] and [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers], and stood up tremblingly. This time, there was no sword-strength pointing, vigorous, but his body was trembling, like a dead old man, always there. May fall down.
"Ding, due to your health, the effect of the holy flame is forced to end!"
"Ding, due to your health, the Dragon Blood Burning Sorrow effect is forced to end, and you are in a period of weakness for one day!"
"Ding, due to your mental reasons, the effect of the indestructible fighting spirit is forced to end!"
"Ding, due to your health, the blood boiling effect is forced to end!"
"Ding, due to your health, the ice muscle effect is forced to end!"
"Ding, due to your health, the jade bone effect is forced to end!"
Qin Luosheng ignored the prompt sounds from the system!
Relying on his own will and perseverance, he straightened his body hard, his legs trembled, and his body trembling. Even though the pain was endless, he still did not relax, he still clenched his teeth and persisted. This is his last stubbornness!
"What a tenacious will!"
Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s movements, the undead lich closed his mouth and did not taunt Qin Luosheng any more. He saw the shadow of him from Qin Luosheng\'s body.
This is an unyielding man!
This is a great fighter!
"Sure enough, you and me are exactly the same!"
The undead lich cried and laughed and said: "It\'s not only the experience, not only the suffering, but also the character, the same reluctance, the same stubbornness and tenacity!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t talk to him, he didn\'t know what to say, and he couldn\'t say anything now, because at this moment, he felt a pain in his lungs even when he breathed.
"Let me come and take you on the road with my own hands!"
Seeing Qin Luoshengs face full of pain, the undead lichs rare silence, without irony or sarcasm, reduced his smile, he stepped forward and stretched out his fingers towards Qin Luosheng. The black energy condensed, "I will leave you a whole body. , And dont enslaved your soul. This, maybe its me who has fallen into the darkness, the only mercy and kindness! Waiting for me in hell, waiting for me to destroy the Taring Kingdom, maybe we still have a relationship The day I saw you."
call out
Dark rays burst out.
Without the slightest boosting effect, Qin Luosheng, whose all attributes had been reduced to 10% due to his weak state, could not resist at all. He was hit on the spot and penetrated his body!
Qin Luosheng is not dead!
But a white light radiated from his chest, and the pure life force burst out, pulling him back from the ghost gate!
"Ding, the blessing effect of the goddess of life is triggered, you have been resurrected, and the current health value is 10% (it should be 50%, but due to the existence of the weakening effect, the mandatory reduction is reduced to 10%)!"
I forgot this ability!
Now, what is the use of resurrection?
Just die one more time and suffer a little more!
"Well, that\'s it!"
Seeing the dark energy gathered at the fingertips of the undead lich again, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help closing his eyes. He chose to stand up, not because he still wanted to fight, but he didn\'t want to lie on the ground and be killed in embarrassment.
Even if you are unwilling, even if you don\'t want to give up.
However, the reality is so cruel, it will not be changed by your personal will.
To lose is to lose!
Failure is failure!
To die is to die!
There are no exceptions!
"Don\'t admit defeat, crying soul!"
Just as Qin Luosheng closed his eyes and waited for his death, suddenly, a cold burst came from his ears, accompanied by two delicate fragrances floating in his nose, making him open his eyes.
"What are you doing?"
Looking at the Bloody Rose and the Bloody Rose that had been in front of him for some unknown time, Qin Luosheng was shocked, glanced at their frail backs, and said painfully: "It\'s over! This time, we have failed. This BOSS is too BUG, ??it is not something players can defeat at this stage. I killed him three times and he was resurrected three times. Now he still has the Moonlight God Stone in his hand. You can\'t beat him!"
"To shut up!"
Scarlet Rose, who has always been cold and never offended him, suddenly broke out, taking out the majesty of her President of the Rose Society, standing upright, holding the scepter tightly, and looking at the terrifying undead lich. The thought of retreat, "What about it? It\'s just a BOSS, and it\'s worth letting Scarlet Rose escape? There is never the word\'surrender\' in my Scarlet Rose dictionary. It\'s a big deal, that\'s it!-Rose!"
"Just to my liking, Xiao Qiangwei!"
The **** rose was trembling with excitement. The exquisite and turbulent, concave-convex perfect figure shocked people\'s eyes, "The only battle, what\'s the fear?-I\'m the **** rose. The Bloody Rose, known as the Bloody Queen, has been this kid singing a one-man show since entering the Moonlight Forest. It\'s finally time for me to appear. How can I not come to a gorgeous and perfect curtain call?"
"Bloody rose!"
A scarlet rose, released from the **** rose\'s hand, gradually spread out from the size of the palm of the hand, enlarged, bloomed, and exploded--
Demon and beautiful!
the other side--
The cold blood rose, holding a water magic wand, is covered with ice lotus blossoms, pure and transparent ice crystals are floating around her body, just like the goddess of ice and snow, holy and inviolable!
With the chanting of the spell, the ice crystal lotus platform that protected her under the [Forbidden CurseIce and Fire Double Dragon Dance], once again appeared at her feet, erupting into extreme cold!