Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 409: : The darkness of the Taring Kingdom, the reason for its destruction (middle)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 409: : The darkness of the Taring Kingdom, the reason for its destruction (middle)

"Guess, what did I see and what happened when I returned to Nuhai City?"
With a smile but a smile, unable to hear a word of joy or anger, Qin Luosheng and others were all silent.
Can make the undead lich fall into the darkness completely, revenge at all costs for the rest of his life, not only want to kill the nobleman who harmed his whole family, but even destroy the homeland, what happened to it is simply unimaginable.
"The lord returned from a big victory, first came a **** liquidation, and then rewarded the three armies. I took advantage of the slack defense, and the armor of the weapon that was issued as cannon fodder before, successfully mixed into the lord\'s mansion."
"I sneaked all the way and found a dungeon. After assassinating the two guards, everything in front of me made my eyes split."
"In the dungeon, the prisoners are not criminals or defeated sergeants, but women. They are all women. They are tortured so that they are not like people and ghosts are not like ghosts."
"Hey, don\'t you know what their reaction when they saw me?"
"When they saw me, a stranger, their eyes fell on the armor behind me, which was the same as the other soldiers in the Lord\'s Mansion. Except for a small part of them, they screamed and hid tremblingly. The others were empty eyes, motionless, like puppet porcelain. People are the same."
Qin Luosheng and the others suddenly stood up, their hairs horrified.
That scene is really associated with it.
Others don\'t know, but Qin Luosheng really associates it.
In the previous life on the earth, the motherland had a similar dark time. When it was invaded by a beast island country, many women were treated like this by the soldiers who were not as good as beasts.
The historical black-and-white photos of countless crimes, blood and tears, let every descendant of the motherland gritted his teeth.
This hatred and hatred, we enjoy the ancestors lay down the country, the younger generations who drive off the invaders, will be remembered in our hearts, and will never be forgotten. This enmity, the sacrificed soul, the cruel soul, will never rest forever.
"Oh, you seem to be very different!"
Qin Luosheng\'s strangeness was instantly caught by the undead lich, "This anger, this resentment, this killing intent, this violence... Yes, it\'s good. Have you ever seen Purgatory on Earth?"
"You should keep talking!"
After taking two deep breaths, Qin Luo stepped up the mania in his heart, but holding the hands of [Panlong Lishui] and [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers], they had already clenched tightly for a long time.
"I opened the prison door where they were being held and frantically searched for my little sister, but after searching more than 300 people, I still couldn\'t find it. However, I found the villagers who lived on Salar Island and grew up with my little sister. Great playmate. At that time, she was dying, with scars all over her body and half of her bones broken."
"I was stunned when I saw her miserable situation. Even though I had already prepared, knowing that the little girl would fall into the hands of those beasts, it would not end well, but the scene before me still made me unacceptable."
"When she died, she told me the whereabouts of my little sister. I ran out of the dungeon frantically and ran towards the attic of the lord\'s mansion. My little sister, not long ago, was forcibly pulled out of the dungeon by the beasts and said yes Go to the celebration banquet and congratulate the soldiers who have returned from victory."
"I ran wild all the way, and wherever I went, the soldiers were drunk and covered by the same armor, but they were not blocked, so I ran to the attic smoothly."
"At the door, I heard the cry of the women in the attic, many, many, and very miserable. At that moment, the splendid and luxurious attic, in my eyes, is like the opening of the mouth of the devil, the gate of hell."
"I heard the cry of the little girl, and I kicked the door open. Guess what I saw?-In the huge attic hall, the cups and plates were messy, and there were torn rags everywhere, count Ten soldiers, naked, crazily crushing the women who screamed again and again, are doing things to scream."
"Among the crowd, I saw my little sister. My little sister, who is only fourteen years old, is surrounded by five men. Three of them are turned into ashes and I wont forget them. The **** lord fled to the soldiers on Sarah Island!"
"Guess what I heard? I heard my innocent and kind sister crying with tears and despair on her face: Please let me go, no more, I no longer, father and mother, big brother and second brother, me It hurts, it hurts!"
"Guess what I heard again? I heard those who heard my little sister\'s pleading, and laughed wildly, and said with a greedy and ferocious face: Xiao Niangpi don\'t shout, even if you break your throat, no one will come to help. You, the people of Salar Island, all died the night before our trip, and your family was also inside. Well, I have to say, you sea monkeys often swim, just because you have tenacity and feel very comfortable in playing, no Like those delicate women in the city, the skin turns blue and the bones are broken with a touch.
"Someone echoed: Yes, you should be honored to be able to serve us. Otherwise, just like the untouchables on Salar Island, we will die when we are finished."
"Someone said: You are really lucky, such a superb woman, actually played so much on Sala Island. This little lady is the Lord Lord who is tired of playing and rewards us. Wow, it is unimaginable, Lord Lord played the girl. Is it pretty?"
"Jiehahahaha... It\'s such a graceful remark that makes people moved to the point where I cant help but tremble... Jiehahahaha..."
The indescribable laughter burst out suddenly.
Qin Luosheng suddenly felt a chill, and shot straight from the soles of his feet to the sky!
It\'s really terrible!
The undead lich at this moment, surrounded by black aura, behind an infinitely distorted black shadow, is madly spreading all kinds of evil thoughts such as violence, killing intent, destruction, and even the bright moon, together with the **** of moonlight, are suppressing Constantly being swallowed.
Completely enchanted!
Being evoked by the memories deep in my heart that I don\'t want to face, the undead lich can\'t help but run away!
At the moment when the sword was drawn and the battle was about to start, Qin Luosheng suddenly took a step forward, looking at Yuehua being swept away by the black energy, revealing his original shape, even though it was cold and distorted, he could still see the handsome outline of the undead lich\'s face. Seriously Said: "What happened later?"
Savage axe, a group of girls from the Qiangwei Society are stunned!
I will be you a mallet later!
Is it time to listen to the story?
People are going crazy, bastard!
As our main attacker, the only hope is, can you rely on the spectrum at critical times?
With a sentence of "What will happen later", the undead lich who stepped on the edge of the rampage pulled back, squinted Qin Luosheng, and the corner of his mouth raised slightly, "Then, go ahead!"