Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 405: : Meat Bun Diplomacy (Comical)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 405: : Meat Bun Diplomacy (Comical)

Damn it? ! !
These two buddies are here to make fun, right?
Legendary food?
Are you kidding me?
Looking at the longing expressions of the two of them, the eyes were fixed on the bitten bun in his hand, his nose closed, his tongue was licking, his throat swallowed, ... as if he was not joking.
"You guys, do you eat?"
Being watched with such "scorching eyes", Qin Luosheng was uncomfortable, feeling that his hairs were standing upright. Under this situation, even if he was eating dragon meat, he couldn\'t eat it!
"Ah, is it really possible?"
Seeing that Qin Luosheng is so "generous", brutal axe and brutal cut, there are surprises, obviously greedy, but there are some worries, such expensive things, legendary delicacies, must be precious, is it okay for them to eat?
"Or, forget it?"
As the eldest brother, Man Axe should naturally be more sensible, "Brother, you don\'t have to worry about me, just eat it yourself!"
Qin Luosheng\'s mouth twitched.
A meat bun, so mysterious?
Are you brothers funny?
"Well, can you start the Rose Club staff and put me some meat buns? I will pay twice the market price!"
Qin Luosheng sent a message from the painful Scarlet Rose. He really didn\'t know what to say about the two nasty critics in front of him.
Having been with the undead lich for so long, can the meat buns greet you?
It seems that the undead liches are also sharp-mouthed, and the real benefits have not been taken care of!
At a glance, is this also an opportunity?
Looking at the two gluttonous critics, maybe after a meal of meat buns, is it special? Let them counterattack the undead lich?
"No, just a few meat buns!"
Who is Scarlet Rose, she naturally saw Qin Luosheng\'s thoughts at a glance, and she naturally agreed with it. It is quite cost-effective to be able to rely on a few meat buns and fight two strengthened golden boss thugs.
Qin Luosheng was not polite to Scarlet Rose either.
As she said, the meat buns with copper plates as the unit of value are just like the two big men who have used gold coins for a long time, it is like a dime or a dollar in the eyes of the rich, and there is no need to distinguish them.
"Come, come, meet is also predestined, we don\'t know each other, the two barbarian warriors that I am yearning for, since they have come to the territory of my human race, naturally it is up to me to fulfill the friendship of the landlord and have a meal. Change it!"
Qin Luosheng took out the remaining seven meat buns from his backpack. This was the last bit of the materials he had prepared before.
"Hahaha, this, how is this embarrassing?"
Man Zhan scratched his head honestly, but his hands were not slow. He reached out to Qin Luosheng and took the meat buns.
"Brother, for you!"
Seeing his elder brother staring at him, Manzhan greedily inhaled the scent of meat buns that rushed into his nose, resisting the urge to swallow all of them, and reluctantly gave three of them to Manchu.
"Man Zhan, you kid!"
As the eldest brother, he actually only had three, so the wild axe suddenly became a little confused.
When did the little brother who has always respected himself, his eldest brother, become so unlovable?
"Brother, don\'t you want to eat it?"
Before Man Axe got angry, Man Zhan directly came to the first cut and then played. He swallowed the four meat buns in his hand. Because he ate too fast, it was like Zhu Ba Jie eating ginseng fruit. Before he tasted it, he was gone. He looked at his elder brother, to be precise, at the three meat buns in his hands.
"If you don\'t want to eat, give it to me! I\'m hungry!"
Don\'t think about it~~~~
Man Axe was completely shocked by the shamelessness of his little brother, and he was so shameless that he never realized that you were so shameless since childhood.
Man Axe didn\'t dare to hesitate at all. Under Man Zhan\'s green gaze, he threw three meat buns directly into his mouth, but instead of devouring dates like Man Zhan, he tasted them carefully.
Even for the size of Manaxe, Rao is a meat bun comparable to the palm of Qin Luosheng\'s hand. This amount is really a conscience in his conscience, but in Manaxe\'s mouth, it is really just stuffed between teeth, but, carefully If you bite it, you can still bite it open, so that the hot gravy burst from the meat bun.
One sentence.
Its impossible to fill your stomach, but its okay to enjoy delicious food.
"Brother, you..."
Seeing that Man Axe was so "reckless", Man Zhan was dumbfounded. Seeing that steaming meat buns entered his elder brother\'s mouth, his eyes instantly turned red.
"Well, it\'s delicious!"
But by the way, not only did the wild axe not soothe the mentality, but also immersed himself in the delicious meat buns. He shook his head and looked content. If it wasn\'t for the ink in his stomach, he might have to show it on the spot. , Recite a poem.
Man Zhan instantly grasped the heavy sword in his hand.
It would not be enough to turn his face with his elder brother for a meat bun, but since childhood, the two brothers have been fighting all the way.
This is the case with the mind of the barbarian.
Not satisfied?
Come on, just fight!
Whoever wins is served!
"Man Zhan, do you want to do it?"
Man Zhan was rushing, and Man Axe was unwilling to show weakness. For a time, his sword was drawn and he was about to fight.
Originally it was a rest, waiting for the skill cooling time to pass, and by the way replenish physical strength, eliminate hunger, so as to meet the final battle, never expected that eating a meat bun that couldn\'t be more common would actually cause this.
Qin Luosheng was also dumbfounded for a while.
At this critical time, how could Qin Luosheng watch the two nasty critics "brimming each other" so that the final battle that is about to come will be out of the question.
"Don\'t panic, two, I still have it here, don\'t worry!"
With a loud roar, he pulled back the two barbarian brothers who were ready to fight.
"and also?"
Man Zhan suddenly drooled, "Do you still have a legendary delicacy like meat buns, brother?"
"Yes, brother, don\'t lie to us!"
Man Axe shook his head and said obviously in disbelief: "My brothers have been used to fighting since they were young. They are just fighting and have no other meaning. You don\'t have to worry, and you don\'t have to cheat us with meat buns."
"I have read the records in the clan classics. The meat buns are the super delicacy that our ancestors have admired. It is very rare! You are very young, with eight in your body, it is already extraordinary."
"Speaking of which, I have to thank you. You only ate one, and the rest is for me. Your love is recognized by my brothers. From now on, you will be the brother of my barbarian!"
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes twitched.
God tm meat bun is a legendary delicacy!
Who is your ancestor, why not go to heaven?
Eating a meat bun in the human race, it is actually recorded in the classics of the family?
and also.
Who do you guys look down upon?
Laozi enters the fight for gold every day. The daily transaction amount of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion is at least 100,000 gold coins to start, and the net profit is more than 70%.
Three copper coins sell for one meat bun, I can buy more than 3,000 for a gold coin!
Believe it or not, I will buy ten gold coins for you alone, more than 30,000 per person, and eat it!