Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 403: : Mission completed, reward: Breaking Slash
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 403: : Mission completed, reward: Breaking Slash

"Ding, Fengxing successfully used, your speed +4288 points!"
The speed increased by 4288 points, which is equivalent to a direct increase of twice.
The previous growth rate was 100%, and it was only doubled, and it was safe.
Now that there is a double speed increase, there is nothing to say.
One minute passed safely again.
There are only two minutes left before the five-minute appointment.
"Holy Flame!"
Abandoning other effects, as long as Qin Luosheng\'s 100% increase in all attributes, his speed was doubled again from the moment after the "Popular" ended.
After another minute!
Five minutes away, only the last minute!
"Shadow Ghost Building!"
at this time.
The big move Qin Luosheng had been holding back was finally used.
The additional skills of the epic boots [Ghost Boots] can increase the speed by 200%, and can transform seven clones of powerful skills. After cutting the air for four minutes, the brutal axe and the brutal slasher brothers have already been irritated. Down, sway out.
First there were seven clones, madly confused, and delayed the wild axe and the wild cut for almost ten seconds.
Brute Axe and Brute Slash defeated the clone without any offensive ability, looked at Qin Luosheng, and launched a more powerful offensive than before.
The 200% speed is no joke, plus the shadow warriors two teleport skills-"Shadow Strike", "Shadow Escape", and "Blink Slash", which can also be used as teleports to avoid damage at certain times. The ability to evade the ultimate move, let the wild axe and the wild slash, the few opportunities that were finally caught, directly shattered.
Ten seconds!
Nine seconds!
Eight seconds!
Time passed by every second.
at last.
Begin the countdown to the last ten seconds.
Man Axe and Man Zhan are also anxious.
As a noble warrior of the barbarians, now they fight with two to one, bullying the small with big, for as long as five minutes, without touching a single hair of others, this is a heavy blow to their warrior heart.
At this moment.
It is no longer a matter of the undead liches, it is already a matter of the reputation of their barbarians and the prestige of the barbarian warriors.
and so.
Brute Axe and Brute Slash were also fierce.
"Be careful!"
In the end, the kind-hearted, honest and honest barbarians used killer moves, but the axe even warned a bit, "I\'m going to be true!"
With his brother, Man Zhan also held up the epee in his hand, bursting out with energy, and the muscles on his arms swelled, "The same for me!"
In an instant.
In this small side of the world, full of terrifying and suffocating barbaric aura, violent rays of light, emerging from the huge axe and epee, the aura of two barbarian warriors, up to 40 levels to strengthen the golden boss\'s focused blow, Lock Qin Luosheng firmly.
Is this the last blow?
These two goods are going to be crazy!
Faced with such a fatal blow and desperate threat, Qin Luo rose as light as a swallow, like a cheetah, not retreating but advancing, and rushed towards Man Axe and Man Zhan.
"Mountain Chopping Axe!"
"Broken Sea Sword!"
One after the other, two huge terrorist slashes flickered, just like sweeping a hole in a plowing court, destroying the dead, sweeping the sky and the earth.
Compared with Qin Luosheng\'s height of less than two meters, the majestic slash with a height of tens of meters is just as if the mountain is overwhelming and the river flows back down, it is not an order of magnitude at all.
See this scene.
No one would feel that Qin Luosheng could stop him or survive.
Qin Luosheng himself thinks so too.
and so.
He chose to avoid his edge.
Slash like this.
It also has destructive properties.
Even if it could be blocked, Qin Luosheng would not be idiot to block it.
Head-to-head, isn\'t this an idiot?
"Shadow Escape!"
Just as the two slashing blows were about to touch Qin Luosheng\'s body running forward, Qin Luosheng disappeared in an instant at the moment of the moment.
next moment.
Two slashes whizzed past, crushed by the violent force, and cut the ground with two huge openings, about five meters wide, and not knowing how deep, but long, from the side of the wild axe and the wild slash, to the entrance. On the other side, straight to the end.
"So fierce?"
Relying on the shadow escape ability, Qin Luosheng, who hid in the shadow to evade this terrifying killer move, looked at the ground where a huge letter X had been drawn, and sweated.
If this attack really fell on him, what would be the consequences?
I\'m afraid you can\'t even keep the whole body, right?
As a natural berserker, he is really fierce and mad!
"Ding, congratulations on completing the trigger task-challenge the twin BOSS: Brute Axe, Brute Slash, and get rewards: 3000 reputation, goodwill of the barbarian, prestige of the barbarian +1000!"
"Ding, because you were unscathed when fighting with Wild Axe and Wild Slash, you completed the hidden conditions and received additional rewards: Wild Axe favorability +1000, Wild Slash favorability +1000, Skill: Heavenly Slashing!"
"Ding, Wild Axe has a good impression of you +1000, and the relationship is improved to: life and death intercourse!"
"Ding, Man Zhan has a good impression of you +1000, and the relationship is improved to: life and death intercourse!"
"Ding, you get the appreciation of Brute Axe and Brute Slash, and the gift skill: Slash!"
A series of prompt tones made Qin Luosheng extremely comfortable.
Although most of them are prestige rewards, Qin Luosheng can be said to be the player with the largest prestige beneficiaries, so naturally he will not dislike this.
not to mention.
The hidden conditions were also fulfilled, which made Manaxe and Manzhan convinced and willingly give extra rewards.
Favorability and relationship will not be mentioned for the time being. Because of the previous charm value MAX, the favorability has been increased by 500 points, which is related to the level of the heart.
It is precisely because of the charm value MAX of this BUG that it will affect the following things.
There is no relationship between heart and soul, how can the two naive barbarians who were brainwashed by the undead lich give him a chance to talk? It must be done as soon as we meet, and still want to escape? Ha ha!
Now the favorability level is +1000 again, and the relationship has increased to life and death. This is the second level of relationship since Qin Luosheng entered the "Dimension of Destiny"! (The first is Wang Laomin, the head of Xinshou Village)
Needless to say the benefits of a good relationship.
This is not.
Did the two brothers, Brute Axe and Brute Slash, directly gift a skill?
What a domineering name!
Open the skill bar-
[Sky Breaking Slash (Special)] Aim in one direction, accumulate power for three seconds, and use all power for the ultimate slash. Full of faith and fighting spirit, it can cut and smash the sky. Attack power +1000%, with destruction attribute, The width and length of the slash is determined by the strength of the user! After use, fall into a weak state for 1 hour. Cooling time: 7 days!
Qin Luosheng: o((ѩn))o!
My Nima!
What kind of fairy skill is this?
Ten times the damage, plus the destruction attribute?
What is the attribute of destruction?
Completely destroyed!
A higher level of special attributes than destruction!
It is also the special attribute Qin Luosheng has been pursuing and longing for!