Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 394: : Shipped? Epic staff!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 394: : Shipped? Epic staff!

Those bosses slaughtered before, the equipment exploded was mainly silver. Even if the gold exploded, there was only one piece at most, and most of them couldn\'t even see the shadow of gold.
But now?
Under Qin Luosheng\'s horrible lucky value, and these guys were killed for the first time, the chance of exploding equipment was greatly improved, at least it was a piece of golden equipment that was very powerful.
Didn\'t you hear the screams of a group of girls and almost broke through the sky?
At the beginning, every five minutes, it must sound precisely once.
But then, it was too much, numb, except for occasional eyes with excitement, it flashed away, and the voice was long gone!

With a bold and powerful sword cut out, ten meters tall, a pictographic monster that runs like a heavy tank, fell under Qin Luosheng\'s sword, before he could catch his breath, suddenly, there was a shocking sound next to him. The screams made his heart tremble, and he almost died on the spot trembling.
"Suya Qinghe? This dignified and virtuous, always quiet girl, how could it be her?"
Qin Luosheng was surprised.
Not only him, but also the more familiar girls from the Rose Society, their eyes were too shocked.
She seemed to be aware of her own gaffe, and looked at the many eyes, especially the male crying soul, Suya Qinghe\'s face was flushed, raised her hand, and exposed a staff, and said weakly : "History, epic equipment!"
A group of girls went crazy on the spot.
Epic equipment burst out?
This is too dreamy, right?
It is said that the probability of BOSS exploding higher-level equipment than its own is quite low, especially from gold to epic, which crosses the level of level, and is even lower.
I slaughtered several enhanced gold bosses before, and more than 20 ordinary gold bosses, but they all failed to achieve their wishes. Unexpectedly, they burst silently now.
Everyone, including Qin Luosheng, looked at the huge corpse of the white elephant lying on the ground with a lot of kindness in their eyes.
This white elephant is a good comrade!
"I am sorry!"
"I shouldn\'t be so rude just now, I should treat you well and let you leave this world without pain!"
Qin Luosheng confessed deeply, with a look of pain and annoyance.
The movement on your hand is in Gan Shenmo?
Confession is a good confession, why not let go of the body of the "heritor"?
Stop your gathering technique!
"Ding, congratulations on your collection of white jade ivory*2!"
"Ding, congratulations on the collection of the elephant meat*108!"
"Ding, congratulations on collecting..."
A series of prompt tones kept ringing in his ears, and Qin Luosheng immediately burst into laughter.
Its good to have a huge body. This Nimas monster meat actually weighs 108 kilograms and dozens of bones,...
Originally, I wanted to rely on the acquisition of a batch of low-end goods from the system and players, and rely on the cooking skills of master chefs and senior chefs, to start first, and to be familiar with it.
Now it is no longer needed.
With so much monster meat, it can be made into the main brand. The signature dishes of this family are not only familiar, but also establish their reputation, build a good brand, and even establish their own brand.
Qin Luosheng didnt believe it anymore. At this stage, besides him, anyone else could get the meat of the monster beast. Even if they did, they must be lucky to have encountered one or two monsters. How much meat can this be separated? Can it be compared with the huge amount of goods in his hand, and the many types?
"This is a staff!"
As the vice president, Bleeding Rose directly "uses power for personal gain", took the epic staff from Dan Ya Suhe\'s hand, blinked, looked at Qin Luosheng waterly, and said in a charming manner.
according to rules.
Qin Luosheng had the right to choose the spoils first. Only if he didn\'t use it, or didn\'t want it, would it be the Rose Club\'s turn, and the Rose Club would buy it at the market price.
Everyone knows that Qin Luosheng doesn\'t look down on gold equipment, except for the ones he uses.
This staff was used by the magician, so Qin Luosheng shouldn\'t need it.
But this is an epic staff, the ceiling of the current equipment is priceless.
If Qin Luosheng really wants to take it away, none of them dare to object.
after all.
This is the equipment Qin Luosheng used to kill the BOSS from beginning to end by himself, and then burst out.
These days, their Qiangwei will have crazy advantage.
Not only did they get a lot of experience points, their level skyrocketed, their president, Scarlet Rose, directly entered the ranking list and squeezed into the fifth position.
In addition, countless equipment, skill books, drawings, recipes, scrolls, etc., all fell into their hands.
This is terrible!
Even if these are purchased at market prices, there is no difference, but the problem is that the market price is the market price, but there is no market. Can you buy these things with the money?
Does not!
If Qin Luosheng swallowed all the equipment and put it directly on his Hidden Dragon Pavilion, or put it on a virtual platform, he would be able to sell it at a higher price with a little speculation.
and so.
They have already owed a lot of favor from the Rose Club.
right now.
I also want epic equipment, which is a bit greedy.
Rao is Bloody Rose himself, and he is also very embarrassed.
But the epic staff is too attractive, especially she herself, is still a magician who fits this "smart weapon", and can\'t even move her eyes, so she doesn\'t want to let go.
"MD, an epic staff, turn your head back to the starlight miracle, and tell it directly!"
Qin Luosheng was bleeding from heartache.
This epic staff has been exposed, what can he do?
Even if it is forced to get it, it can still only be sold. At that time, the epic will become a legend, how to explain it?
Isn\'t the Lord of the Stars exposed?
The talent that can forcefully upgrade the equipment level is afraid that players in the entire world will not be crazy.
At that time.
No one can withstand the bigger waves, not even the mastermind.
The anger of the players, the jealousy and greed of human beings, it is not simply that it can be calmed down!
"I promised you before and sold you epic equipment, but I just stayed in this ghost place and couldn\'t get back."
Qin Luosheng suppressed his mourning heart and said with a smile: "It just so happens. Now that there are ready-made goods, you can take them away!"
"Ah~~~Thank you so much!"
The pitiful expression of Bloody Rose instantly turned into a shining sun. She hugged her chest tightly and looked like she would not let go of her hands. She finally relaxed a little, leaving Qin Luosheng speechless.
If I don\'t agree, you\'re afraid you won\'t let it go!
In that case, ask a feather?