Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 389: : Identity exposure?
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 389: : Identity exposure?

"What\'s so special? It feels poisonous. I don\'t want to stop when I strike!"
Walking out of the leased forging room and looking at dozens of forging rooms around him that had been closed for the most part, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but vomit silently.
It smells so good!
The first armor weaving failed. After weaving was abandoned decisively, the whole process was ironed and forged. Nearly fifty one-handed swords had a 100% success rate, and the lowest forged ones were all bronze. Hammer]s light, but this effect really exploded.
Except for the [Spicyfang Fine Iron Sword] forged by Xiaoyue Langfang, and the [Visonfang Fine Iron Sword] forged by the corpse tooth, they are all produced by the same drawing, but the main material has changed, so the effect is almost It was carved out of a mold.
of course.
The fangs are sharp and tend to attack, the special effect is tearing and bleeding.
The corpse teeth are insidious, biased towards toxins, and the special effect is poisoning.
There are still some differences.
Tearing and poisoning.
These two effects seem to have no distinction between pros and cons, but they are different when analyzed based on the player\'s situation.
Current players, basically 99%, have no toxin resistance.
Under this basic premise, the [Poison Tooth Sword] with a poisoning effect still has a slight advantage.
These are just small things.
What surprised Qin Luosheng most was the explosion of the starlight miracle.
The art of high-level refining, plus the high-quality main material among the intermediate materials, and the special effect blessing of the [sprocket hammer], the fine iron sword forged is of bronze at the lowest level.
Bronze sublimation, the lowest quality is improved, that is, silver, and there are six skips.
in other words.
Forty-seven fine iron swords, under the sublimation of the starlight miracle, gave birth to forty-one silver and six gold!
These are not ordinary goods, bottom garbage.
The six handfuls of gold may be a little bit worse. Although the attack power is not weak, it is too limited. There is only one special effect, and the value is greatly reduced.
But forty-one silver one-handed swords, thats terrible. The attack is completely outstanding among the silver equipment. The special effects are also good. They are all lethal attack special effects, which are most suitable for Berserkers. popular.
In addition, these equipment all have his "Crying Soul" "signature". For some people, it may have a certain collection value, which can slightly or even greatly increase the selling price.
all in all.
This time forging was very successful. Not only was he familiar with the technique of refining, he also absorbed a lot of refining experience passed down in his mind, and completely turned it into his own. Moreover, it did not lose money, but could make a lot of money.
Preliminary estimates.
These forty-seven one-handed swords, not counting other messy things, should be able to sell about 1,500 gold coins based on their value alone!
For silver, the price fluctuates around 30 gold coins.
For gold, the price fluctuates around 50 gold coins.
1500 gold coins, converted into RMB, is 150W+!
What did Qin Luosheng pay for earning 150W+RMB?
In three hours, the main material itself, and other miscellaneous materials add up to less than 100 gold coins!
Fifteen times the profit!
Even if the price of the main material is included, there is at least fourteen times the profit!
This is terrifying.
"These things are not visible for the time being!"
Back on the second floor of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, Qin Luosheng threw his "signed" equipment into the warehouse, activated the authority, and was not allowed to sell it. "Oh, the days of sneaking are enough. I really hope that I will clear the Moon Temple soon, and I will be free soon. Come out. Otherwise, if you do this every day, who can stand it?"
A lie often needs more lies to cover up.
In order to conceal his identity in reality, Qin Luosheng was also able to fight.
He was very tired of such days and wanted to solve it quickly.
What Qin Luosheng didn\'t know was that he was in the main hall of the Moon Temple in the depths of the Moonlight Forest on the side of Yueyao City.
A white light flashed.
A graceful woman in the allure of the country slowly opened her eyes.
Looking at the empty hall, her eyes didn\'t fluctuate in the slightest, but the jade-like fingers slid lightly, and a virtual interface appeared in front of her at the next moment.
"Sure enough!"
Looking at someone on the friend interface that says "Online", the corners of her mouth curled up slightly, revealing an upside-down smile: "Cry soul, you greedy fellow, finally showing your feet!"

The next day!
Qin Luo rose early.
With his current strong spirit, he only needs to sleep for three or four hours to ensure that he is full of energy for a whole day.
Get up at six and go out for a morning jog.
Buy breakfast at 7:30 and go home.
After eating at eight o\'clock, take a short rest for an hour to digest.
It\'s exactly nine o\'clock.
Qin Luosheng officially lay in the game warehouse and entered the game.
present day.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t dare to delay even a little time.
after all.
Yesterdays early morning, he had already used two hours to hit the iron. There was really only ten hours of game time, no more than a second.
If you enter the game early, and when the game time comes to a critical point, suddenly the game time is over and you are forced to go offline, that would be really a tragedy.
"You are a little late today!"
As soon as he went online, I saw the sisters of the Qiangweihui who had been waiting. In an instant, a dozen pairs of beautiful eyes looked over, and Qin Luosheng suddenly felt very stressed.
Scarlet Rose walked over on a catwalk, and said, "I did something yesterday and didn\'t rest, okay?"
"what\'s the situation?"
Qin Luosheng glanced at Scarlet Rose and looked at her as usual, still indifferent and cold, always feeling that something was wrong with her, there was something in the words, meaning something.
Could it be discovered?
Qin Luosheng was shocked.
"No, don\'t mess around."
Forcibly resisting the change in his face, Qin Luosheng calmly said: "You are here early!"
Scarlet Rose didn\'t say much, but replied softly: "Maybe!"
Somewhat bad!
With the powerful sixth sense, Qin Luosheng instantly noticed something wrong, and felt the abnormality of Scarlet Rose.
He can now be sure that the woman Scarlet Rose is at least suspicious of him.
"It\'s okay, don\'t scare yourself. Otherwise, if you mess up, you will expose more flaws!"
Qin Luosheng warned himself secretly and calmed down.
It is already so concealed that it will definitely not overturn.
That is, Scarlet Rose is as wise as a demon, and a woman who is extremely suspicious will pay attention to this, as long as she pretends to be better, it should be fine.
At this time, it\'s time for acting, as long as the performance is the same as usual, without flaws, what can Scarlet Rose do for me?
"Go on! Fight for clearance today."
Turning around, preventing Scarlet Rose from seeing his face, Qin Luosheng drew out [Panlong Lishui] and [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers], with a cold tone, "Ten hours, sweep the Moon Temple over, destroy the BOSS Undead Witch behind the scenes. Demon."