Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 388: : Equipment signature, Forge: Weeping Soul!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 388: : Equipment signature, Forge: Weeping Soul!

"Ding, your [Wolf Skin Armor] failed to weave, and you lost Howl Moon Wolf Skin*1, fine iron sheet*30,..."
Qin Luosheng:...
You die before you leave the school.
Laozi\'s dignified senior craftsman was actually overturned by a very simple [Wolfskin Armor], and the materials were all destroyed, not even a single thread was left, all broken? ! !
"Sure enough, men and women do have a big disadvantage in terms of dexterity!"
Qin Luosheng sighed quietly, feeling very uneasy.
He didn\'t have any brains, he didn\'t let go when he caught a little bit, and went to death. Instead, he used his strengths and circumvented his weaknesses to ensure success and build confidence.
Qin Luosheng resolutely gave up weaving and switched to ironing.
On the one hand, it is more suitable for him to focus on the forging of power control; on the other hand, it is because there is an "artifact" for forging in his hand-a hammer!
Cut Hammer
Type: heavy hammer
Grade: Epic
Requirements: Strength 500 points
Effect: Refining success rate +30%, optimization rate +10%, boutique rate +10%
Incidental skills: [Iron Hammer] Continuously beat the embryo to make the shape of the embryo more perfect. Under the impact of gravity, the interior of the forged weapon is tighter, the sharpness of the refined weapon is improved, and the wear rate is reduced. A certain chance to increase the attributes of the finished product by 10% to 30%!
Introduction: The heavy hammer made of iron and iron was once owned by a generation of craftsmen. It is tainted with a trace of spirituality. When used properly, it can greatly increase the success rate of refining and enhance the ability.
This is the treasure that Wang Laomin, the village chief of Novice Village, gave away along with the inheritance beads and ten drawings when Qin Luosheng left Novice Village.
There is only this Hammer, and there is no comparable set of "sacred needles" for weaving!
"Go! Go!"
Qin Luosheng shook his head regretfully, and immediately rubbed his hands, holding the iron hammer, his heart became fierce.
If you want to forge a weapon, you need a lot of steps, but in this professional place, all the complicated procedures have been simplified, as long as you are familiar with it, it is easy to do it.
According to the material ratio in the drawing, Qin Luosheng carefully controlled the heat, and still added it to the furnace, first took out the "hot metal" mixed with various materials, and then introduced it into the prepared mold, waited for a while, and then staged it. "Muscle war", picking up the hammer is a crazy beating.
The meticulous control of the power, the feeling that the weapon gradually becomes perfect under the beating, Qin Luosheng\'s sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in his heart is beyond description.
Really good weapons need to be beaten repeatedly. Any slight defect will produce inferior products, and even cause the entire sword to completely collapse and become a waste product.
This is not a real-world forged weapon, and the artifact used is a forging artifact [Screw Hammer], coupled with Qin Luosheng\'s advanced forging technique, and now forging is just a junk weapon, it is not that cumbersome.
"Iron hammer!"
A few minutes later.
Qin Luosheng, who had repeatedly beaten at least a thousand times, saw that the sword embryo took shape and was about to end work, and immediately used the side skill of the [Hammer].
In an instant.
Afterimages burst and the hammering sound was intense.
In less than ten seconds, after the skill was completed, the hammer shadow disappeared.
"Ding, congratulations on forging the [Spicy Sword], the skill of crafting +0.1!"
Qin Luosheng:...
Although the finished product has been successfully forged, is your cheating "crafting skill proficiency +0.1" serious?
Picked up the [Spicy Tooth Sword] and looked at it. It\'s not low, it\'s bronze!
Even if this is just a forged debut, I am afraid that it is the limit that players can make at present. So, does the proficiency give me +0.1?
"Forget it, after all, it has reached a high level, and it is not a high-level forging technique, but a high-level refining technique that includes many abilities. +0.1 is +0.1, if it is not directly swallowed, even the poor 0.1 is not added. Not bad."
Qin Luosheng wanted to open it in a blink of an eye.
"Starlight miracle!"
A starlight miracle changed hands and was lost, instantly allowing the [Spike Fang Jing Iron Sword] to be sublimated.
[Spicy Sword]
Type: One-handed sword
Grade: Silver
Requirements: LV22, Berserker
Lasting: 25/25
Effect: Attack +235, Strength +8
Special effect: [Spike Tooth] Normal attacks have a certain chance to trigger the tearing effect, which can cause the target to bleed!
Introduction: Weapon forged with wolf fangs and fine iron as the main material, inherits the sharpness of wolf fangs and has good lethality.
[Forger: Weeping Soul]
That\'s awesome!
A mere silver-level one-handed sword has an attack power of more than two hundred, and it also comes with a special effect, which almost explodes.
It\'s worthy of being forged by the [Metal Hammer], and it\'s worthy of being beaten with the skill of [Materium Iron Hammer], and then sublimated by the Starlight Miracle, and it will definitely explode 95% of the same-grade equipment currently circulating on the market.
Just looking at it may not show the fierceness of the [Spikes Iron Sword], but through comparison, you can tell at a glance.
[Hundred Wars and Blood Soldiers], this epic weapon has an attack power of 280 before it is upgraded. After the upgrade, its attack power doubles to 560!
[Spiked Iron Sword], this Qin Luosheng\'s casual work, under the premise of the calculation effect column, can almost match the [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] this epic one-handed sword.
of course.
The reason for this ending is that the level of [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] is too low. The level 10 epic can surpass the level 22 silver, which is already very powerful.
Gently putting the [Spiked Teeth Sword] aside, Qin Luosheng carefully admired the characters [Forge: Weeping Soul], then turned around and continued to join the intense and exciting forging.
The success of the first one not only made Qin Luosheng familiar with the process, but also quickly absorbed the experience that was originally only in the memory, and used it for actual combat, and turned it into his own thing. It also gave him a lot of confidence.
A frantic strike.
The second [Spiked Iron Sword] was out in less than five minutes!
Why is it so fast?
In addition to the familiarity with the process, it is more to save the most time-consuming molten iron. After all, it is to build many weapons. Qin Luosheng still has a brain for a thousand catties of fine iron bought from the forge, and throws all of it into the furnace. It is very convenient to burn into molten iron and directly introduce it into the mold.
Three hours later!
Qin Luosheng resisted the urge to strike iron, and stuffed all the forged one-handed swords into his backpack.
"What\'s so special? It feels poisonous. I don\'t want to stop when I strike!"