Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 387: : First strike
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 387: : First strike

Get out of Luoshenju.
Qin Luosheng was a little confused.
"Next, what should I do?"
Originally, according to the plot, there should be nightmares and dreams to do something good for physical and mental health, but Qin Luosheng has never had the experience of getting along with a girl like this. For a while, he felt a little guilty and didn\'t dare to mess around.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t want to frighten Mengmeng because of his anxious look.
after all.
I just had a 90-point favorability rating, and I was at the passing line. If I hit back to the original shape, I really couldn\'t cry.
In fact.
Qin Luosheng himself didnt know what happened. The reason why he gave Mengmeng processing capital was because Mengmengs ability was indeed worth the price. In addition, this time he attracted so many ruthless people and solved the problem of nine restaurants at once. , The contact price alone can be worth ten thousand gold.
And there is-help!
NPCs are intelligent, with independent personalities and thoughts. In a sense, they are no different from humans.
This is why "Dimensions of Destiny" is so attractive. Both the elderly and the immature children like it here and the world.
Therefore, Qin Luosheng has never treated NPCs as NPCs, and has always been like this since Novice Village.
and so.
Although I dont know why Mengmeng, a super talent with extremely comprehensive abilities, is so struggling and dressed so shabby, there must be a story!
As a smart person, Qin Luosheng will not take the initiative to inquire and inquire, which is annoying, but he can at least turn around and use the excuse of salary increase to solve her difficulties and show favor.
I have to say that this is a wonderful move.
Even Qin Luosheng himself discovered afterwards that he was hitting righteously.
have to say.
This is a misunderstanding, a wonderful misunderstanding.
Qin Luosheng, this idiot, in order to retain talents and a moment of kindness, it was an accidental windfall, and he gained the heart of a pure girl.
"Sure enough, good people are rewarded!"
After figuring out the joints, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help showing a smug smile, "It\'s great!"
If there is no such fad, everything will be business as usual, according to the agreement that completed the task of "picking sunflowers"-during the 10-year employment period signed with Mengmeng, only 100 gold coins per month will be paid. If this is the case, then they really can only be an employment relationship forever.
"In this wave, I can only say that I\'m really blowing up myself!"
Thinking of Mengmeng\'s little bird Yiren\'s appearance, Qin Luosheng instantly felt blood boiled.
For a goddess like Mengmeng, as long as there is no problem with that aspect, any man will have other ideas, right?
Is there any exception to his Qin Luosheng?
right now.
With such great conditions close to the water tower, if this can\'t be done, he is not a straight steel man, but a super waste.
Everything is developing in a good direction.
This is not.
Has the favorability level up! ! !
It\'s only 95 points, it\'s only 5 points, and it\'s not a big problem.
In the future, there is nothing to do, and I believe I will be able to home run soon!
That\'s right.
I, Qin Luosheng, are so confident.

With a good and satisfying sense of pleasure, Qin Luosheng felt that the sun was just right and the wind was beautiful. In such a good mood, he really didn\'t want to go to the ghost place of the Moonlight Forest to deal with those ugly monsters, so as not to affect his mood. .
"There is one hour of game time left, and it\'s almost early in the morning. If it is three hours in total with the extra two hours of the next day, what should I do?"
Qin Luosheng walked aimlessly, wanting to go off the assembly line, keep a good mood, and fall asleep sweetly, but he glanced at the blacksmith shop next to him, and was immediately stunned.
"How about going to hit the iron?"
Qin Luosheng suddenly had an idea.
Since I had the refining device, I haven\'t started to create a piece of equipment with his own "signature". It is really a bit regretful, and some violent things, wasting such great technology.
Just right.
If you have time and mood today, why not give it a try?
Originally planned to wait for the refiner of Luoshenju to be transformed before starting to act.
Mengmeng has just been told to do it. If you want to strike at home, you must wait for a while.
"Do something?"
Qin Luosheng hesitated for a second, then made a decision, "Then do it!"
Taking a stride into the blacksmith\'s shop, Qin Luosheng rented the most luxurious and professional high-grade refining room with a handsome price of 10 gold coins.
Even though he was a cute new person, Qin Luosheng had obtained the inheritance from the inheritance beads before, and directly awakened the art of refining, and jumped to a high level.
Unfortunately, the actual combat experience is zero.
The memory inheritance is quite terrifying, just a touch, Qin Luosheng believes that he can become familiar with it very quickly.
Refining tools, naturally, cannot be made out of nothing, they must have materials.
Generally speaking, novices start with materials that do not enter the stream or start with elementary materials, but Qin Luosheng is in a special case. He is neither a novice nor a novice.
and so--
It didn\'t start with the elementary materials, the starting materials were all intermediate materials.
Although at this stage, intermediate materials are the most popular and the most expensive, after all, most of the deputy positions who are on the front line have reached the stage of using a large number of intermediate materials to hit a higher level.
If the quantity is small and the demand is large, the natural price will rise.
But Qin Luosheng did not spend a lot of money to be taken advantage of.
As far as he is a senior refiner, turning back to use intermediate materials is already considered a "successful talent", how can he be so stupid that he can be slaughtered?
Familiar with the hand feel, any material can be used, not necessarily intermediate materials.
Qin Luosheng is a local tyrant, even if he is practicing, he uses intermediate materials.
no way.
There are too many intermediate materials!
At the beginning, the mass graves and the group cleaned the three major areas and collected a lot of intermediate materials.
In the Moonlight Forest, when heading to the Moon Temple, passing through so many monster areas, there are also great gains, such as howling moon wolf skin and howling moon wolf teeth.
The art of refining weapons is very advanced, including forging, tailoring, inlaying, strengthening, etc., but so far, it seems that only the first two are opened in the game, that is, forging weapons and weaving armor, commonly known as ironing. And sewing.
As for the drawings for forging and weaving, Qin Luosheng has.
The ten drawings passed down together with the inheritance beads were all high-quality goods. The materials needed were extremely precious, and the technical requirements were extremely demanding. Of course, the refined things were also very extraordinary.
They are not available now.
Qin Luosheng searched on the virtual trading platform, spent a gold coin, and bought two popular drawings. There were no special junk things, but it was enough for practice.
Forging weapons and weaving armor, nothing to say, are all technical tasks.
In terms of technology, it is in the memory of inheritance.
The key is whether the memory technology can be perfectly applied to practice and integrated into muscle memory. That is the problem Qin Luosheng faces.
Qin Luosheng is strong in spirit, knows how to read, coupled with good physical fitness, high coordination and flexibility,...
Regardless of the strength required for ironing, deviation of intensity, priority and other aspects, they are all well controlled.
The weaving requires meticulousness and concentration, threading needles, flying fingers, flexible and tight, and there is no problem.
and so--
ten minutes later!
"Ding, your [Wolf Skin Armor] failed to weave, and you lost Howl Moon Wolf Skin*1, fine iron sheet*30,..."