Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 379: : The cemetery at the end of the main hall
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 379: : The cemetery at the end of the main hall

"Look at"
Qin Luosheng knew that his embarrassment just now could not be concealed from a group of female hooligans, but it didn\'t matter how they looked like, but don\'t let a group of pure little sisters feel burdened, and saw his evil mind, so he immediately shouted, Distracted, "I shared the attribute map to the chat channel!"
[Phantom ribbon.JPG]
Including Scarlet Rose and the others, the eyes of all the girls were attracted by the attribute map.
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Phantom Ribbon
Type: Belt
Grade: Epic
Demand: None
Effect: Health +2000, Mana +2000, Strength +50, Constitution +50, Agility +50, Spirit +50
Special effects: Phantom SpaceWith 1000 backpack space!
[Phantom Color Charm] Charm value +20!
[Additional skills] Phantom maze: consume 1000 mana points, use on the target (the target can be single or group), force it to fall into the psychedelic effect for at least 3 seconds, at most 30 seconds, there is a certain chance of severe hallucinations , Make the target scared! Cooling time: 1 hour!
Introduction: The dreamy colorful belt is said to use the original energy of a kind of spiritual thing called "Colorful Fantasy Butterfly", merged into the space source stone, and then cast with the energy of the seven elements. It was once during the ancient war between gods and demons. The one hundred thousand demon army was plunged into the illusion, and the world was shocked by the first battle. The owner was assassinated by the demon assassin.
Everyone was shocked!
The epic-level equipment has been out of the ordinary category, and it is completely different from the lower-level golden equipment, with a huge gap.
Special equipment, such as rings, earrings, cloaks, belts, etc.
Hidden equipment, such as heart armor, inner crown, mask, gloves, etc.
The attributes and abilities are either beyond imagination or incredible.
Just like-[phantom ribbon]!
Not to mention the effect, that 1000 backpack space, 20 charisma bonus points, and additional skills, have a psychedelic ability that can force control for three seconds at a minimum, and it is almost an explosion.
"Good equipment!"
A crowd of girls expressed their envy on the real-name system.
Who doesn\'t like this kind of special equipment with high appearance, strong effect and with skills?
With this kind of equipment, you can not only improve your strength, but also enter the equipment rankings. The benefits of being famous throughout China, and even the world, are by no means a simple statement or two.
The entire China, the top ten in the ranking!
This is equivalent to a huge exposure, and the traffic is naturally surging.
And what does traffic represent?
In today\'s society, traffic is king!
Especially for the Qiangwei power that is all girls, it has great attention and attraction in itself, plus Scarlet Rose, a legendary woman.
With this kind of hardware, once the exposure increases, and then the follow-up publicity is in place, and then casually compose two stories, the chemical reaction that occurs is estimated to be an explosion.
"Although I know it\'s impossible, I still have to ask!"
For the first time, Scarlet Rose had a look of desire on her face. She stared at Qin Luosheng\'s vision and asked, "Sell it?"
Qin Luosheng:...
Big sister.
Now that you know it\'s impossible, why not ask?
Who will sell this equipment?
Isn\'t it an idiot?
Do you think I, Qin Luosheng, can do it?
"Sorry, not for sale!"
Shaking his head, Qin Luosheng resolutely said: "This thing is not for sale!"
Scarlet Rose gave up immediately.
She just asked, nothing more.
Everyone knows that this is an impossible transaction.
"Okay, it\'s almost done, there are still more than ten minutes of game time left, go to destroy the last BOSS, get the last part of the combination key, let\'s stop here today!"
Qin Luosheng was slightly ashamed of the thoughts he shouldn\'t have just now, especially when he saw the little sisters such as Lily and Peony with innocent faces, and felt guilty, so he said: "The magic ribbon is not sold. , However, I have eliminated epic equipment in my shop, which can be distributed to you."
Scarlet Rose hadn\'t reacted yet, as the vice president of Blood Rose, her eyes lit up.
Epic-level equipment, but just intuitively saw its attributes, far better than gold.
Current player.
Except for the man in front of him, one person occupies most of the equipment rankings, and the only ones who can make the list are the Eastern Emperor and Emperor Wu.
Maybe, besides them, there are others who have epic equipment, no, not maybe, yes!
after all.
The two pieces of equipment that Qin Luosheng displayed in the Hidden Dragon Pavilion-Death Fang and Nether Scepter, were not on the list, but they were all epic.
In the Huaxia Theater, there is one who is not weak. Everyone knows that these two pieces of equipment have finally fallen into the hands of Atoge.
This proves that Epic-level equipment is not non-sale in the eyes of Crying Soul. As long as he nods, you can afford the price or can meet his requirements, there is no problem at all.
in the past!
Everyone doubted, what exactly did this crying soul do, why is there so many powerful equipment?
But after this trip to the Moonlight Forest, they will meet, understand!
With just the same combat power, even the enhanced gold BOSS that exceeds its own seven or eight levels can be solved in one minute, and every time the equipment is exploded, it is at least five pieces. There are so many equipment, no wonder Up.
You said that the highest burst is just golden equipment, not epic.
Don\'t look at it. What boss are you killing now?
In the video released by others, the battles are all such as the queens of the mysterious Naga tribe, the alien monsters and snake girls, and the dragons, dragons, and so on. How can they be these dirty zombies now? Can you compare to zombies?
I dare not say too much.
The boss behind the Moon Temple, the Undead Lich, will definitely explode epic equipment!
This flag, I will stand up!
Scarlet Rose\'s face was slightly defrosted, and it looked a lot softer, "We will discuss in detail later, I will give you a price that satisfies you!"
"Say it!"
Qin Luosheng currently doesn\'t have epic equipment in his hand, but this thing is extremely simple to him. Just grab two pieces of golden equipment and sublimate it with the miracle of stars. Isn\'t it an epic?
The deal was finalized and an oral agreement was reached.
This matter is also let go.
right now.
The task of solving the Moon Temple is the most important thing, and I will talk about the future.
"This is the cemetery?"
Continue to go deeper, and soon walked into the last part of the palace.
I haven\'t seen the boss yet, and the first thing that catches my eye is a graveyard lined with tombstones.
The wind blew and the wildfire rose.
Accompanied by the fine and sad "whoop" sound from nowhere, people can\'t help but feel chills in the bottom of their hearts, and suddenly feel a sense of horror.