Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 378: : Gather the crowd GHS?
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 378: : Gather the crowd GHS?

Damn it.
What a shame!
As the ancestor of using the virtual trading platform, I didn\'t expect this wave of Sao operations, really shouldn\'t!
Qin Luosheng was full of regret when she was awakened by the words of Sister Baihe.
At the beginning, when the virtual platform was opened, I met ACTO and the others, sold equipment to them, and made the first pot of gold. In order to avoid revealing their identity, they did not agree to report the bank account and make the payment directly, but used one. Pieces of junk equipment are thrown on the virtual trading platform and marked with high prices to complete the transaction.
The things that were played in Xinshou Village were basically forgotten when they came to the back, especially after the Hidden Dragon Pavilion became popular.
It shouldn\'t be!
"You come along the way, all by buying food and drinking water hanging on it?"
After opening the virtual trading platform and searching, Qin Luosheng suddenly saw hundreds of pages of products for sale. Except for a small number of different foods made by players who are assistant chefs, 99% of them can be supplemented in any city. The most basic food and Drinking water is speechless in an instant.
"It\'s really a worthless business, it\'s very profitable!"
Glancing at the selling price, the lowest grade is also double the price directly purchased in the NPC shop, and the most terrifying thing is that there is actually a tenfold price?
This Nima!
Are you crazy about money?
Qin Luosheng had to sigh, as long as there is an opportunity to make money, no matter how strange the way, no one can think of it.
In the past, I have heard a lot of stories about the bad guys, such as reselling arms, reselling antiques, reselling cosmetics, reselling mobile phones, reselling shoes, all kinds of things.
But this reselling of food is really the first time I heard about it and saw it.
Really learned a lot.
"Do you just buy high-priced things like this and let people kill them?"
Qin Luosheng said subconsciously, and immediately remembered the group of women in front of him. They were all rich women, with a lot of money, and each one was richer than the other, so he shut up and stopped talking.
Lily girl smiled and said: "Just send a message, let a friend buy and link to the virtual platform, you can specify the ID, and there is no need to spend any money, and it will only pay a little fee. Or, buy it yourself, and then Hang up on the trading platform, set a high price, and no one will buy it. In that case, the platform is equivalent to your mobile warehouse, free of charge."
Damn it!
Qin Luosheng was shocked suddenly.
This show operation has been out of the sky, right?
It turns out that the unreliable ten times set price is deliberately made by people like you?
I might as well!
In the past, I heard that rich people are generous, spend a lot of money, and don\'t treat money as money. Now it seems that it is completely bullshit. If people can get so much wealth, how can they be fools?
It can only be said that what the poor people see is either the second-generation dude who only spends money but does not make money, or it is just a disguised surface, or it has another purpose.
In fact!
Rich boss, which one is good?
One by one is better than the monkey!
Only if he makes money from you or cheats money, how can you take advantage?
"Boss, did you store it in your backpack and could use the supplies for three days?"
Lily girl stared with a pair of big eyes, beautiful dark pupils, full of incredible, "Impossible! When we traded potions before, half of the cash paid, you used a piece of garbage equipment to hang on the virtual platform. Operation, you will!"
Qin Luosheng\'s face blushed.
This is the rest of his play, but he really didn\'t expect this one.
Dignified world-class boss crying soul, every day is concerned about the big business, how can you care about this little thing like sesame green beans?
not to mention.
With the skill of space jumping, it can appear anywhere and anytime, and the cost is only an hour of cooling time.
That is why.
Others dont have a conventional method to solve the problem, and they can only find other ways to solve the problem. To Qin Luosheng, it is nothing at all, so naturally he will not use his brain for this, resulting in not realizing that there will be more on the virtual platform. A large number of "fucked masters" selling food and drinking water!
"I have a piece of equipment and I bring a thousand backpack space, so I have a lot of spare space, so I have more, and I don\'t want to waste time on the virtual platform."
Qin Luosheng said calmly.
"Bring a thousand backpack space?"
Lily\'s eyes lighted up immediately, and she couldn\'t wait to ask: "Is it the third [phantom ribbon] on the equipment list?"
You know this as well?
Qin Luosheng glanced at Sister Lily in surprise, and thought about it. Now the [phantom ribbon] has long been squeezed to the end of the equipment list, and the attached ability is not secretive, and there is nothing to expose. Just be generous and share it. Come out, as if you just pretended to lie and apologize for compensation.
Gently patted the waist area, turning on the light of the closed equipment again.
In an instant.
The phantom ribbon of colorful streamer releases dreamlike brilliance, halo flowing, and lustrous luster.
Beautiful things always attract people\'s attention, especially women, especially girls.
This is not.
A large group of girls directly launched a 100-meter charge, and gathered around, even if it was a calm **** rose, and a **** rose that seemed to be indifferent to anything, an iceberg-like **** rose was no exception.
"Hello, are you paying attention to the wrong point?"
A large group of beauties with all looks and statures surrounded themselves in a circle, with all kinds of fragrance all over their noses. What frightened Qin Luosheng most was the four or five girls standing in front of him, one by one. Half-bent over, head down, his face flush with his waist and abdomen, his mouth slightly opened, his face flushed slightly, and because he was squeezed by the little sisters around him, his little head moved...
This posture, [], this state, is simply!
People who know, know that they are just admiring the equipment, people who don\'t know, think they are gathering GHS!
"Well, get up quickly and see what you guys look like?"
Bloody Rose and Bloody Rose walked behind, and together with the other five big sisters who were already in charge, they were a little more stable, not as impulsive as the little sister, because of this, they saw this "unbearable" scene.
As a veteran driver, HS in my heart is HS everywhere.
This posture.
This is quite familiar!
No, just take a look and immediately think about it.
Especially after seeing Qin Luosheng blushing with a thick neck, panting like a cow, and full of desire in his eyes, he deeply understood--
This man went with them too!
Being scolded by the big sisters, the little girl was very reluctant, all pouting and expressing dissatisfaction.
In the end, Scarlet Rose and the others still have some prestige, Lily sisters obediently straightened their bodies and returned to normal.
Taking this opportunity, Qin Luosheng also turned off the equipment brilliance. Suddenly, the beautiful [Phantom Ribbon] returned to the introverted state just now, and became ordinary.