Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 377: : Sao operation of supplementary materials
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 377: : Sao operation of supplementary materials

"I\'m really a dog!"
Qin Luosheng was disgusted, and even if the sisters of the Rose Club had cleaned the battlefield and paid a lot of dividends, he would not be happy.
Can gold coins have material fragrance?
"There is about half an hour left."
Scarlet Rose looked at Qin Luosheng\'s gloomy face, and didn\'t know what he was angry about, and glanced at the game world. Well, there are two and a half hours left (the game warehouse is 2 hours more).
Having had the experience of the first three bosses, Scarlet Rose knew that the man in front of him, slashing the boss was quite mighty, basically it was solved within a minute, and there was no urging, but instead asked him, "Would you like to take a break? ?"
"Ten minutes to rest!"
High-intensity combat is quite physical.
Especially this time fighting with the ghost, even if you dont need to move or focus on aiming, you just need to wave your arms, but its such a monotonous action. Its not only tedious to repeat, but the arms are very tired and tired. Rao is Qin Luosheng already. Switching the left hand to the right, cutting with one hand for a period of time, is also a little unconscious.
"Okay, then rest for ten minutes!"
Scarlet Rose nodded and agreed.
With a sigh of breath, Qin Luosheng withdrew [Panlong from the water], randomly found a nearby location, leaned against the pillar, ignored the image, sat down, took out the food and water prepared in the backpack , Ready to fill hunger.
at the same time.
Qin Luosheng also saw the sisters of the Rose Society, gathered around a group, sat on the ground, eating steamed buns and buns slowly, obviously just filling their stomachs, but they just gave them the feeling of a picnic.
"Huh? That\'s it?"
Glancing at the inventory in the backpack, Qin Luosheng was a little sitting on wax at most.
Think about it.
Its been three days since I entered the Moonlight Forest. The materials and supplies are clean and reasonable, right?
But what should I do?
"Is it possible to expose the skill of "Space Jump" and return to the city to replenish a wave of supplies?"
Qin Luosheng felt a pain in his head.
Even though the Moon Temple is a hidden place, it is basically difficult to find without the guidance of a map. Moreover, at this stage, unless it is the top ten big guild in China, a large group of troops will come to open up wasteland. With the monsters outside, it is completely enough to resist ordinary players and ordinary teams.
in other words.
As long as Qin Luosheng and the others do not divulge information, it is impossible for others to find this place. Even if they strayed into the Moonlight Forest, they could not find the Moon Temple.
Without limiting the task time, you can go back anytime and anywhere, and you can add whatever you want, and you can come whenever you want, it doesn\'t matter at all.
Once you leave, if you want to return to the Moon Temple, you will have to take another "Long March". Even if you are familiar with the road, Qin Luosheng is still the leader of the humanoid tyrannosaurus, and the time will never be short. It should be three days, or Three days.
How about three more days?
Do not!
Don\'t say the girls of the Rose Club can\'t stand it, even Qin Luosheng, who needs a lot of experience points, may not be able to stand it.
Take a step back.
Even if Qin Luosheng was willing, Scarlet Rose and the others were not willing.
The Rose Society is a big power, even if the power structure has matured, it doesn\'t matter if the president of Scarlet Rose is not in a few days.
But as the pillar of the Rose Society, even the spiritual belief, it is impossible for Scarlet Rose to not show up for a long time. If this task is really too important, Scarlet Rose would not be able to consume such a lot of energy and cost, and must be won.
If there is too long a delay, something may happen.
By the time.
Scarlet Rose had to give up the task or postpone the task, it would be difficult.
Even if there is no Rose Club now and Qin Luosheng who has found a place, he can still act alone, eat alone, and clear the customs by himself.
But in that case, there will be one less reward for the mercenary group. After all, this hidden mission was taken by the "Rose Club", and the target person of the mission was the leader of the mercenary group Scarlet Rose.
Without her, the task would not exist.
After all, it was an s-level task that was comparable to an epic-level task. This reward was absolutely not bad, and it was not a last resort. Qin Luosheng didn\'t want to miss it.
"You, food and water, how much more?"
After eating the steamed buns and pouring two bottles of water, Qin Luosheng wiped his mouth and asked in the established chat channel, seeing that the hunger bar had dropped to zero.
"Brother Crying Soul, are you out of food and water? I have it here!"
Qingcheng Peony spoke in a second, and stood up as he spoke, holding two hot steamed buns in his hands, and wanted to send them to Qin Luosheng.
"No, no, I still have it!"
Qin Luosheng quickly refused, glanced at Qingcheng Peony, then glanced at the other girls with gossiping expressions, the corners of his mouth twitched, and the subject changed: "I\'m asking if you are enough. After all, it has been three days. In terms of materials, it is estimated. Is it almost the end?"
Each player can expand the backpack space of 500, plus the initial 50, for a total of 550!
of course.
Other equipment or props that can store space are not counted.
such as.
Qin Luoshengs epic belt [phantom ribbon] is born with 1,000 space grids, which is almost double the space of the players largest backpack.
"Don\'t you know the boss? Food and water can be purchased directly!"
Allure Peony, who responded positively, recalled, seeing the playful eyes of many little sisters, blushing, head down, and dare not speak any more. The other girls were afraid that they would follow in the footsteps of Qingcheng Peony, and they did not speak. In the end, the sister Lily, who had known each other for the longest time and had a happy deal, came out to help.
"Direct purchase?"
Qin Luosheng looked dazed.
Could it be that the system is out of the mall now? Can you buy ingots, cough cough cough, can you buy food and drinking water?
"Where to buy?"
Although Mimi can make reasonable use of "Space Jump" and add whatever he wants, there is no difficulty at all, but there are more quick and convenient methods that do not need to be suspected, Qin Luosheng still wants to know.
Before today, he didn\'t know this happened.
Maybe it\'s a new feature of the system or the official!
No wonder a group of girls have not seen a shortage of supplies after two or three days.
The blame is that killing monsters is crazy these days, and I am very tired. I don\'t have time to browse forums and enter the official website, so I don\'t know about it.
And the Rose Club, especially Scarlet Rose, would have to deal with a lot of things every day, even if it went offline, and received a lot of reports. They had to arrange a strategy for the Rose Club, make a plan or something.
After all, it is a big force, intelligence is quite effective, and the information must be well informed. It is not surprising to know that the recent reforms are introducing new ones.
"Where to buy?"
Sister Lily gave Qin Luosheng a strange look. She seemed surprised that he didn\'t know this, but she answered honestly: "On the virtual trading platform, there are a lot of food and water hanging on it. When doing tasks outside, players who cant go back to the city for a long time and cant replenish supplies prepare products. There are also products made by chefs for many deputy positions. Because there is no shop and no time to set up a stall, they will be sold on the platform."
Qin Luosheng:...